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  1. Hard to argue with our results across the whole athletic department once we aligned ourselves with the teachings of John Gordon.
  2. Where he is similar to Steve Pederson is in results.
  3. Also noticed that he went Jerry jones and hung out on football sideline and tried to encourage and congratulate players etc. The only time I recall him mentioning anything during basketball season is when he tweeted a picture of practice during the high point of the season after Indiana and Maryland and right before Iowa.
  4. I want to make sure I understand you correctly. Are you saying that four years into things that this is eichorsts athletic department and not Osbornes? That's crazy talk.
  5. Not really twins. Pederson refused to let us sink to mediocrity, eichorst had to evaluate where Iowa was in his final analysis.
  6. How dare you present some facts. It's concerning to me that I'm on the fence as to who the better ad is between eichorst and pederson.
  7. You know it's bad for eichorst when a legitimate debate can be had as to who's the better ad between he and Steve Pederson.
  8. I lurk on quite a few boards and one thing I've noticed about our fanbase is that it likes to be patted on the back and told that it is a good fan base. Seems weird to me.
  9. http://college-basketball.si.com/2014/05/01/duke-wisconsin-syracuse-michigan-acc-big-ten-challenge-matchups/