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  1. Okeke, Borchardt, McVeigh and Taylor played 73 minutes and combined for ZERO points! Gotta be a NCAA record.
  2. I think I heard he left the last practice prior to the game due to flu symptoms.
  3. I believe he got two fouls early on and that got him bench time.
  4. Both of would be great shooters if they had a little more arch in their shots.
  5. Jordy has regressed in my book. 100% left moves only. Sometimes does not even get his eyes on the rim before shooting the ball. Dribbles in the lane against double teams thus becoming a turnover machine. And finally he continues to bring the ball down to his waist so 5’9 guards can pick his pocket. He could be cured of this by running him until he pukes in practice EVERY TIME he brings the ball down. Guarantee it will work after the second time he puked his guts out. But on the positive side he does hustle as much as any big man I’ve ever seen...diving for loose balls, etc., so in my book he gets minutes to improve his game. IMO If he gets a good look at the rim before shooting and keeps the ball up high he’ll deserve minutes rather than playing charity minutes. With lots of coaching he could be very good.
  6. Miles usually sits some of our regulars in order to match up with our opponents size wise rather then the other way around.
  7. Palmer was a little better at identifying a double or triple team and dishing off in this game.
  8. Jordy struggles against quicker shorter people because he brings the ball down to his waist way too much!
  9. They missed 18 three’s and I would wager that they rebounded at least 10 of those long bouncing bricks.
  10. He was aggressive in driving but had no plan and was out of control In my opinion. He is a keeper In my opinion.
  11. Actually I would prefer if he actually got his eyes on the target (the rim) prior to shooting. In this respect he reminds me of Maric from prior years who released his shot before eye balling the basket many times. Our seats are down low under basket near NU bench and on two of his shots his head had not turned enough to actually see the basket before shooting the ball. He is coachable and will learn.
  12. When I saw Copeland’s jump shot I groaned cuz it is so flat that his window of entry to hit the jumper is very narrow. He will be one dimensionable until he gets some air in his jumper.
  13. Retired just three weeks ago so watched whole ball game and enjoyed it. However the constant pitching changes even when a pitcher seems to have it really irritates me! As to this being a five hour game, as a reference point, back in the day, I once pitched a nine inning D1 game that ended with a 2-1 score and it was over in one hour and forty minutes. I’m sure that sux double plays and only 1 walk had something to do with it.