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  1. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    He weighs in at 190.
  2. I will call him "Thor" for obvious reasons. Robin Washnut likes this commitment. Says he is not just a three point specialist but likes to slash to the basket and shoot floaters or dish it off. He is 19 years old and has played against some of the top competition in the world for Iceland. Washnut says that Thor has a high basketball IQ and knows where to be in space offensively. He averaged 20 points per game in the 2016 U18 FIBA World Championships. He is 6'5 but didn't see anything regarding his weight.
  3. Justin Costello is N

    Larry was from Geneva and played basketball for NU but was a much better baseball catcher for NU. I think he was all Big Eight once or twice. He probably had a full ride in baseball, (We all got full rides in those days.) so he may have been a walk on in basketball technically. I had the pleasure of pitching to Larry in semi-pro baseball as 17 and 18 year old.
  4. Padding the Stats: Finding an Identity

    This knee jerk hatred of all things Creighton is so childish. I know of no one who supports Husker basketball more than myself (since 1956 at age 6) but I totally respect CU basketball and root for them whenever they are not playing the Huskers.
  5. Offseason Potpourri

    Netting out by subtraction and addition I would suggest that we will be much improved on offense, a little worse on defense and rebounding and probably misding some full out hustle that Fuller, Jacobson and Morrow provided.
  6. Padding the Stats: Finding an Identity

    Maybe it's just me but who was the last point guard that we had at Nebraska who regularely penetrated into the defense, which in turn caused it to collapse, which in turn left a "big" open for an easy dish off and also usually left a three point shooter wide open? Our drivers usually get their shoot blocked or turn it over or get into a jump ball situation, only scoring occasionally. Rarely do they dish it off or dish it out in a productive manner which should happen almost every time. Also, overall, our passes are sloppy as they are high, low or off to the side which throws the shooters timing and balance off. Sort of the Tommy Armstrong school of passing. Just some ranting from an old point guard.
  7. Roby improving his shot is a real concept when he almost never shoots other than a dunk or put back. He took a regular shot against Minn. and I almost fainted. His length is a real asset but his lack of interest on offense really hurts us. It has been Benny Parker like. I think he needs to flush this year and come back shooting next year.
  8. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    We had five guys in double figure scoring! But..,,,,
  9. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Another Tech foul will help!
  10. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    A few games back I said Nebraska is a team no one wants to play in the Big Ten tourney. Now I say Rutgers can't wait to play us!
  11. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    websters double digit scoring streak might bite the dust tonight.
  12. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Lynch no blocks vs Thimanga but he's 0-4 or so shooting over him. No shoot even close to going in.
  13. Minnesota vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Roby is such a liability on offense. Hope for much more next year. One stuff a game and nothing much more other than a steal of a block now and then.