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  1. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Agreed. Started drawing the comparison a few weeks ago when I had a feeling of where things could be going. Even as it's all materializing now, I can't objectively say that this one could rival the other.
  2. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Been meaning to ask on this board. Apologies if it came up previously. I was at the Kansas game and got a text from a buddy listening on the radio who said Pavelka said the atmosphere rivaled No Sit Sunday. Anyone else think that remark was a gross overstatement?
  3. Tournament Odds Gizmo

    I had UConn winning my bracket that year. Still didn't come in first in my pool. Dark days.
  4. HHCC Game #17 - at Purdue (Jan. 06, 1:15 PM CST)

    Danny Nee 65 Gene Keaty 82
  5. Rock Chalk Tock

    Some of my fondest memories of ol' Gus was hearing him call the late night Pac 10/12 game when I'd lost my ass all day Saturday and was determined to get it all back with one last, desperate wager. Full disclosure: gambling for money is illegal which is why I always bet "units."
  6. Most improved.

    Agreed. Seem to be a better team without Jordy out there. Was really hoping he'd develop his off hand in the off season. On the other side of this, Jordy may also just appear* more oafish and uncoordinated with this year's team who, in my view, is much more athletic than last year's team.
  7. This place just makes me feel good

    Hang in there, mate. Sorry for your loss. Since you seem to be in the laughing mood, I'm attaching a picture of the lower bowl from the "best fans in the state" at the start of a game versus a rated Dayton team a few years back.
  8. Jacobson Gone?

    Whoa! Easy now. I used to be a "master" teacher. I have a grad degree which proves it.
  9. Michigan

    If you're looking for some easy eye candy on the web, start Google stalking images of Billy Tubb's daughter. Yow-za!
  10. Illinois

  11. Indiana

    Wow. That is a pretty cool article. Thanks for sharing. Changed my view on him some; some.
  12. Using this website as my measure of who are the highest paid college basketball coaches, 8 of the top 17 paid college coaches DID NOT make the NCAA tournament. https://www.boydsbets.com/highest-paid-coaches-college-basketball/
  13. This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    Makes teams better later on too. Case and point: GACC is in the D1 State Finals, as the 8 seed, with a 14-13 record with all but 1 of their losses coming from C1 or C2 schools.
  14. This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    All great points. I'd add that until Morrow got hurt, we were really in the thick of things in the conference. Not bad for a team projected last, or second to last, respectively. I don't think the impact of that Morrow injury can be overstated. We also outscored UCLA in the second half of that game. Not a huge accomplishment, but I think it supplements the overall theme of your post.