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  1. @MonteKracker @Sean_Callahan Good teams make the other team pay when they get open look. Lots if them seemed to rat… https://t.co/L8dcaqb6VC

  2. Would like to see some trapping out of the 1-3-1. Not all the time but when a decent opportunity arises. With the length NU has trapping a 6'2" player with Palmer, Roby or Copeland could create some breakaway chances. NU did trap once out of the man to man and it led to lay up.
  3. I know there will be complaining about the amount of 3 ptrs shot in the 1st half but a lot of them were open. Good teams make those. If those go in it would've opened up the lane for drives. And still have shot at NCAA tourney. The window of opportunity is smaller but need to finish season strong and make some noise in conference tournament.
  4. Lee Barfknecht just tweeted that since halftime of Purdue game Watson is 11 of 52...21.1%. That includes his 0-5 tonight.
  5. Think that's just part of being a Nebraska basketball fan.
  6. Unfortunately the offense isn't.
  7. Well got the illegal screen out of the way. Mark that off your Big 10 officiating bingo card.
  8. Liked the smile from Jordy after that put back.
  9. 2 decent looks from 3. But maybe not. I agree with TimSmiles on the high angele view.
  10. Forgot that I DVR'd this game and there is still something from this game that intriques me. And I saw the same thing in the Michigan/Rutgers game yesterday. Wagner was still standing on the free throw lane stripe when free throws were being attempted. It occurs with13:12 left in game versus NU and I don't recall when it happened in their Rutgers game but both times (it happened at least 4 times versus NU) it is very clear that he is on and actually over the line. How is this not a violation? And wouldn't calling a violation on him be easy? Sorry but I just think this shows the inadequacy of the Big 10 officials to not call something that easy to detect.
  11. @czabe Caught that as well...if I just had a pie, I have some cheeries

  12. Is his toe on the line? This same player (Mo Wagner) did this, at least 4-5 times against Nebraska and it was never… https://t.co/SswM9zskR5

  13. Didn't think I would ever see Kentucky get screwed at Rupp. Still would've had to make the fts but that was an abso… https://t.co/ks4mQCSYfs

  14. How did we lose

    Just told my son that very thing.
  15. Road to 20

    A huge salute to you for doing that. I went through about 20-25 of them yesterday but only about 5 or 6 of those had been updated following the win over Michigan and I found Nebraska in one. And it was showing NU at 19th team out.