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  1. @The3rdReinsch @stackhouse33 @Koch_43 So Kellen will have a good teacher next spring as Shickley has reinstated gol… https://t.co/MrE0TIDFRS

  2. @Koch_43 That wouldve been hilarious except the where/were mistake...shows u werent an English major https://t.co/eXe856bYwX

  3. @Koch_43 @jasonpeter @BigRedWrapUp Saw a bunch of tweets saying he held nothing back #findanopeningforhiminfootballdepartmentasap

  4. RT @USAMilitaryUSA: Badass https://t.co/krwg9l91l3

  5. Think I figured out what 3-4 defense stands for...no stops on 3rd down and if so there will not be a stop on 4th down #diacoisntverygood

  6. @HinrichsMike @PioneerNebr Supposed to be but everyone says it wrong

  7. @HinrichsMike @PioneerNebr I'd put one up if I had one but guessing putting dumbass for a name is against company policy

  8. RT @KFCBarstool: Typical Yankees fan. Complete bottom of the barrel of human life. Lowest on the totem pole of sports fans https://t.co/0jD…

  9. RT @USAMilitaryUSA: So Damn True! https://t.co/cmx99QqOXF

  10. RT @USAMilitaryUSA: A US flag formed by 10,000 American sailors in 1917. RETWEET If You Love the Flag!!! https://t.co/QqEsLHLHjf

  11. Missed Micks int, Norders catch, wrong on 2 block in back calls n his eye for spotting the ball was bad also #sidejudgeonfcshsidelinehmmmm

  12. That side judge in UF/LSU game might be same one from BDS/fcsh yesterday #missingtheobviousiseasy

  13. Gotta love that female Astros fan. Team up 8-2 top 9th with 2 strikes on hitter and you randomly flip the bird #stayclassymyfriend

  14. OT: What would you guys name this band?

    Rose Garden Quintet with 2 Bushes
  15. RT @USAMilitaryUSA: Merica. https://t.co/hJssn1JdT3