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  1. When I went to NU/UM game I couldn't figure out how they were on the NCAA tourney bubble. Watching them warm-up I was worried that NU would get blown out but figured (wrongly) that NU would show up to play and Michigan would play below their heads. Unfortunately they were just warming up. They looked very athletic and just happen to be playing their best basketball of the year right now.
  2. RT @ESPN_Schick: If the rules allow, I fill out multiple brackets. Those who argue against it should never purchase multiple lottery ticke…

  3. Best wishes to him. Even though his minutes were at a premium his effort was always 100%.
  4. How many thought AWIII was leaving the day after Big 10 tournament last year? Pitchford leaving was a surprise. We have no idea what these kids are thinking. Just watching his body language over the last part of the season didn't promote a positive vibe from my view.
  5. @NebraskaHSHoops Basic journalism, bigger number always first. Sorry but is pet peeves of mine. Good work on score updates

  6. Agreed and especially when he draws contact but no foul is called.
  7. I think Watson will be leaving. He was in the doghouse earlier this year and towards the end of the year he seemed uninterested. Early in the year he and Tai were getting to the rim but he quit being aggressive in drives to the basket. I hope I'm wrong and that it was just tired legs/fatique.
  8. RT @HARRYMAYES975: Hahahahaha!! 😂 https://t.co/twhxuuMD71

  9. @michaelbruntz Saw a guy in a Sallie jersey at N-ZONE before game

  10. @GBRosenthal Good news for Michigan, Pfeiffer is husker hater and piss poor ref in general #truthhurts

  11. Thanks for correction. Sausage fingers and lack of rereading cost me.
  12. 5 more wins gets NU to 91.7% chance of making tournament? I'll take those odds..now to somehow get those 5 wins.
  13. Well, I got bad news for "the devil", I'm picking KU in at least 3 of the 4 money pools I enter. And I don't think I've picked the national champ since UNLV or Arkansas, (Morrow reminds me of Corliss Williamson) maybe UCLA.
  14. @The3rdReinsch You did inherit something from me

  15. @The3rdReinsch guessing you are a bronze god with all that sunshine