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  1. @MikeSautterOWH So shouldn't they not be picking in top half of draft next year with all these steals?

  2. RT @Super70sSports: "I'm gonna kill my wife one day." "Cool, my sons are going to be assholes." https://t.co/40ib7Bmmii

  3. RT @GolfweekTait: Shame on them! https://t.co/jECkat21Lr

  4. @rustywx what is up with all whirlwinds/dustbusters/dirtdevils today. They keep blowing by me while I plant #curious

  5. RT @Colintheshotz: The Smell of the #Royals offense right now has a... https://t.co/ozCPD8cBgu

  6. RT @DrNeilTyson: SCIENCE FACT: Gordon Lightfoot is the exact halfway point between Chris Pratt and Bryan Cranston https://t.co/UxCC1VhZf8

  7. Miles said the same thing about him when he first joined the team as a walk-on couple years ago. I would've liked to have seen him get a chance to play back then and would like to see if he can earn some playing time.
  8. According to "LoboLair" a NMU message board they confirmed that MIles has been contacted. About 95% of replies are against the hire.
  9. Hey Royals pitchers try that thing where the ump haulers strike

  10. I'm sure one of you guys can come up with it. But it's a video/audio clip from football follies of a football coach (possibly Vince Lombardi) saying "What the hell is going around here?!"
  11. @stackhouse33 Sounds about right

  12. Never too old to learn. Getting great advice and an education #jrmavday

  13. I really, really like the looks of this. However, playing with a 10 to 11 man rotation is tough to pull off. And the reason for that is the reason kids transfer. Kids want to play. All of those guys want to play at least 30 minutes per game (300-330 minutes) yet there is only 200 total minutes available. Glynn deserves 30+, Copeland (if he is as good as his * rating) and Roby should get 25+ apiece and Jordy probably deserves 25+ depending on the match up. That leaves 95 minutes for 6-7 other players or 13-16 minutes per player. That is less than half of what they want and more than likely what they deserve. So there lies the issue, how to please all the players with a finite amount of playing time available. And that doesn't include any new recruits or grad transfers to add to the mix. I forgot to add the part about the Louisiana Tech (I think) baseball coach talking about "Daddy Ball''. How kids grow up playing and never have to sit on the bench all through youth and high school sports because they are the best at that age so they start and play all the time. Suddenly they get to college and they have to sit on the bench and don't like it. So instead of working to get better they blame somebody else and transfer.
  14. Ed was a ferocious rebounder and played hard and I enjoyed watching him play. I'm disappointed as hell he is leaving. Is my comment over the line? I don't think so as I was just commenting on someone else's post.
  15. Not passing out of a double team either.