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  1. @ESPN14601550 Langin shoots 87 and is under par. Gotta get me tee time...me likey #doublebogey=par

  2. RT @JasonSobelESPN: Three facts: 1. The 18th hole is playing 667 yards today. 2. Justin Thomas covered it with two 3-woods. 3. He weighs 14…

  3. RT @swmckewonOWH: And here's the thing: Iowa has legit rivalry games with Iowa State, Minnesota and Wisconsin. And yet...Iowa plays Nebrask…

  4. RT @iowahawkblog: Imagine scaling 100' cliffs with 80 pounds of gear after wading through the ocean, under constant machine gun fire. Bless…

  5. @ESPN14601550 So is Miami the favorite to win the NIT baseball tourney?

  6. Picture of Decatur, IL area. Considered some best corn/soybean ground in country. Looks a little wet.… https://t.co/COs9B3k4Ra

  7. RT @Qconnealy19: Meanwhile in Nebraska on our local Channel corn plot.. @ChannelSeed @skehrke @HeathVrbka #SendIt https://t.co/1NYtolOlhX

  8. RT @FakePGATour: When you're 8 over through 3 and see the beverage cart. #pga #pgatour https://t.co/u9Cn3479xj

  9. @Koch_43 Definitely interesting

  10. @MikeSautterOWH So shouldn't they not be picking in top half of draft next year with all these steals?

  11. RT @Super70sSports: "I'm gonna kill my wife one day." "Cool, my sons are going to be assholes." https://t.co/40ib7Bmmii

  12. RT @GolfweekTait: Shame on them! https://t.co/jECkat21Lr

  13. @rustywx what is up with all whirlwinds/dustbusters/dirtdevils today. They keep blowing by me while I plant #curious

  14. RT @Colintheshotz: The Smell of the #Royals offense right now has a... https://t.co/ozCPD8cBgu

  15. RT @DrNeilTyson: SCIENCE FACT: Gordon Lightfoot is the exact halfway point between Chris Pratt and Bryan Cranston https://t.co/UxCC1VhZf8