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  1. TCU grad officiating their game against Baylor? A foul was just called on Baylor about 3 seconds after player attempted shot. Horny Frogs up 70-65 with 3:49 left.
  2. So Massey as of their/his update this morning had Maryland as an 8 seed. Guessing lots of Terps helping put that bracket together.
  3. I am curious as to the timing of the release of this also. It's been 5-6 months since the initial report came out. But guessing someone has there reason for the timing. Maybe need to let this have its own thread rather than taking over this one.
  4. RT @MilitaryEarth: 73 years ago today, Marines on Iwo Jima raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi. We are forever grateful for the greatest…

  5. RT @NTVDaveGriek: BDS bringing its best this season @bballplayer748 @gerbs44 @bds_eagles Watch and read: https://t.co/mfXnqYfIXz

  6. Sam McKewon had a comparison of Big 12 vs. Big 10 making the NCAA tourney on his twitter. It showed how the Big 12 had more teams make it over a recent period of time. The Big 12 not only had more teams but their winning percentage was less. And even though they had more teams make it than the Big 10, the Big 10 was much more successful as far as teams advancing farther in the tournament. He basically came to the conclusion that the Big 12 had appeared to have gotten a favorable number of bids but never showed it deserved them when it came to actual play in tournament.
  7. One thing I would like to see Jordy learn is to not bring the ball below his head when he gets a rebound, especially an offensive rebound. It gives smaller players a chance to grab the ball and while he is lowering and bringing the ball back up the opponent is closing in to defend the put back.
  8. @JPosnanski So he's saying enforce rules that are already in place. What a good idea.

  9. @mdunc1982 @espn So you are saying Nebraska will be an 8 or 9 seed? Or what round do have them being eliminated by… https://t.co/YVzMciZoUa

  10. @GBRosenthal Huskers need a spurt

  11. Don't forget that St. Johns beat both Villanova and Duke as a last place team.
  12. @will_herb_stone And RPI seems to be a convenient excuse. Or why would team that's currently 6-9 in conference, 16-… https://t.co/djIyb9ZE8I

  13. KU boat racing OU 20-5 12:54 left in 1st half
  14. Hee Haw: The Collector's Edition - Culhanes https://t.co/yz7m0ezd68 via @YouTube Think I found the NCAA to… https://t.co/iXgioGGom6