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  1. @GBRosenthal I think it's exit 30 but that place that used to be the Tank & Tummy has the best broasted chicken

  2. If I had a dry cleaning business I would damage a lot of blue sweater vests in this upcoming week.

  3. If you put together a top 10 of the worst officiating calls (fouls only) on this season, the one on Watson today and the one on Roby against Minnesota have to be top 5. Not sure what officials see sometimes but it sure seems like the Huskers are on the wrong side about 98% of the time.
  4. TM probably figured any argument would result in in multiple technical fouls the way things had gone.
  5. Need this type of effort in the B10. Lots of winnable games if it happens.
  6. McVeighs inability to guard an office chair hurt. Cu took advantage.
  7. I think its safe to say "F Creighton!!"
  8. No problem with the zone but need to try and get a trap out of it if you do it.
  9. That's worse than the phntom call on Roby
  10. Barely touched him but the flopper made it look like a sniper got him.
  11. With all the switching they are doing there has to be decent match up somewhere.
  12. Lots of fadeaway shots today. Not a recipe for success.
  13. Not sure Duby is a decent option. Not an offensive threat and Cu will just pull him away from basket to negate his shot blocking.