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  1. Go Warriors, I could never root for any team lebron is on. GS in 5
  2. What if Tyronn Lue came back for his senior year for the 98-99 team?
  3. They held the lead for just 37 seconds.
  4. Now we get a much needed 4 days off for our banged up team to heal some more.
  5. Boo Yeah!
  6. Zone or man?
  7. Woo, Watson and 1!!!!!!!!
  8. Nice, Jack coming up huge in the 2nd half
  9. Another gem of a call
  10. Great find by Ed
  11. Ed redeeming himself with hard work
  12. That's at least the third one handed dunk Ed's missed this year. Just lay it up or use two hands
  13. Another terrible call, if anything it's on Glynn not Roby
  14. Weak D and too many turnovers so far
  15. Overhelping too much when narin has the ball. He doesn't want to shoot