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  1. Totally cold post because I did not listen to the game. Viewing the box score it appears we had little help from the bench. I thought we would get more production from Stallworth and Morton(understand that she is recovering from injury). Kissinger’s injury is becoming a major concern. Happy the ladies earned a W.
  2. Should have led by a larger margin at halftime. Thomas and Hegner were in first half foul trouble and Foster was MIA. Game turned when we had too many poor offensive possessions with late in the shot clock attempts, is that due to our inept offense or Creighton’s improved defensive effort? I thought Copeland made a key post game remark when he said we have individual talent that has yet to reveal team talent. We can defeat Kansas, time to do it is next Saturday!
  3. Nice road win. I don’t see Kansas as a strong team but to win without a top player on the road is a confidence builder.
  4. Burn Creighton Burn

    It will take an intense effort like tonight. Can we take that intensity on the road?
  5. My apologies to Jordy, he played well in the 2nd half. Team needs to come out and Punch the Jays in the mouth early. Nice win, but we need to build on it and not be a one hit wonder.
  6. I am concerned that Minnesota can beat us off the dribble but we cannot beat them off the dribble. Can anyone contain Coffey? Good effort tonight and I hope we can hang on for a much needed boost of confidence.
  7. Does Jordy help us on the floor?
  8. Matt Davison

    Jake M. Or Andy M. Will give Kent a chance to actually do play by play. Matt needs to focus on his AD role for FB.
  9. I am not sure Goldy Gopher is beatable! I want to see results before I get excited about this season.
  10. This the 13th team in the B1G against the 1rst. Should be no surprise.
  11. 2017 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Sad showing by the B1G. MSU is the bell cow and needs to beat ND tonight.
  12. Enjoyed being in attendance last night but some of the non basketball nonsense needs to go. I don’t know how it enhances the audience experience. The team seems to play together and I like how Palmer let the game come to him and didn’t force the issue. My concern in the first half was that BC could get into the lane much easier than NU. We still don’t beat people off the dribble much and defensive rebounding needs to improve. A few offensive rebounds would be nice. We seem to have some mid range shooters and some three point threats but still had a 6 minute drought. Hope we will compete for 40 minutes at Sparty and that a large, enthusiastic crowd is presentat PBA when Goldy comes to town.
  13. No one concerned about the defensive rebounding? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?
  14. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Don’t know much about BC but the other 4 do not look promising.