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  1. One positive in all of this, it might end the academic fraud of 1 and done. Kids should go pro out of high school, they have the NBA, the development league, or overseas opportunities. The college game will survive. Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and others might become legitimate academic institutions again.
  2. This should get you a little excited...

    I agree with Norm on the small guy running the baseline. Most rebounds are going to be made by the weak side wing or center. Steals by the baseline guard put the ball in the hands of your best ball players. 1-3-1 zones can have the wings go to the corner and in that situation, you would want a taller player to defend in the low block.
  3. This should get you a little excited...

    My take is don’t count your chickens before they hatch! Predicting wins is fun to speculate about but the Husker have thrown some real clunkers under Miles in games where victories were anticipated. One game at a time.
  4. To paraphrase Jerry Tarkanian, the NCAA will be so mad at Louisville that they will put Cleveland State on probation. The shoe/apparel companies and AAU coaches have stooped into the gutter and slime to get players to go to endorsed universities for years. AAU is a fraud.
  5. Eichorst Out

    What top team runs a true triple option? The service academies and Georgia Tech. You equalize talent disparity by spreading the field to allow your athletes space.
  6. Eichorst Out

    Chris Del Conte of TCU would be an excellent choice. The Frogs have become players in several major sports during his tenure. Triple option FB of old isn't what's needed, a spread with a great dual threat QB is the way to go. As I stated in the Women.s forum, Coach Williams has to be nervous about the situation.
  7. Eichorst Out

    Bill Byrne hired Connie Yori.
  8. SE GONE

    I would think Coach a Williams will be a little nervous. Eichorst didn't conduct much of a search in selecting her, similar to Riley.
  9. Serious question ...

    How can you predict team chemistry? Will Miles come up with an offensive game plan? I cannot answer until I see the Huskers in action.
  10. I believe Taylor defends, rebounds and is a glue guy for the team.
  11. Taylor is more valuable to the team than many realize.
  12. Copeland

  13. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Louisville also has a great baseball program. NU is doing fine with adidas.
  14. Are the two early December games a way to spread out the conference season?
  15. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Yes Tuesday might be too late!