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  1. Nice size, I hope she can run and play.
  2. The perfect jump shot was owned by #44, Zeke from Cabin Creek, the Logo, Jerry West. Mr. West also has a pretty good eye for BB talent.
  3. Good move by McDermott. Why jump into the pressure of Columbus? He's making good money at Creighton and the Jays seem to fit well in the Big East.
  4. You are far more optimistic than me. I hope you are correct but I don't see it coming in two years.
  5. We are a long, long way from being an NCAA tourney team again. Does Shepard have to sit out? I hope we didn't grant the release.
  6. I really don't think Mulkey can play at a top level. She only had spot duty at OU.
  7. 1988 NCAA in Lincoln (Danny and the Miracles) Eastern Michigan was staying in the same South Lincoln Motel as I was staying. Times have changed and Lincoln won't see the tourney again. Sad but true .
  8. Should be a nice addition.
  9. I am in a minority but I like what Evan Taylor produces. He needs to be a consistent scoring option to go along with his rebounding and defensive abilities.
  10. Depth at PG and will allow Glynn to play off the ball.
  11. Error on my part!
  12. Jake Muhlheisen and Wes Wilkinson worked. We need to get players like that.
  13. She gave good effort but was out of her league. Hope she finds a good landing spot to play. The scholarship can be put to use finding a Division I talent.
  14. I should have paid more attention!