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  1. Are the two early December games a way to spread out the conference season?
  2. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Yes Tuesday might be too late!
  3. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Driving up from Texas, but the main purpose is to play in my friends golf tournament on the 19th in Lincoln at Pioneers! I'll observe from Omaha on a Tuesday! I just hope Planet X isn't lurking behind the sun!
  4. Jess Shepard

    No hardship is involved. The waiver should not be granted.
  5. No break to play Maryland twice.
  6. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    McIntosh Mason Sanders Mathias Watson
  7. Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    I will wait until it is back in the Midwest where it belongs.
  8. Non Conference record

    I would love to see the team win 10 non conference games
  9. Team should be able to compete with most on this schedule. Nice to see KU back on the slate. Need to play K-State and Colorado in the future.
  10. Scoring is going to be an issue so this group needs to value the ball, defend and rebound.
  11. This team doesn't need a difficult schedule. Conference play will provide plenty of challenges. Get some confidence with some wins.
  12. Kate Cain

    Nice size, I hope she can run and play.
  13. How Good Is Tai Webster??

    The perfect jump shot was owned by #44, Zeke from Cabin Creek, the Logo, Jerry West. Mr. West also has a pretty good eye for BB talent.
  14. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    Good move by McDermott. Why jump into the pressure of Columbus? He's making good money at Creighton and the Jays seem to fit well in the Big East.