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  1. What If? Play-in game

    Any NCAA win counts in my book, but let’s take care of Illinois first.
  2. Huskers 66 Illini. 61 This is THE GAME, lose and it’s a nearly impossible obstacle to overcome.
  3. Nebraska vs. Indiana Game Thread

    No shame in this defeat. Buss and Cahill were terrific and we had no answer. I thought a 2-2 finish would be important so this makes the Penn St game a big one. ( Captain Obvious I Know)
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Just beat Illinois. It won’t be easy.
  5. Illinois should be everyone’s focus. If we can keep winning the Penn St game will be massive, but take care of the Illini first. By the way, Penn St. can beat Purdue.
  6. This team just keeps on giving great effort and wins! Tonight’s victory was well earned.
  7. Blackburn is contributing offensively!
  8. Do the Lady Huskers seem to play more relaxed on the road?
  9. WNIT vs. The Dance

    I find it difficult to believe that many NU fans, including myself, will be disappointed not to make the NCAA Tournament. This group has exceeded expectations of nearly all but maybe the most foresighted among Lady Husker fans. So, I need to reflect on the positive accomplishments of the team and not be disappointed if the NCAA appearance does not occur. However, I would be dismayed if the team finishes in the Top 3 during the regular season and does not receive the invitation.
  10. Great to win this ball game. Very good three point defense and keeping Huerta, though foul troubles helped, and Cowan in check was a decisive factor. Powerful post players are always going to hurt this team. Roby and Copeland got on the boards to help us maintain the lead. I still question our our shot selection, when the threes are dropping it looks good but they won’t always drop. The Illini will be tough at Champaign, it’s another must win.
  11. Maryland

    Who do we put on Huerta tonight? That’s a key matchup and Glynn needs to hold his own against Cowan.
  12. WNIT vs. The Dance

    Wisconsin had a week to prepare and presented us some difficult matchups. Winning 2 of the last 4 should keep us in the Top 4 of the conference. NCAA should be forthcoming with a good finish.
  13. I thought Wisconsin played very good D today. We failed to take advantage of our inside size.
  14. Just returned from the game after a 3 hour drive. Fortunate to pull out a victory over a well coached Wisconsin squad that presented some mismatches for NU on defense and we were erratic in taking advantage at the offensive end. I would like to have put Simon on #11 more during the game. Getting the 5 second call late was the play of the game and we were fortunate to have timeouts remaining to inbound at our end. Key plays were Nicea’s 3 point play and Stallworth guiding the offense late in the third quarter. Can we split the final four games? That seems like a reasonable goal.