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  1. Next Assistant Coach

    I am not convinced Ty Lue would be successful at the college level.
  2. Scheduling

    Schedule a Mountain West Team like Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado St., Utah St or Boise St. Maybe a 2 for one at their place. I don’t like the 20 conference games.
  3. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I hope Roby has a season good enough to be ranked that high. He has much to improve upon but he has much ability and I am happy he is a Husker.
  4. We seem to get Maryland frequently but not a bad draw otherwise.
  5. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Nebraska as a National Brand is not even that strong in Football today. We have never been a National Brand in Basketball. NU has to recruit hidden gems and develop them to sustain a steady, consistent program that from time to time finishes in the top 3-4 in the B1G and qualifies for the NCAA’s. We are not going to become a Kansas but could we become an Oklahoma?
  6. Let me get this straight...

    Miles has not established a solid enough record to be hired by another Power 6 BB school if he is dismissed or chooses to leave. I could see him employed by a Division I School in the mid range of conferences. Everyone seems to be in a panic about seasons after next year. My focus is on NEXT season. Our past history does not bode well for us to be an annual power in B.B. Moos will have to scour the Lower Div I schools or Power 6 Assistants to find a successor. Until that time comes, if and when it does, let’s focus on next year being a good one. Even if all the key players return we might not get to 22 wins.
  7. Let me get this straight...

    Doom and gloom seems to proliferate here. Tim Miles is the NU BB Coach, let’s get behind him and the returning players for the upcoming season. The future could include more transfers, graduate and undergraduate, to boost the roster. Roby won’t be NBA ready after next year unless he takes a giant leap forward. I hope he can play the 4 since he is overmatched by big centers. Allen May make a significant jump and be a reliable scoring guard. Much depends on Palmer and Copeland.
  8. Assistant coach Rick Pitino?

    Oh God no!
  9. Season ending Banquet

    Washington realizes she is only a role player at NU but Stallworth would have been a key contributor. Good luck to both if they move on.
  10. Kenya Hunter

    So our Football program is fixed! How can you be so certain. The wins will be hard to come by and Husker fans are not patient. We we have shown patience with Miles and Nebraska is never going to be a yearly contender for B1G championships, our history is clear on that. We need to support Miles until someone, who is clearly superior, accepts the job.
  11. Kenya Hunter

    This too shall pass!
  12. Really OT

    Rock: The Rolling Stones The Who The Kinks Lynyrd Skynyrd(only with Ronny Van Zander) The Moody Blues Chicago (only with Terry Kath) The Hollies The Searchers Country and Western Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys ( Still the King) Emmylou Harris Merle Haggard Buck Owens and the Buckaroos featuring the great Don Rich Johnny Cash Ray Price The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis
  13. Question?

    Don’t forget the TV network influence. If Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina are ever bubble teams, they will get more consideration than Nebraska.
  14. Postseason Tourney Talk

    And Michigan lost to the Huskers by 20, so yes, anything can happen.