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  1. Sherri Coale could use a center. Texas will be a Top 5 team next year. I don't know if Jess plays defense well enough for Karen Aston. I still think Iowa State would be her best fit.
  2. The team played without Morrow for much of the season so it will not be shock to the system. I loved how Morrow played around the rim but his face up game was very limited. Coaches can not always develop skills in players. I wish the kid well but time to move on. We can gnash our teeth all we want but it's not going to change the situation.
  3. Used to be said about Tom Osborne around Nebraska. Bill Self is a great coach. The Jayhawks are fortunate to have him at the helm.
  4. Women's basketball is being hurt by all of the great athletes that choose volleyball. This version of UConn is incredible, all are skilled, unselfish and elite athletically and are pushed by a coach who knows where the buttons are located.
  5. She might fit in well at Iowa State where she could shoot a lot of threes. Oklahoma might be a good fit as they could use a post player.
  6. I am watching UConn dismantle Oregon with ease (wondering why starters are in with a 35 point 4th qtr lead) and wondering why should I watch the Final Four. South Carolina-FSU will be an interesting game, but UConn will dominate everyone. They are a team of highly skilled greyhounds that are ruthless in their quest for victory. Don't tell me others have to get better, there are not enough skilled players in the country who want to work that hard for anyone else.
  7. I have never been convinced that Yori had to leave. I wish Coach Williams well, she has a very tough job to get this once proud program back to a competitive level. I would schedule weak to build up some confidence. The team is light year's from being NCAA ready.
  8. The program has fallen below rock bottom!
  9. The program is in shambles. I thought Jess was getting in better shape as the season progressed. To play at a high level school, she will have to get in shape. I wish her well but I won't follow her progress like I follow Romeo. Next year is going to be long and difficult.
  10. I remember the era of Kent Pavelka constantly invoking the phrase, "looking inside for Hoppen". So glad that he was one of the very good Omaha players that didn't get away.
  11. Drake nearly beat UCLA in the Final Four. Maury John was the Coach and Willie McCarter, Willie Wise and Dolph Pullman were star players. Wise had several good years in the late, great ABA.
  12. I don't think Jordy would be effective in a WVU system. Huggins has tough, physical guards that can shoot and active forwards to be the point on the press. Do we have those types?
  13. Missouri has to compete with Illinois and Kansas for players. The best player on Duke this year is from St. Louis.
  14. Probably should not overlook Stanford. But after watching UConn last night it's apparently a race for runner up. That team is a bunch of athletes who are fundamentally sound and move the ball without the dribble better than men's teams.
  15. Underwood is taking the money. Oklahoma State had him on the cheap last season. Can he get Chicago kids to go down state? If he can, the Illini will win. Bill Self was on the verge of a championship there when KU opened.