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  1. I really don't think Mulkey can play at a top level. She only had spot duty at OU.
  2. 1988 NCAA in Lincoln (Danny and the Miracles) Eastern Michigan was staying in the same South Lincoln Motel as I was staying. Times have changed and Lincoln won't see the tourney again. Sad but true .
  3. Should be a nice addition.
  4. I am in a minority but I like what Evan Taylor produces. He needs to be a consistent scoring option to go along with his rebounding and defensive abilities.
  5. Depth at PG and will allow Glynn to play off the ball.
  6. Error on my part!
  7. Jake Muhlheisen and Wes Wilkinson worked. We need to get players like that.
  8. She gave good effort but was out of her league. Hope she finds a good landing spot to play. The scholarship can be put to use finding a Division I talent.
  9. I should have paid more attention!
  10. "Oh it's Cryin Time again you're gonna leave me, I can see that far away look in your eyes, I can tell by the way you hold me darlin, that it won't be long before it's Cryin time" Maybe Buck Owens had a premonition about our basketball situation way back in the 1960's!
  11. I have no idea what is going on in Lincoln. It is discouraging that these players are leaving and I doubt, at this late stage, they can be replaced with better warm bodies. I can only take a wait and see position until next season begins.
  12. We need to get back to the day when Coaches made personnel and position decisions and not players and parents. Team before self or am I being too old fashioned?
  13. I would rather take a chance on a Nebraska kid who wants to play for Good Ole State U than a marginal out of state player. This is not critical to the success of the program but is something I would like to see done.
  14. A game I did not plan on watching until the Bulldogs kept making plays and put some doubt in Connecticut. It turned out to be a coaching triumph for Vic Schaefer and well executed at both ends of the court.
  15. Well, Mississippi State proved that I am clueless! It was a riveting game. I started watching thinking it would be over by halftime but the Bulldogs even went down 3 and came back. Good game plan and players who were fearless, which is a key to beating UConn.