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  1. I swear, we could both play the same 20 teams, we beat those 20, they lose to those 20, and we'd find a way to lose head to head. There's a GD curse over our program against those c-suckers. Let's get Kansas and move on!
  2. Creighton Gameday

    But there will be TONS of fall Husker fans there wearing blue
  3. Burn Creighton Burn

    Found this for my new profile pic!
  4. Children of the Corn: 81 Children of the Sweater Vests: 76
  5. Burn Creighton Burn

    Sounds like a jealous former coach who couldn't cut it at Doane and hates to see the guy who followed him be much more successful at every juncture post-college. I'm siding with Frosty!
  6. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Temple just knocked off Wisky 59-55 @ Temple. Badgers sitting at 4-6.
  7. That has got to be the worst blown call on a phantom illegal screen. I was at the game and didn't see the replay 'til now. Horrible call! Even Minnesota's 2 guys were wondering what was called.
  8. Burn Creighton Burn

    I hope you're right!
  9. Burn Creighton Burn

    Between Tommie Sweatervest and listening to Crayton fans call into 1620, I hope we put a beat down on these dbags.
  10. Matt Davison

    It might have been just an accidental slip, but Greg Sharpe said that Kent and Matt will be on the call for tomorrow night's game. He said it at the end of sports nightly. Maybe this is Matt"s going away game. Maybe he didn't do Sunday's game just because of Scott's press conference. Has there been an announcement to when his new role begins with the football team?
  11. I liked Roby's effort in this one. I hope he continues to be more assertive and aggressive driving the basketball. He had some decent drives and moves. His 3's looked smooth as well. Overall, I want to see him get more and more swagger about him. He has great potential.
  12. Matt Davison

    Great news for him. I enjoy him on the radio for both fb and bb. Sad to see (hear) him not do games anymore, but clearly one heck of a promotion!
  13. I politely disagree. I think the video is awesome, although maybe not quite as good as the first year in PBA. I just feel that we do a poor job as a fan base at getting loud during team intros. Also, unlike football, we don't have as much tradition to put in the video package like we do for the tunnel walk.
  14. 3 point shooting

    I would like to see Nana and Jack come in when teams run zone and we need to bust out of a slump. Jack from the corner would be nice to see against zone. On the other end, put our guys in zone to hide Jack and Nana's defensive deficiencies.
  15. Run

    Agreed. Most teams aren't going to beat you if they are getting very few shots in the paint. Make them shoots jumpers and 3s. Tends to work for teams who run zone against us. I would love to see us run zone at least half of the time.