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  1. At this point, very little surprises me with our team...
  2. Before I rant, I want you all to know that I tend to be one of the biggest sunshine pumpers, always backing Miles, always thinking "next year's our year". Every person i talked to this year, i told them Miles deserves next year. I even stayed after the Michigan game debacle to shake Miles' hand and told him I hope they give him another year. I still love Miles, and I will back him if he's still here obviously. But something is definitely wrong. I could accept Petteway (mom/NBA dreams), Pitch (off court issues, lack of motivation Jr year), Benedict Arnold III (selfish, family), and all the other transfers. But Ed is different. Both of his parents played sports at Nebraska. He should be a lock to stay. On top of it all, we have lost arguably our best player, scorer, or all-around guy the last 3 years to transfer/early departure, and all of those teams were below .500. It's one thing if you are a blueblood or a team who consistently makes the Dance. A team like us can't afford this. I am running out of excuses.
  3. No words can describe our program currently that would be acceptable at the workplace.....Unbelievable
  4. Threads like this are pointless, as we aren't coaches at practice, etc. But I would love to see us run 1-3-1 as our primary defense. I felt like it was our most effective D throughout the year. It saves the guys some energy as you aren't chasing guys off screens all day. Also, it would allow us to play guys like Horne, Copeland, or McVeigh at the 2 or 3 more easily without worrying about them having to cover a 2 or 3. We could have tremendous length st the 2-5. Also, it creates a situation similar to our 90s fb team. Just like when teams had to prepare for the option once a year, our opponents would be gearing up for the 1-3-1 that they hardly ever see. Sprinkle in some of the 2-2-1 press we always go to too late, and I think we see some great things! Probably doesn't happen, but I'd like to see it.
  5. On top of this, I think he would kick out more with more dependable 3 pt shooters as well! Better spacing would also be nice.
  6. I am extremely excited! I love Miles, and I want to see him be the guy to take us to the promised land. He does such a great job promoting the program. You can tell he loves it here and wants to be the guy to take us to new heights. I was very worried over the last week or so that he was done. Here's to hoping we can take the amazing talent we have on paper and turn them into a winning machine! Also, I don't have positive things to say about SE often, but he really handled this well. Kudos to him for communicating to Miles this week the plans going forward, as well as making it public right away after the game.
  7. Typical, typical end to another season...seen this show a hundred times...future is bright though! Glad to hear Eichorst already say Miles is back next year! I expect NCAAs next season!
  8. There aren't enough up arrows for this . And I can be one of them!
  9. Gotta love when people like him hide behind a phone or screen and say what they want knowing there's little chance of repercussions.
  10. I could definitely listen to the argument that those 2 articles by the OWH put unnecessary pressure on 18-22 yo college kids. Who knows what crossed their mind. They do appear to have played scared since those came out. For whatever reason, they are doubting themselves, their coaches, or both.
  11. The 2 sides of the bracket could not be any more different. We really F'd ourselves.
  12. Steve Taylor has always struck me as arrogant on Big Red Reaction after FB games. The way he would bash Armstrong, you would've thought Taylor was Tom Brady. What a horrible question to pose.
  13. Agreed. I see no evidence he would return to the state. Besides his Nebraska roots, nothing.
  14. Did anyone listen to the radio? Curious how Kent and Matt sounded.