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  1. The Big Ten is Down

    Losers of 8 out of their last 10 as well!
  2. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    On Game Time yesterday, Bahe was comparing Palmer's game with James Harden in how they both play with a certain pace that isn't lightning quick, but they get to their spots very effectively. Bahe had an entire segment on JPJ. He also interviewed Roby the other day. Nick seems to have developed quite the man crush for our team, especially Roby and Palmer. I can't believe how much I like Bahe given that he played for BOTH Kansas and Creighton!! He typically gives great insight.
  3. This is mind-boggling...
  4. Time for some 1-3-1!
  5. Legends Weekend

  6. I was gonna say "this is how BBB got started...all because he didn't win on The Price is Right!"
  7. Hate Will Never Win

    Hate Will Never Win! Proud of these players, coaches, and students.
  8. Bullshit call saying Copeland traveled with a textbook jab step, then they allow Washington to PALM the ball on that last second 3...ridiculous
  9. Minnesota Game

    Agreed. We need some adidas bball gear sold with that Herbie logo on it!
  10. I almost chuckled at the above post regarding Maryland...only 3 scholarship post players left on their roster after injuries. We technically have 3 true posts, period! And one guy WAS a walk-on! Poor Maryland!
  11. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    I was fortunate enough to be at both!
  12. Teams without NCAA Tourney Wins

    We do, but for different reasons. And we seem to be a more realistic fan base about our program, at least the citizens of this board do .
  13. Teams without NCAA Tourney Wins

    Some even mention their name with the Gonzagas of the world (laughable). For being very mediocre in March, I do see a lot of their fans puffing their chest. But what do you expect from a fan base who rips on Wichita State yet has a fraction of their recent success?
  14. Have we played at MSG since our NIT title?
  15. How many future pros are on our roster?

    Thanks. Maybe I remember seeing him "listed" at 6'7