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  1. Tai is clearly the better all-around player, and their predraft videos show that as well. I really think Tai could get drafted.
  2. I'm hopeful that, like in the NBA or NFL, sometimes it just takes a player getting around the right players, situation, or in the right system!
  3. I can't believe he turned it down. I'm thinking he doesn't want to run with the big dogs!
  4. This is why Barnes isn't a real coach. And the Warriors are the NBA's version of that team in East Omaha that plays along the Missouri River. I can't stand them.
  5. Just read the OWH article...what a prima Donna...didn't feel wanted enough. Give me a break...
  6. Tai also worked out with the Bucks a week or two back.
  7. Those other message boards probably are the ones where multiple fans refer to players by their number instead of knowing their name, or they can't pronounce names right, or they get the first name right, last name wrong, etc.
  8. Like many of you on here, I can definitely see the +'s and -'s of this potential acquisition. I guess I look at it like this: much like Benedict Arnold III, Akoy would be on his 3rd school, which is typically a huge red flag IMO. However, with him being a local kid, this could serve as that "coming home" moment where the wrongs are made right. I believe that his tweet about Northwestern making us the only P5 school without an NCAA win showed that he wants to see that change, showing that he cares about the Husker program. And while he might be fabricating the "never recruited me" story, I think that part also shows that part of him does truly care and that he potentially wants to help us lose the 0-7 title. Lastly, this is his final shot.
  9. As a public $chool teacher, wow, those #'$ are ridiculou$.
  10. I see no reason why he can't produce very similarly to what Ed did. He appears to be every bit as athletic, and possibly even a better vertical. And a 7'4" wing span is ridiculous! I believe that is the same as Jordy's. Now one can say his numbers weren't great, but maybe being surrounded by better players will allow him to produce at a higher rate and level.
  11. God bless your mother, Silver. May time heal your heart.
  12. https://www.abqjournal.com/984287/lobo-commitment-is-waiting-to-see-if-harriman-stays-on.html Then there's this also!
  13. If Boehm retires, would Harriman fill that role?
  14. In my eyes, they've quit on Nebraska already.
  15. Morrow, Horne, and Jacobson apparently didn't learn anything about work ethic or perseverance in their time with Tai. My respect for Tai grows by the day! I hope he gets his shot at the NBA.