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  1. Ty Lue - Rested?

    Agreed, and I'm a huge MJ guy, my favorite all-time player. For a guy who makes it to the Finals every year, he sure gets criticized a lot.
  2. 2018-19 Husker opponents

    Moe Wagner signing with an agent.
  3. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Fixed it for you .
  4. Kenya Hunter

    Is there any credence to us reaching out to Altman, or is that just pure speculation?
  5. Kenya Hunter

    Unfortunately, this would make perfect sense in our world that is Nebrasketball.
  6. Kenya Hunter

    I heard a rumor last night about Kenya leaving, as well as Palmer and Cope being gone. So hearing this 1st domino fall has me extremely worried about Cope and Palmer.
  7. Three Games Against Final 4 Teams

    I forgot about the Florida game. I watched the 2nd half of that one, and I remember thinking that Loyola had some ballers who could do some damage this season. But I wasn't thinking Final Four good!
  8. Nebraska is like Missouri. Flat and Farms.

    Thank you so much! My wife and I did a western Nebraska trip about 5 years ago, all the way to Crawford. We went to Scottsbluff and Chimney Rock. Beautiful parts of the state. Northwest Nebraska is a must see for us Eastern Nebraska folks!
  9. Nebraska is like Missouri. Flat and Farms.

    I recognize lots of those places, but could you attach a small description of where each is? I'm hoping to do another Western Nebraska trip in the near future and would love to see some of these I'm not recognizing!
  10. Creighton?

    Shatel was probably all state...
  11. Idea for NCAA Tournament

    My thought was incorporating the NIT in some way as a play-in tourney. It would generate a ton of money, and it would make it relevant again, especially with some many bubble teams in years like this. My original thought was the winner of the NIT plays the winner of the NCAA, but the NIT gets treated like the losers' bracket of the College World Series and has to beat the NCAA champion twice, whereas the NCAA winner just has to win once. Then a friend of mine, who is also a member on this board, suggested having the NIT Elite 8 being teams 61-68 instead, so that'd be your Dayton play-in games. I like both ideas. With the NIT elite 8 deal, conference tourneys and selection Sunday would have to change obviously.
  12. USC Coach nails it

    In other words, teams' good wins are rewarded yet those same teams aren't held responsible for questionable losses...makes no sense.
  13. NIT bracket announcement

    Yep, we didn't dance the year after our title either.
  14. NIT bracket announcement

    I would love to win the NIT, but I cringe at the same time at being a 2-time meaningless national tournament champion.
  15. NIT bracket announcement

    To say there isn't some sort of curse on our program after all of today's crap plus our overall history would just be insane.