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  1. Andrew White Transfering

    Love their food!!!
  2. 2016-2017 HHCC Final Standings

    Yeah, Thanks! It was my first time doing it. Lots of work for you but lots of fun for us. It's really appreciated!
  3. Illinios

    He's out at Illinois.
  4. OT: Thad Matta

    Did the AD announce it a month ago like the media around here thinks Eichorst should have?? Sorry, I don't see the rush to add another year to a contract that already runs through May 2020 or somewhere around there. Especially during the season.
  5. Sipple checks in

    I meant to put that in there. I got a little jumpy. Thanks AuroranHusker!
  6. Sipple checks in

    Actually, it's been the last 18-19 years Hb13. The last time Nebraska basketball finished regular conference games above .500 was the 1998-1999 season. So why do we want to start all over again by letting Miles go? You know we will lose players and recruits if Eichorst lets him go this year. We have a good man in place with good young players and good incoming recruits. Lets give him a couple more years without interruption from the news media and see what happens.
  7. Nebr--82 Penn--66 They've lost more in a row than we have! We always beat Mich State once a year, right?? 2 wins
  8. Lee B brings the hammer!

    This article was a good article, however, I felt from the time it came out that it was the wrong time for it. I should have come out as soon as the season ended in my opinion. Now after a 2 game winning streak, we have a 3 game losing streak and Shawn Eichorst sitting directly behind Tim Miles! All the feel good, "we could make a run in the BIG tourney" has just been thrown out the window. You can see it on the players and coaches faces that there is more pressure now than ever. I've always been one who believed in the old, let the coaches coach, let the players play, let the officials officiate, and let the sportswriters have their opinions. But in my opinion, this article has cost us, big time. #NICETIMINGLEE!
  9. It would mean so much if our ladies were to get a win on NEBRASKA'S 150TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear ole state and GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!
  10. World Herald article

    I totally agree!
  11. World Herald article

    I think I remember Jeff Walz from Louisville name coming up on here possibly. Not that he was interested, but, I think there were a number of people wishing he was. I don't believe that's who Lee was talking about though.
  12. Kayla Mershon

    We got one coming in Kissinger, Bugeater. I've watched her many times. Of course, a higher level of play can make a difference, but, she can flat out light it up. Can't wait to see her and Nicea together. It's gonna be a fun number of years coming up!