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  1. Huskers----63 Badgers---65
  2. Hope I'm wrong Nebr----70 Kansas--86
  3. Depends on if we shoot 28% again or over 30%! I'll go with over 30%. Huskers---77 N Dakota--69
  4. Nebr--82 E Ill- 70 9 non conf wins 18 total wins
  5. Andrew White Transfering

    Love their food!!!
  6. 2016-2017 HHCC Final Standings

    Yeah, Thanks! It was my first time doing it. Lots of work for you but lots of fun for us. It's really appreciated!
  7. Illinios

    He's out at Illinois.
  8. OT: Thad Matta

    Did the AD announce it a month ago like the media around here thinks Eichorst should have?? Sorry, I don't see the rush to add another year to a contract that already runs through May 2020 or somewhere around there. Especially during the season.
  9. Sipple checks in

    I meant to put that in there. I got a little jumpy. Thanks AuroranHusker!