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  1. Be careful about suggesting the extrapolation of stats to 40 minutes, may get you in trouble with some folks around here! But yes his per/40 stats and percentages are pretty much worse across the board compared to last year. Fran said on the broadcast (paraphrasing, had it on in the background this morning when doing some stuff around the house so may not have caught all of it) that he thought D-League or overseas for White. Thought at best maybe he catches on with some type of 3-point specialist role on team, but lack of quickness and ball handling skills will hurt him.
  2. To add, even the fact that we have side and endcourt areas with 10-15 feet between the first row of non-courtside seats for herds of people to even use is unacceptable. Again, NBA analogy. Watch any NBA venue and you will notice voids like that don't exist - they actually put (gasp) ROWS OF SEATS in those huge areas as opposed to using them as expressways for losers to leave early. If anybody with a brain was configuring Nebraska's seating alignment, they would not be leaving such valuable real estate void.
  3. I agree with both sides. Overall crowd is good given the product on the court. But the exiting early crowd needs to be politely encouraged to go UP instead of down. Put an announcement on the screen, have the PA guy repeat it. Not when we are down 20 with 8 minutes to go but maybe during a break early second half of every game before they toss shirts or something, until it sticks. Other easy option is, nobody can set foot on the arena floor unless they are student section or courtside. Go to any NBA game - you aren't allowed to just come down from row 20 and mill around all the way down to the court level - they have people or a wall blocking the path. This type of stuff would fall under Boehm's jurisdiction. He is tone deaf so wouldn't be surprised if nothing ever changes.
  4. Let's go get him. Has flaws but proven winner. Buy low.
  5. Steals was also equal per 40 minutes between freshman and soph years at 1.2. At least be accurate in your attempts to correct somebody. http://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/michael-jacobson-1.html Per 40 minute tab. You're welcome!
  6. Less scoring per 40, was in there. Less blocks per 40, was in there. Averaged .7 more assists and .9 more rebounds per 40 than he did as a freshman. You're right he is crushing it in the games too. Huge improvement from year 1 to year 2.
  7. Yep, I'm just not entirely sure exactly what it is. Plays hard. Give him a E for effort I guess.
  8. Less per 40 minute totals in points and blocks compared to freshman season. More turnovers per 40. Less FT attempts. Worse in 2pt fg %. Worse in 3pt fg %. Worse in FT % by 7%. I don't like to dog on individual players...but even calling him a role player might be an enormous compliment given how poorly he performed any type of consistent role in games this season. He's got to be crushing it in practice or in the meeting rooms.
  9. I tend to agree with you Norm - I do think they took a beating psychologically as the year went on. Maybe the physical talent is there more than I'm giving credit, but Miles and his staff have never found a way to consistently synchronize/maximize the talent and confidence of his teams and individual players.
  10. Oddly enough I think as a whole their numbers/play were a lot better against that tough non-con schedule than they were in conference
  11. Ahh Diaz. There you go. That one paid off, at least for a couple years. Outside of that, pretty rough group. It seems like we have had guys like Ubel, Wilkinson and Tai in recent history, who got to their senior year and you were like "damn...I wish we could've redshirted him instead of burning their freshman year because we had no other options other than to play them."
  12. One has 3 first year players who were major contributors. One has 3 first year players who were essentially non-factors outside of a few games or plays all year. I don't mean to veer off topic, but Dimes posted that Watkins was a redshirt freshman. I can't for the life of me remember a time when we we had the depth/luxury to redshirt a somewhat promising guy who just needed to mature a bit. Anybody remember the last time we had a productive/successful career from a guy who redshirted as a freshman?
  13. My post was in reply to 49r. I agree with Chuck Taylor. One year to fix it. Don't see it happening based on the current roster.
  14. Talking nothing about rankings in terms to comparing freshman. PSU has 3 freshman who were extremely productive, more so than all of our sophomores. We had zero freshman who were productive, outside of 2-3 glimpses of hope all year. I think we are falling behind, not catching up or passing these teams in our similar lower tier predicament.
  15. Thank you for posting, Dead Dog Alley. This huge "upgrade in talent" that is going on at Nebraska is only on paper, in terms of more shiny stars. My eyeballs tell me, stars don't matter and we are in the bottom 2-3 teams in talent in this conference. Case in point - across the board, a lot of Big Ten teams have groups of freshman that are outperforming not only our own group of freshman, but also our sophomores. My expectation is that we consistently compete for a top-half finish in the conference and make it to the NCAA every 2 or 3 years and start winning occasionally when we make it. This is not going to happen when we are a bottom 2-3 team in talent.