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  1. Huskerpapa

    Palmer Back

    Thanks Jimmy, good news heading into the weekend!
  2. Huskerpapa

    NBA Playoffs

    Perhaps, but if Boston is one of the teams, ratings may end up being decent.
  3. Huskerpapa

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Both were working out with a couple teams. Although we may hear smething sooner, set your radar for June 1st.
  4. Huskerpapa

    Izzo rumor

    Rumor being floated that the Orlando Magic is pursuing Tom Izzo. Not sure if the interest is mutual. What gives this rumor (at least) some legs is the ongoing poop storm surrounding Michigan State. Don'the kill the messenger, I am just passing along the tweet I saw.
  5. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    Ed had a heck of time while at nebraska with his feet and shoes. Does anyone definitely know whether or not a player has his choice of shoe manufacturer or does the player have to wear the school's contractual shoe. I know our players appear to wear varying styles, but they all appear to adhere to our contractual tie.
  6. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    It is interesting watching players as they develop from freshman year through senior year. For MJ he came in and put on a lot of muscle and was asked to play the 5 while still recovering from injury. The kid had good form, but simply could not get his outside shots to fall consistently. He worked his ass off rebounding and doing the little crap that many others don't like doing. From all accounts he was unselfish and was a well liked teammate. He will play well this coming season....I will be surprised if he doesn't.
  7. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    I won't go as far as comparing the two, but I fully expect Jake will play a key role for ISU. He is a good player, and was a good player for us.
  8. Huskerpapa

    2018 Husker Baseball

    This was a bad season. But I can fully get behind the staff for another year. In my book, he has earned it. Darin is an outstanding ambassador for UNL and he has given a major portion of his salary in an attempt to fix what was left by Anderson. But next year his seat will be very warm...a make it or break it season.
  9. Huskerpapa

    OT: The Shim Shams

    Body shaming? They are actually pretty talented.
  10. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    On the other hand, Ed is basketball savvy and may surprise us with his improvement. I will not be shocked to see him playing major minutes.
  11. Huskerpapa

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    Brad Stevens is a quality coach, but I would fall way short claiming he is the best in all of basketball now. How many championships has he won -at any level? Rivers, Popovich, Lue, Kerr, and many others have won at the NBA level, and many, many, many others have won at the NCAA level. Coach Stevens is a gifted coach, but you need to win to be considered the best. Just saying!
  12. Huskerpapa

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    To be the best, you have to beat the best!
  13. Huskerpapa

    ACC Coaches Make Recommendations to NCAA...

    I am not sure all those changes will improve the college game. For example, perhaps instead of widening the lane, they could instead enforce the current 3-second rule???
  14. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    I simply say wow...Marquette has some legit talent.
  15. Some big moves announced today with two coaches and two research/sport analysis staff shown the door. The coaches are both ex-athletes and long time coaches; Bill Spangler and Kerry McDermott.