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  1. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    It really needs to find the white board in the Husker locker room. But perhaps the team goals are even loftier???
  2. I thought Thor said he was receptive to redshirting when he came on board. Perhaps I am mis-remembering.
  3. Nicknames should be simple and they should roll off the tongue. I am sure James has a nickname, but if he doesn't, I like JP.
  4. Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. We will need to earn it this year.
  5. Go on record now.

    I would like to chime in on the phrase "poor performance." If someone has a bad offensive outing, they are said to have a poor performance. But I would like to contest that thought process. Total performance has to reflect upon total game. That includes some measurables, and some intangibles. In the exhibition outing, we had two players with poor offensive performance. One of those individuals also had a number of turnovers that does not bode well for overall performance. But that same player disrupted shots, played good on and off ball defense and rebounded well. The other player did a number of little things that helped the team to a successful outcome. We are going to have players throughout the year that will have a bad offensive performance. But in those instances, we need others to pick up that offensive slack AND those players performing poorly on offense must pick up and/or maintain the other elements of their game.
  6. I hope that all year we provide shocks to those that believe we are last years team. One step at a time and we will be pretty darn happy with the end result.
  7. Mississippi State was in the final four in the not too distant past. Those that remember, are likely similar to Husker football fans who struggle with losing, especially at home. They are further miffed because of the lack of history and respect for our basketball team. Good for us, bad for them. As I have indicated before, we are possibly in the position to provide some shock and awe. We need to take one step at a time, and not take any outing for granted. The step taken today was certainly promising.
  8. Palmer is a player...he will make a difference this year Glynn is a top level PG. Jordy is still recovering. But he made some nice plays Copeland is rusty, and it will take some time to knock off that rust Evan is solid. He is the glue player on the team. Those who love Tanner, he is going to play spot minutes and he knows what to do. Roby did some good things, but he needs to knock down his open looks. Good rebounder, good defender, good protecting rim. Gill continues to surprise me. His recovery is beyond expectations so far. Two of three of the freshmen look like redshirts. Thomas is a work in progress. Duby will help. He has a presence and confidence that will help. Jack is basketball smart. He may not be the most athletic, but he seems to be where he needs to be. We need him to be more consistent at the 3. The first half was phenomenal. We played well the first quarter of the second half. Then we shut off the aggressiveness. We will hopefully learn from that. We have a number of talking points as we move forward. Those who feared we couldn't rebound, not to worry, we look to be a good rebounding team. We can defend. We play well as a team. We have at least two go to players. We shared the ball well. We ran well. We played well in transition. But remember, this is only an exhibition game.
  9. Palmer = Good Copeland = Rusty Duby = Will really help Freshmen = Two redshirts and one a work in progress
  10. Sweet, a lot of good takeaways
  11. We are still looking good. We were more aggressive in the first half. There is an appearance that we are now working the clock. We have very good ball movement. A lot of great takeaways from this game. Now, bring home a win. Exhibition or not
  12. We are now officially cold...they are officially hot.
  13. We aren't getting to the line as much as Miss State
  14. So Evan is the current PG?
  15. Still looking good. Miss State is a very athletic team. Are depth can be a difference maker.
  16. ....and to think Copeland looks rusty on offense.
  17. We played pretty straight up in the first half. Leaves me wondering how much experimentation will take place in the second half...okay, here we go.
  18. ...and how would we be feeling if we were currently down by 16?
  19. Isn't Kentucky in the SEC? Point is, they are in a power five conference. It can't help but to build confidence. Little things can be big things as you move forward.
  20. WOW...I know, I know...it is only an exhibition...it is only one half...but WOW. 16 point lead, on the road, against a SEC opponent. I know, I know.
  21. ...yes, I am pretty excited. Dare I say, we look like a team
  22. Man, I like this Palmer kid.