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    Yeah, I think Illinois screwed up...and I believe we are the lucky recipients. http://www.news-gazette.com/sports/illini-sports/mens-basketball/2016-01-16/mccameys-brother-returns-c-u.html
  2. Huskerpapa

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    All great choices. Hard to choose...
  3. Huskerpapa

    Morrow leaving

    Morrow and his handlers have rather "unique" expectations and/or demands. Yet the kid busted his balls on the court. If he worked on his game during his redshirt year, he will play, and he will play well. Same with Jacobson. People can be bitter about both of them leaving, but both played well while here. Remember, we only saw them as freshmen and sophomores. Arguably, both played out of their preferred positions; yet both played pretty well. I expect both of them to play well the next two years.
  4. Huskerpapa

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Interesting hire. I like Coach Brown and he brings a whole lot of good back to unl, but he also brings a bit of bagage that may alienate a few folks. This would NEVER have taken place if Harvey was still here; but then again, if Harvey was still here, neither Moos or Frost would be here either.
  5. In theory, we have 3 scholarships per year. So generally, you could argue that each year you need to bring in a guard, a wing and a power player. Sure, that can vary from year to year due to a myriad of reasons; but hey, that has to be close to reality. You are the head coach, what qualities are you going after? And if you have geographic location in your top five or ten, where and why? For me, it varies a bit by position. One example, I like my guards coming from the Northeast. I also like the upper Midwest (specifically Chicago) for my guards. I see a certain toughness or grittiness, especially with NY or NJ guards. Bigs and wings (for me) can come from any geographic location. But I would argue that a player is a player, so geographic location would not land in my top five must haves, and may not even land in my top ten. I am looking more at basketball IQ, athleticsm, ability to shoot, score, defend. I would look at leadership, the ability to be a teammate and the players overall character. I would also want someone who can find his way academically, as student life is certainly important. Finally, at what point do you choose a local kid over a national kid? If a coach is looking at two kids for one position, do you take a local kid who perhaps rates out as a 7 versus a national kid who grades out at an 8? I've been recruited (a long time ago, and for a different sport) so I am not 100% sure how it works today. But I am certainly interested in points of view.
  6. Huskerpapa

    Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    Barry's is under high scrutiny right now; and rightfully so. This last incident was because a dude was acting clumsily and when the police tested his BAC he registered .157 which certainly means the dude was drunk, but I would guess you could walk into nearly any bar in the country and find at least one patron who would register somewhere close to that mark. I am not saying that is morally right, but I am not a bartender at a large bar either. When do you shut someone off?
  7. Huskerpapa

    Roby (is Good)

    I'm not convinced that he was underutilized; rather, I don't believe he always took advantage of his open looks and his one-on-one situations. Now, why he didn't jump on those opportunities is up for discussion. Did he lack confidence? Was he overly team oriented? Was he restricted by the coaches? Was he under pressure from his teammates? I cannot definitely say, but my guess is that he lacked confidence, but that confidence started to grow as the season progressed.
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    OT - But and Sorry

    Welcome to the club!!!
  9. Huskerpapa

    Watson article from Lee

    Agree. His shot was noticeably flat last year. It was a shot to shot issue; mesning, at times his shot would look nice, and then it would be flat again. It had to be frustrating to both Glynn and the staff, because it was sure frustrating to watch.
  10. Huskerpapa

    18-19 depth

    If the Prep school was the issue, then the four or five other studs on that team would seemingly be affected as well. I am wondering if his injury played a role. Oh well, a redshirt year for both Brady and him may be for the best regardless. It will be interesting watch all this play out.
  11. Huskerpapa

    Player Power Rankings

    I had Glynn #1. The reasoning is nearly identical to what aphilso mentioned. He is now a senior and has been our PG leader for four years. Number 2 was TP for his work leading us to the dance and number 3 is Isaiah.
  12. Huskerpapa

    Watson article from Lee

    I guess it comes down to your impression of the word folded and mine. We lost to a great team in the conference tournament and was disappointed with not making it to the NCAA TOURNAMENT. Instead of gathering and being hell-bent on winning the NIT we did not play to our potential and got rocked out of the tournament in one game. That did not meet my expectation, but perhaps it met the expectations of the masses. I expected more with our NIT appearance and I expect more from this year's team.
  13. Huskerpapa

    Watson article from Lee

    The key will be how we handle a bit of adversity. We will see if the team implodes or whether they renew their focus and battle. I choose to believe this team will battle. But last season, especially towards the end, they sort of folded.
  14. Huskerpapa

    Successful Season

    Hmm. We had a decade that included Strickland, Boone, Piakowski, Lue, Hamilton, Moore, Chandler, Boone, Ffriend, and a couple others that were NBA or very close to NBA level. We had a decade of high quality players.
  15. Huskerpapa

    The Injury Report

    I was going to say. "Bone bruise" can be as serious as a ankle sprain. I hope healing goes well, but we cannot pretend it is nothing. This time of year is spent improving or refining ones game. Missing a month, is at the very least, a set back.
  16. Huskerpapa

    18-19 depth

    I will go on record and opine that it will be crazy if Brady does not redshirt. Mikki Moore comes to mind.
  17. Huskerpapa

    A new rule for CFB

    Two thoughts: first, it will help the gamblers; however, Hippa laws are in place to protect private information. I would think that the player would need to provide permission to release the information. In some cases, the parents of the player would have to grant the permission. But perhaps college athletes do not have the same rights of normal citizens.
  18. Huskerpapa

    the Decision Mark III

    Here is an idea, reduce the number of teams to 10 or 12. Remove the fringe players and reduce the number of games, but distribute the games throughout the country and the world. You would then have all the teams be super team. Then build an enhanced minor league where the elite league can promote and send down players. You could have a two or three tier minor league (A, AA, AAA) much like they do in baseball. I guess you have something like that now in the NBA,...
  19. Huskerpapa

    18-19 depth

    Didn't Jordy go thru the same thing last year at the same time?
  20. Huskerpapa

    the Decision Mark III

  21. Huskerpapa

    Akoy Agau

    Jordy defends well. His offensive shortcomings hopefully have related to his lack of experience and his lack of confidence. It seems some big men do not find their mojo until their junior and senior seasons. Hopefully that will be the case with Jordy...and Isiaih. By the way, has anyone heard where things stand with Haas? I am sort of surprised I have not heard where he has landed.
  22. Huskerpapa

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    I agree, I have not seen him and the only reason I have heard of him was due to his creation of fake Husker basketball news...
  23. Huskerpapa

    Erstad vs. Gordon

  24. Huskerpapa

    2018 Husker Baseball

    My "general" list of absolute needs: 1) Pitching depth - not just arms ~ quality depth is a must; 2) Defensive improvement ~ excellent defense takes pressure off of both the pitching staff and the offense; 3) Offensive consistency ~ I would include power, but if we can bring up our on base percentages and find the gaps up and down the batting order, I would take it.
  25. Huskerpapa

    18-19 depth

    Unless we pick up another "big" in the next two months, Tanner will be part of the rotation, especially if he improves exponentially from last season. Either that, or we will be playing small, which is workable in many situations. It seems to me that early in the year, the staff will play a ten man rotation. This is good as it will keep legs fresh throughout the season. But once the Big Ten starts, we tend to gravitate to an 8 man rotation [unless there are injuries or foul trouble]. Tanner was on the outside, looking in, on that 8 man rotation last season. There always seems to be surprises each year. Who grows, who has nagging injuries, who is slumping, who struggles as a teammate, so on and so forth. But it would seem to the general public that the obvious rotation would include: Glynn, Isaiah, James, Isaac, Jordy and Thomas. Beyond those six [and including those six if their games digress] playing time is up for grabs, and is to be earned.