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  1. Geno Auriemma

    Geno is a rock star. Connecticut is so dominate, they are fun to dislike. That said, it is easy for him to say that things are done his way or its the highway. Because right around the corner are other top ranked players clamoring to get in.
  2. Nebraska vs. Rutgers Game Thread

    HUGE!!! Way to go Ladies!!!
  3. Ohio State

    I don't remember us playing any zone against Michigan??? I thought we manned up all night.
  4. Ohio State

    Ohio State is a very good team. We are not going to sneak up on them as they are focused and on their home court. We need to go out, play well, and simply beat them; cause you know what? We are good as well.
  5. Is there a

    Well, he can shoot, he distributes the ball well and he has good handles. But does he make good decisions all the time...no. Is he a great defender, no. He sort of reminds me of this generations Pistol Pete.
  6. Ohio State

    In the post-game interview, OSU coach was extremely complementary to the Huskers. Coach speak???
  7. How did we lose

    It is easy to look back and think what if...what if we beat St. John's, Central Florida and KU. We can only imagine. Oh, and add Penn State to my angst.
  8. Ohio State

    I believe we are going to need Jordy vs. Ohio State.
  9. Gotta believe... Huskers 70 Buckeyes 68
  10. Yet it was their player that could have/should have been called for a flagrant foul.
  11. The Official Media Thread

    I have always been underwhelmed by his "talent." I always thought that he was trying to keep up with the likes of John Baylor or Larry Punteney and he isn't close to being on the same page.
  12. I am proud to say that means we play aggressive, physical and focused basketball. Not bad for an undersized lineup.
  13. Yeah, I think I'd have to go back this far ...

    I'm still upset that Mikki didn't redshirt that year.
  14. I like this...a lot: “We have a few teams in this league who are really elite, and they’re one of those teams that is growing leaps and bounds every single day. Who goes to Northwestern and beats them like that? They’re good. They beat Minnesota when Minnesota had everybody. They’re good, all right? Nebraska is good.” John Beilein
  15. As much as it galls me to say it, I thought the double-technical was the right call as well. Although the homer in me still wants to say "what the hell"
  16. Expectations for the next 5 games?

    I know it is what we do, but it is difficult to project out beyond the next game. Believe it or not, we CAN win at Ohio State. It will be extremely difficult, but if our players and coaches put on their big boy pants and play to the level that they are capable of playing, it is a winnable game. Then, and only then, can we look to the next game...whoever that is.
  17. It was Jess Settles who made the comment regarding Isaiah. His ceiling appears to be getting higher and higher. Also a shout out to Coach Hunter. Nicely done Coach!
  18. Ten More Chances

    One game at a time baby...one game at a time!
  19. I am a bit pissed by this attitude. I don't belive Michigan was surprised. I do believe they weren't 100% engaged, but not surprised. I guess Sip was looking for a laugh.
  20. Good team win. Excellent defense Shot much better We can still play better Waggggggnerrrrr! Crowd was great other than those who left early
  21. Starting the shock and awe baby.
  22. Nice win...the vault was rocking...I am spent...but you know what, we can play better.
  23. Heading down to the vault. I am nervous. We need a win tonight. Let's get it done!
  24. One of those Omaha teams

    One of the Omaha colleges just suffered a blow with this injury: Creighton basketball's Martin Krampelj out for season with torn ACL