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  1. Xavier Johnson is N

    Problem is, Pitt has a new head coach and staff. Where our staff seems to be in a transitional period. Pitt is in a good conference. They have nice facilities and are disparately in need of players, including a PG who can play immediately. That said, I am ecstatic that we are still in the hunt.
  2. I know that was a rumor, but do we know this as a fact? I don't recall Eichorst making that claim publically.
  3. Next Assistant Coach

    I was hoping that we could pick up Jonas Hayes who was a Georgia assistant, but alas, timing is everything. Xavier just picked him up. Minnesota picked up a good one earlier today in Rob Jeter. Interested in thoughts, wishes and hopes. I mentioned elsewhere that I would love to find someone who has great ties to the East/Southeast area of the country. I guess it wouldn't hurt if we could latch onto someone who has a number of four stars in tow. We also need someone who can develop players in the frontcourt AND someone who can be a great game planner. Not asking for the world...whatever, yes I am.
  4. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Bad year, some glaring injuries, certainly a lack of depth and talent. I have no issue providing Coach Erstad a vote of confidence, since he won the Big Ten Conference last year, he earns the right...but, next year is a key year. Gotta have the talent. Coaching is sooo much easier when you can roll out dudes every game. And just an opinion on batting Schreiber at the top; it can be a good move in order to shake up the offense. It is good strategy to have someone who can get on base, lead-off the game and put some pressure on the opposition. But, you then have to execute, and that didn't happen. This year has been frustrating, I certainly expected better.
  5. OT: Biographies

    I will bring up another real good read and it is The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty. It is sort of a bio on Bob Hurley, but it is a compelling story. Bob Hurley is sort of a Bob Knight type, but his heart is with the community and the kids. So his methodology sometimes can be called into question, but his results cannot. Good book.
  6. OT: Biographies

    A really good one is Bill Bradley's. Bradley was a tremendous basketball player who took an interesting route to the NBA. He was an honors graduate at Princeton, attended Oxford, and played on the New York Knick NBA championship team, with among others, Phil Jackson. He served three terms as a Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey. He ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Party's nomination for President in the 2000 election.
  7. 2018 Red-White spring game

    A fair expectation would be 6 to 7 wins. I will be very pleasantly shocked if we would get to 8 or possibly even 9 wins. What sits on my mind is that I thought we had good talent in certain spots last year, and we underachieved. Looking at our talent this year I see the following QB - Young but talented. Good enough talent though to compete for a West title RB - Lot's of depth, but do we have a differentiator. Perhaps Bell, perhaps one of the incoming freshmen, perhaps Tre...but a lot of if's right now. Receivers - Likely one of our team strengths. Key will be getting the talent the ball. If we can do that, this offense may purrrrrr. OL - Talent may be there, but this group has a lot of selling to do before I am buying. Key to the offense, and it still is an unknown. DL - Lot's of talent, but like the offensive line, they have a lot of proving to do. LB - Talent and depth. Sort of like our receiving corp. If the line and backfield do their jobs, the LB corp could wreck havoc. DB - I am pretty happy with the safeties, but do we have CB's that can do their jobs...time will tell. Kickers - I am good with long snappers and punters. But I am terrified about our kickers and holders. Tight games may result in nightmares if a kicker doesn't emerge. Coaching - I am pretty darn happy
  8. 2018 Red-White spring game

    We will also have the services of the freshman walk-on QB from Kearney. I believe his name is Matt Masker.
  9. 2018 Red-White spring game

    ...should be one of our top three quarterbacks, right?
  10. Husker Athletics Priority

    I was at a soccer game
  11. 2018 Red-White spring game

    That was the Hail Mary game, I was unaware of any issue then. Wasn't there a bit of an issue when Suh's plan to open a Nike store at the old Nebraska Bookstore fell through?
  12. Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    Our brand...great fans, great facilities, primed to hit big time.
  13. Husker Athletics Priority

    I live and die basketball, I enjoy football. Season tickets to both. I also enjoy baseball, but it is difficult to catch many of the games.
  14. What to do with Miles contract?

  15. Xavier Johnson is N

    But your customer/recruit plays a role in your marketing ploy? If you look at Nebraska, we have a great brand, we have the facilities, we have the fans and we actually have stability with our head coach, or at least we have that illusion. But it really sounded like Xavier was banking on Kenya to be his remote father figure. Not sure why, or how that happened, but I believe he referenced it in his text. The staff could sell all the other stuff, but if the customer/recruit is looking at something so specific, it is hard to control that specific sale. Look at the football program. We hired a complete new staff. And generally, the kids left behind by the old staff, stayed. In fact, one of those kids had his dad fired in the transition. So I think UNL as a whole is doing what you are advocating Blindcheck, but there are some intangibles that are impossible to control
  16. Is the departure of the referenced players fact?
  17. Yet Another Contest Thread

    This song was written about Husker basketball...
  18. Just spoke with Bill Moos in regards to Tim Miles. Asked him point blank if Miles will be the coach here next season. "Oh yeah. Tim is my coach," he said. Wasn't ready to talk specifics, but hopes to have an extension done sometime shortly after the Final Four. #Huskers — Chris Basnett (@HuskerExtraCB) March 27, 2018 So what has changed???
  19. Hasn't he already said that Tim was his coach for next season?
  20. Next Assistant Coach

    I was just going to post this MICH...very good option.
  21. My perception

    I always thought Doc developed his players; but thought the talent he brought in was a bit undewhelming. Sort of the same with Barry. Mid-major talent trying to play at a high- major program...
  22. We need some positive things to start happening...sooner rather than later.
  23. My perception

    Dean, good post. Perspective is fickle. In the world today, often time our perspective is swayed by the events of the day. Nebraska has no real history in basketball. We had a good thing going for a while with Danny. We had one good year with Moe. We had a few good years Cip, but NCAA tournament entry was significantly different back then. With Tim, we have had some glimpses, some hopeful glimpses of building a program. After last season, many thought that the Miles era should have come to an end. Why? We lost Horne, Jake and Ed, and came off a bad season. That said, we had a brighter light (that we really weren't convinced existed) on the horizon. We had Isaac, James, a recovering Anton, an up and coming group of youngsters in Glynn, Jordy and Isaiah. They came together, and were not only a good group of young men, but also won. They won enough to get us within a breath of the dance. So now we get to our current situation. We held our collective breath because Nebraska basketball, is...well, Nebraska basketball. How could we take the returning staff and players up to the next level. So we bring in a recruit + 2 that should help us improve. But first, how about a couple blows to the gut: Should Coach Miles be extended. We continue to wait, he is our coach for next year, but without word from our AD, we don't know what that means. Is it a one year reprieve, or what? So we twist in the wind. We have three players who, with continued exponential growth, will surely lead us to the dance, not only to play in the tournament, but also provide some shock an awe. So we wait to see if they will come back or leave...is there concern that we could lose one or more of those three dudes...you bet. We lose our longest tenured assistant, an assistant that is closest to our players, an assistant that recruits our dudes, an assistant that...well, an assistant that leaves a pretty significant hole. It may be difficult to replace that assistant given what is occurring with #1. We lose a recruit that our head coach promised would play next year. There is a rumor that another of our players may leave, although I have seen zero evidence so far, that this is the case. So here we are, about a month since the end of our season, a couple weeks after the end of the college season, and we are battling our internal and external demons. What is going to happen? When will whatever happens, happen? Tomorrow, next week? A month? I don't know Dean, I want to keep a positive spin on things, but my rose colored glasses have been knocked askew a bit. Can someone please help guide me to Nirvana...please. A scorpion had a dilemma. He needed to get to the other side of the pond. He saw a frog and asked, "Mr. Frog, will you allow me to climb on your back and you can then swim me across the pond?" The frog responds, "Do you think I am an idiot, if I allow you on my back, you will bite me, and I will die." "Oh, Mr. Frog" the scorpion responds, "if I were to bite you, we both would die, as I would then drown, why would I do that." The frog thought about it and the explanation made sense. So he decides to comply with the scorpions request. So the scorpion jumps on, and they proceed across the pond. Half-way across, the scorpion bites the frog on the back, and just before the frog succumbs to the bite, the frog asks, "Mr. Scorpion, WHY? I am now dying, and you are about to drown" "Well," Mr. Scorpion responds' "I am a scorpion, it is what I am, and what I do" Are we the frog or the scorpion?
  24. Miles extension poll

    I personally like Moos and believe in him...but...I can hate the way he appears to be handling my beloved basketball program right now. With the current silence, and with the recent developments with a coach, a signee, with other possible departures, perception becomes reality.
  25. I typically have my rose colored glasses securely attached; but not with what is occurring these recent days. My "feeling" is that Mr. Moos had a plan and that plan fell through. His plan B must be at risk too. My take is that we now have the beginnings of a dumpster fire. Certainly it can be extinguished; but my fear is that it will grow and then who knows what the heck will result. Either support and extend your coach, or fire him and move on.