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  1. Ran across this article and thought I would start this thread as a time clock to hearing about Isaac's eligibility question. Looks like Ben Carter from MSU just received good news. I would like the good news to keep flowing. https://www.usabreakingnews.net/2017/05/isaac-copelands-eligibility-appeal-still-undetermined-while-huskers-fill-out-roster-personnel-positions/
  2. OT: Omaha Metro Youth Basketball

    Any of the select teams are going to cost some dollars. Same in any sport chosen these days. Rather than cost I would suggest you look at the overall experience. That would include practice schedules, coaching, game location, other kids, other parents and so forth.
  3. First Miles Presser of 2017-18

    Hmm, yes the water is a distraction, but no issues hearing the questions and answers. Pretty matter-of-fact.
  4. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Tough schedule, hope the team can bring it every night.
  5. OT - Hope all of you in Lincoln are okay

    Tragic event. I know a lot of people who are interested in why/how this happened. Prayers are extended to all that are touched by the event.
  6. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Got my glasses, and ready to view...
  7. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Well he made the Husker.com roster....no number or red tie yet Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'5" 180 lbs Position: Guard Year: Fr. Hometown: Akureyri, Iceland
  8. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    Without being negative to Gill, I have to side with Jacob on this one. I had certain expectations of Anton dancing in my head prior to the start of the season. I did understand that he would be rusty and would have to acclimate himself to the team, but I really did not see what I had expected to see prior to his season ending surgery. I was still holding out hope, but it certainly was never on display to the paying customers.
  9. With the exception that the number of posts that I accumulated since the dawn of time are still MIA, everything looks grand
  10. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    I guess I understand comparing JP to TP, but just looking from the outside in, I think there are apparent differences. TP had the ball the majority of the time, that will likely not happen with JP. TP was our number one option when the offense broke down, I do not think that is going to be the case with JP. JP seems to a more powerful player than TP. TP seems to be quicker. I may be totally off base, but I to me JP seems more like Shavon than TP.
  11. Experience is important IF talent is limited...does that make sense? We have seen a number of young teams winning it all. The talent level of those teams are unbelievable. We have also seen experienced teams go to the end that does not have that upper end talent (such as Wisconsin). I am not saying they weren't talented, but they were more 3 and 4 star talent than 4 and 5 star talent. Until we have players that understand what it takes to win at the highest level, then that experience doesn't mean anything. We seem to have an interesting mix. We are pretty talented, and IF we learn the intangibles that moves us up a couple notches...IF...IF...and eventually when. Hope that "eventual" is now.
  12. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    The thing is, Kaminsky wasn't Kaminsky until about three years after he graduated from HS. How did Frank look going into his senior year of HS? Was he highly recruited? I do not know the answers, but some kids mature later than others. I have no clue whether Brady will hit or miss, but obviously two experienced evaluators of talent decided to give him a schollie for one reason or another...I am willing to see it play out.
  13. NCAA official attendance #'s

    After watching Deadliest Catch the other night, I decided to try somewhere to eat that I had not been to for many, many years. I went to Red Lobster. I had Boston Clam Chowder (yum) a 6oz. Peppercorn Steak (yum) Crab legs (yum-yum) and corn-on-the-cob (yum) and oh yeah, a very, very tasty libation I was going to photograph the meal and share it with ya'all, but I was too hungry.
  14. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Here is another thought that popped into my cluttered brain...we have been taking a number of high star kids. The talent seems to run deep. At this point, with the depth we have, we can take a risk with one of our scholarships, especially with a Nebraska kid. History tells us (football team history and/or Drake Beranek) that the smaller town Nebraska kids bring a predictable value to our teams, that value is a mix of work ethic and a strong tie to Husker red. Brady is a project, but with what I am seeing, this project has much more upside then downside. Skills can be refined, bodies can be reshaped but heart and work ethic typically is deep set.
  15. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Sure, we have a couple "cupcake" type of games, but shoot, this is a highly respectable schedule. I have zero problems with it.
  16. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    What I sort of like is that he acknowledges and appears receptive to redshirting. I do not believe we will see this young man on the floor for two years. Then, Jordy will be a senior and he can ease into playing time.
  17. The Isaac Copeland watch

    ...then again maybe not. The Head Coach at that time is no longer head coach. He may be motivated to help out one of his ex-players. Then again, Thompson may not have any say in the process.
  18. Next Years Starting 5

    Jack does not have terrific ups, or at least he doesn't display his jumping prowess. But he does work well in the paint, he has a good imagination, and he positions himself well.
  19. Isn't an "up post" now the heart?
  20. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Welcome aboard young man! Make Nebraskans proud!
  21. O.T. The passing of an icon part whatever

    ...and Don Baylor passed away this week of the same *&^%*(@ cancer that took my mom. Glenn had a lot of demons, but I join you Cip in honoring the Rhinestone Cowboy!
  22. Cam Brown

    ...I also heard that we have a line of WR's that are very interested in coming to Nebraska and we have limited WR slots open. His latest commitment was more or less "if you don't take this offer, and someone else steps in with both feet, you will be out of luck with us." He did not want that to happen, again, so I heard.
  23. NCAA official attendance #'s

    True dat...I am hoping we see the student section ramp it up another notch or three this year. They were okay last year, but certainly not great.
  24. NCAA official attendance #'s

    Fickle fans...win and "they" will show up.
  25. Offseason Potpourri

    Since the mainstream news media is not going to do it, how about someone on this site securing a press pass (or whatever it takes) and start setting up and taking interviews with the players. It is time...