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  1. College hoops corruption case

    Oh my...wow!
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I fear that the NCAA will look at Michigan State is a macro rather than a micro setting. They do not have just one thing hanging over their athletic program. Because of this, they may have to a punishment related to systemic control failure. Is major probation a possibility?
  3. College hoops corruption case

    Heard some bad things about Izzo and Bridges. I never heard the whole story, so I am waiting to see if the mainstream media picks it up in short order.
  4. I am just wondering if anyone posting here is on the selection committee, or perhaps is a relative of someone who will be in "the room." If not, nothing much is certain.
  5. It's Time to Subscribe

    Ah yes...the more I think about this subject, the further back it takes me. Back in my youth, you did not have ready access to anything. I always thought that a journalist had the ability, through the written word, to put me in the action. As I moved around a bit, I was lucky enough to read the prose of many great artists. I still wish I could read another Maury White column. Ah yes, the good ol days. I attach one of his article (written about Nebraska) for your enjoyment... https://www.newspapers.com/clip/11888672/1982_nebraskamissouri_des_moines/
  6. Roby (is Good)

    He still is baby-faced and although I have not (and will not) inspect up close and personal, I am not sure he has hair on his legs yet either.
  7. Roby (is Good)

    Isaiah is extremely good, and he is far from reaching his ceiling. It is a pleasure watching him mature as a basketball player!
  8. Unless something changes, transfers are going to be an ongoing fact of life. We seem to understand and embrace this trend and as a result, Coach Miles is doing a nice job with getting high quality transfers. We are going to lose players as well, and I hope people understand that it is going to happen. There is only one ball, and only five players get to play at a time. It is hard to keep 13 players happy, especially when they have had sunshine pumped up their a** most of their basketball life by their "handlers."
  9. Two Questions (1 X's and O's, 1 Personnel Decisions)

    I do not believe Duby is sitting for any type of earth shattering reason. I believe the staff made a decision this year to stay with an 8-man rotation in order to build a cohesive, well tuned group. Early in the year, most of the team had opportunities to be part of the rotation, and the chosen eight are who you see. If an injury or fouls play a major role in a game, then you will see others added to the rotation. As far as more switching, I don't necessarily disagree. But I personally thought we were switching much more often this year than in the recent past. Hmm.
  10. It's Time to Subscribe

    Longtime subscriber of the LJS. I love my mornings when I can grab a cup of coffee and read print news and sports...and the comics. I then get on my tablet or laptop and read MSN, Husker Hoops Central, ArcaMax comics, emails, Facebook et al. I used to subscribe to the OWH. a few things took place that made me give up that subscription. I miss some elements of the paper, but not enough to subscribe again. Now, I cannot access OWH on line either...oh well, their loss, not mine.
  11. 2018 Husker Baseball

    Hard to overcome. Hopefully someone will step up.
  12. Senior Day

    Holy cow!!! Sunday is senior day. This group is a joy to watch and they will be missed...each and everyone of them! I wish them well, and dang, it is hard to believe they won't be part of the team next season. But, they certainly are part of something special this year. The seniors: ***Malcolm Laws*** ***Duby Okeke*** ***Anton Gill*** ***Evan Taylor*** I also believe there are also a couple student managers that will be honored. They provide a lot of stability and hard work for the program. To all these individuals, good luck and Godspeed!
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Are Oklahoma and Creighton playing themselves out of the tournament? Not trying to be anything other than inquisitive. Oklahoma has played abysmal ball over the past three weeks. When I saw the Creighton score last night, I just about spit out my water. Is it possible for teams that were firmly in the dance, to play themselves completely out?

    The mainstream media has to pick it up and promote it to a certain extent. There can be a grass root effort, but it is hard for some to understand what is going on and why. For the students, it is sort of same-o-same-o...so I ask the student leaders, what can you do that is different and more rowdy (yet acceptable) in the student section? To make a difference, you have to be the best of the best OR you need to do something unique.