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  1. He was our enforcer. Nobody messed with Ed. Will miss that attitude. Will miss his motor. Will miss his rebounding. Will miss his quick jumping ability. Will miss some of his offensive moves. But he does have limited range, but perhaps he can work on that aspect of his game in his redshirt year. Sorry, I will miss Ed. We will miss Ed. But everyone is replaceable. His offensive stat line will be replaced.
  2. Fans are hurt and shocked right now nu. Human nature takes over. Miles, SE, TO, and Ed all seem to be getting bashed right now.
  3. I heard rumors about Ed leaving last year. Apparently he simply was not comfortable here.
  4. Must have been the shoes.
  5. Ughhhh.
  6. Millennial's....sheesh. Fresh start...come on!
  7. My fear is that Ed will end up in Illinois or Northwestern. Please Ed, do not transfer to another Big Ten school!!!
  8. Hard to say anything right now. I guess if he doesn't want to be here, then he should go. But he was part of the core group that I thought would take us to the next level. I guess I was wrong.
  9. This sucks big time.
  10. I watched that game and thought it was called in a balanced manner. But hey, if you are a Kentucky fan (or coach) you have to rationalize the loss...I guess.
  11. Ex-Husker assistant Tony Benford (2006-08) has landed an assistant job with LSU.
  12. Give me a break. Can the rosters be set before these yahoo's make their predictions???
  13. ...with Coach Lewis leaving Nebraska for a position with Indiana? I didn't even think about it until I read this story:
  14. Hmm, the NBA is supposed to be the best-of-the-best. NBA should extend their arc and they should raise their rims. The college game on the other hand simply needs subtle tweaks, but moving the arc is likely not one of them.
  15. The last two years have surprised me. This program went from a top thirty program to....well we are a long way from a top thirty program right now.