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  1. Timely and nice...very much needed!
  2. Remind me again, who is this Jess Shepard person, and more importantly why should I care???
  3. 44 points a game in college. He had great form, but literally could get his shot off from anywhere and with five players focused on him,
  4. There was a pretty good shooter a few years back that I believe is greatly underrated (if that is at all possible).
  5. Didn't understand it then, and I still don't understand it. What a swing and miss!
  6. I am going to repeat what I have said for four years, Tai is a very good basketball player. Oftentimes a player is only judged by one facet of his/her game. Tai can score, he still needs to improve his shot, but he can defend, he plays with a chip and he has other intangibles that elevates his game. Glad he stuck with the Huskers for four years!
  7. By the way, is Purdue representing the US in these games?
  8. Here is a bit more, including the full Emerging Boomers team:
  9. Good for Jack and good for the Huskers. Playing in that competition should help improve his game.
  10. OSU is one of the better college teams I have seen. I do not want to over-dramatize the statement, but I am impressed with their game.
  11. I am bummed, I do not know the reasons, but I cannot open up twitter photos. I wish the photos themselves could be posted...
  12. Nice transformation. Amazing what hard work can accomplish, I repeat what I have said so often, this kid is going to be special. If he continues with his self-improvement, we have an all-American on our hands.
  13. Now it is time to go out an earn that payment
  14. Punishment is just about right. I may have made it even a bit more severe, but that is because that has been so much smoke around that program, and where there is smoke, surely there is fire.