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  1. My argument for Meyers as the Most Valuable Player is the role he was asked to play. Arguably he played one of the most critical defensive positions well; he was an effective Sunday starter (perhaps the best or at least one of the best) and he played a critical role in our hitting line-up. He took a role few are asked to perform and he excelled. Heck, that said, Luis Alvarado could have/should have garnered some votes as well.
  2. But...I have loved MJ since he was a HS, I am biased and slanted towards "well"
  3. MJ is a grinder and a worker. He has a year to work on his game, he is going to do well.
  4. CONSPIRACY... The Cavs had to lose just to keep "fans" on their toes and watching. Ratings and all, you know what I mean.
  5. I agree with Copeland not being included until he gets cleared to play. Because of that, you likely will see Jack and Isaiah playing in some sort of hybrid PF role.
  6. Didn't the surgery take place months ago? My best guess is that they are pretty sure it will be approved, and...well never mind. I cannot think of a good excuse for the delay.
  7. An update thanks to the Lincoln Journal Star. A few of the highlights: * Still have not filed the paperwork on Copeland....WHAT??? They want to make sure it is done right. * There is an inference that there are no academic issues...if you read between the lines. * Happy with current roster, but door is still open * APR is the best it has been since this staff arrived * Nothing set on schedule and nothing new on staff.
  8. All I have ever heard are rumors that Palmer has academic issues. Has there been any foundational/factual information that supports possible issues or just rumors? Nothing heard yet on Copeland, and that is a bit perplexing since the scuttlebutt was that were suppose to hear by the end of April. I guess no new is better than bad news.
  9. The team has displayed a number of warts throughout the year. But they have that certain "it" perhaps "it" is grit or focus. They will have a hiccup and then recover. As mentioned earlier, they were in a somewhat similar position last year, and laid an egg. This team seems different...we shall soon see.
  10. Really hope that this game is the springboard needed to play well in the post season. It would be really sweet if we can erase the memory of the post season last year.
  11. I will repeat this as long as I cannot worry about what another team is doing; instead, you have to take care of your own business and then look at what others did AFTER you win. If we don't win, it doesn't matter what anyone else does.
  12. This is a long standing question. Will politics ever allow KU to leave without taking KSU with them AND Oklahoma without Okie State?
  13. Stranger things have happened. But I would be shocked.
  14. We need to beat all comers.
  15. Bottom line...3-0 this weekend.