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  1. Rock Chalk Tock

    I am going to guess 2500
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I have only missed one home game since 1984, it was against Chicago State...
  3. Copeland

    The combination of Isaac and Isaiah are impressive. When they are on the floor together they protect the rim, they are athletic, they compliment each other, they stretch the defense, they are long, et al.
  4. Okay, I have had over a day to reconsider my thoughts about the refereeing in our most recent game...NOPE, still thought that the officiating stunk up the joint. No if, ands or buts about it.
  5. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    They may come into our game upset et al. Yet what it tells me is that they currently are not playing at the top of their game, they are beatable, they do not have great depth and they are playing on the road...so tell me why it is impossible for us to win this game???
  6. One significant positive taken from this frustrating loss was the numerous times we responded when the Jays appeared to grasp the momentum. We have a tough team. I am very, very interested in how we react to KU coming to town. We cannot be in awe of this blue blood program. Hey, BC just beat Duke at home, why can't we pull off that same type of upset???
  7. 2017 Husker volleyball

    That is a good thing isn't it? Plenty of time to put in your game strategy and game preparation.
  8. We played a decent game. Our defense played well enough for us to win. Our shooting percentage was bad, but my biggest issue was the number of missed bunnies. That simply can no longer happen. We were in foul trouble from the outset. The fouls (and yes I am a Husker fan) seemed lopsided at best. The timing of calls, and the calls themselves seemed to have an affect on the game. Good examples being the change in calls on Jordy's possible and three opportunity and Glynn's 5th foul. Make no mistake, Creighton is a good team and they were at home, but having Glynn, Jordy, James and Isaiah in foul trouble played a big role in our demise.
  9. I have one question without looking at the stats. How many foul shots did we get in the second half and how many in the game. Again, I am not implying that the refs had anything to do with our loss today (well maybe I am) but the disparity of calls seemed ridiculous.
  10. Unbelievable! Truly a bad, bad call.
  11. HOW in the hell is that a foul on Watson!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Another missed bunny and then it ends up being a five point swing...crap!
  13. We have to score every possession from here on out. No more bad shots, no turnovers. Play clean and we win!