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  1. Agree that we are better when we get out and run. Interesting thing about St John's and those guards they have is they play best in a helter skelter type of game. So possibly, the thought was for us to be deliberate and try to get them out of their game. Regardless, it didn't work as St Johns clearly dictated everything in that game.
  2. Agree here about Jordy. I get why everyone's questioning whether he should start. Roby should start and Roby/Copeland are our best big guys are popular statements. These statements are correct to date and I can also see that Jordy is struggling mightily. Hopefully its just coming back from the knee surgery but we need Jordy badly. At some point we're gonna need Jordy to lean on somebody. On the season have we played a team with a traditional big yet? It certainly makes a difference. A lot of these smaller schools have "bigs" that are in the 6'7"-6'8" range who are athletic. I see all the things Jordy is doing wrong but these are also not ideal matchups for him. Hopefully he gets his act together before we see a traditional big. Like I said, at some point we'll need him.
  3. WWW (3) L (1) Look at that. We have more Ws than Ls on the season. I like Ws. Let's keep getting them. Improve along the way. Learning how to play while accruing Ws is more fun than learning from a loss. Let's get Ws.
  4. This thread is depressing. My thoughts after enduring that game in person. -those two guards for SJ are both pricks. Talked non-stop THE ENTIRE GAME. -game was awful -Watson out early with foul trouble in the first half, Palmer not really involved early so our guards reduced to just Gill and Allen for much of the first half. That didn't help -Gym was tiny and annoying. Noisy. Not too loud overall but just like you were in a small bathroom with someone beating on pots and pans. -students started a Fire Miles chant so that's good for everyone on here who is feeling duped by believing we'd be better and feeling like this could be last year all over again, I ask what happened to the team that beat Miss St and Iowa State and 'looked the part' of an improved team? Its just one game. It's a game we looked awful in but yet just one game. Will be extremely interesting to see what happens if we somehow get them on a neutral court next week. Have a feeling that those guys who talked crap the entire game last night won't come out on top again. Guys, we only made 16 shots from the field last night. That can't happen agaibagain
  5. Remind me again what the max number of scheduling events is for a season??? Remember, the advantage of the neutral site preseason tournament is that it counts only as 1 scheduling event even though you are getting 3 games in most cases.
  6. This should get you a little excited...

    Yep Doc's scheduling made 17 wins pretty hard not to achieve.
  7. This should get you a little excited...

    Remember when Doc scheduled the non-con every year so we were looking at a 10-3 record worst case scenario heading into conference?
  8. This should get you a little excited...

    I don't think there are too many fools who expect it. But the signs out there pointing to 90-91 type season are glorious. And it's damn refreshing to think it's possible and could happen. Lets just say that the conditions are right. Most people talking about this are in the 'could be possible' club but are nowhere dumb enough to expect it. I think anyway...
  9. This should get you a little excited...

    But let's be honest about things. We had teams under Doc where a Brandon Richardson was "THE guy". And then there was no one else. Nothing against Brandon Richardson but that would kinda be like if our current team stopped after Evan Taylor. Good players, but need guys around them. We had teams and had certain lineups where we had 3 and 4 guys on the court at the same time that simply couldn't put the ball in the basket. You didn't know where scoring was going to come from. Sure, Doc had some go to guys he brought in with Bo Spencer or Dylan Talley but they didn't have close to the same players around them. I get that we usually hear the same type of hype and rhetoric heading into each season, and it's easy to dismiss after the team doesn't prove it on the court....especially when it happens year after year after year. Miles obviously has to have the on court results this year. But it's easy to see that the roster has trended in the right direction. Depth galore and finally have multiple low post players. The talent has risen as well. Time to win some games.
  10. This should get you a little excited...

    This right there means we've got options when things aren't going well. For as long as I can remember we've had players on the court because they had to be. It was like, who else? They were on the floor based on requirement and because there were no other options. No longer.
  11. Burno. anyone bring him up yet? When he left I had heard he wasn't getting along with staff here and that Miles basically chased him off because he had some known shady recruiting practices. He goes to ASU with his buddy Hurley and they are raking in the 5-star talent. Coincidence? No way.
  12. Big 10 Talent

    Good points. Our standing is slightly propped up by a guy like Gill who was top 50, but transferred, has been injured, and hasn't lived up to what he was supposed to be. I think most are simply hoping he can come back to make a positive impact in some capacity for his last season.
  13. Copeland

    THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED! Everyone should feel safe booking their Final Four tickets!