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  1. One of the articles from from his commitment announcement said all his paperwork would be done in the next couple days. I'm assuming this will all be taken care of tomorrow.
  2. Or one would assume he does.
  3. Could be way off but from the little I know I would give that a better chance than Harriman ending up back on staff at nebraska. It makes a lot of sense looking at it from the outside but personally I'd be very surprised if this happens.
  4. In regards to SE saying something...Sipple on the radio this morning said that media members were told by Eichorst that he would address them about men's basketball after the spring game. He supposedly told them that last week. But yeah, prior to that it was said that he would speak after the final 4.
  5. Yeah I've been a fanatic for a long time. Moving to PBA and "getting good" that one year almost made me feel like I was losing "my team". Hear me out. It's what I always wanted, but PBA opened, "fans" who didn't really know what was going on flooded through the doors, and suddenly it was cool to like the team that had been an unmentionable from basically 1999-2011. National attention, popular new coach, top notch facilities all led to...expectations that were before just a hope for maybe someday. And then we made the tournament. We had the Big Ten coach of the year. National coach of the year. More expectations. It's all a good thing. It's what we always wanted and needed to have here but it doesn't make the task any easier. There was something about going to the Bob because you knew the few thousand that were there understood.
  6. No more transfers for the next 5 minutes. Actually, they are all busy watching the game so probably none for the next 1.5 hours or so. No more transfers until somebody does.
  7. The Eichorst and players meeting happened tonight and went well. For now it seems like Miles is still the coach. I expect Miles to be the coach next year and expect no more transfers. This can all change in a second, however, so how's that for keeping the Internet going?
  8. Sure sounds like something is in motion in regards to Miles and being the coach here. Announcement soon.
  9. I dont blame him either. But even Jacobson has a better face up game than Ed. And if he wants to play the wing then I definitely can't blame him for bailing. He definitely wasn't happy playing the 5. I have to imagine that some of this was Ed feeling stuck playing the 5 and then sharing those minutes with Jordy. As many have mentioned we have plenty of guys who can play that wing position and guys at the 4 who can face the basket. Ed had to feel stuck. Is that Miles' fault? I suppose. But being injured all the time doesn't help if you're trying to improve your game in other areas either.
  10. I understand the sentiment that Ed's transfer is viewed as a move to jump a sinking ship. It may be. I get that the transfer is viewed as an indictment on Miles and the program. This may be proven in the coming days and weeks or maybe not. But just thought i would offer this up... I'm glad my job doesn't depend on managing the happiness of 18 and 20 year old kids. In general, it's very easy these days to flee when things don't go exactly your way instead of digging in and doing work. It's easier to find a better situation than it is to make a better situation with what you have. Ed wanted to transfer after last season. He never told the coaches or his parents. His main reason/complaint at that time was playing time. He thought he should play more. He was a true freshman AND he was injured. He still got minutes. He had to be convinced that he should come back and give it another try. And he did. Now this season comes and goes. More frustration, more losses, more of being injured. He wants to transfer again. Tells very few people, doesn't tell his parents until last week, and now he's gone. Wanted more time at the wing to promote his NBA game. I get having dreams and can't fault him for that at all but c'mon. Time will tell.
  11. Yes this has been in the works a long time. It didn't just pop up an hour ago or even on Monday. I don't have "his list" just have knowledge that Creighton is on "his list".
  12. Not joking. Not saying it is or isn't a legit possibility but just that it's a real thing that Creighton is on his list.
  13. Yeah. That's even worse than Big Ten.
  14. Creighton is on Ed's list of potential landing spots.
  15. Yep. great times.