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  1. Big 10 Talent

    Good points. Our standing is slightly propped up by a guy like Gill who was top 50, but transferred, has been injured, and hasn't lived up to what he was supposed to be. I think most are simply hoping he can come back to make a positive impact in some capacity for his last season.
  2. Copeland

    THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED! Everyone should feel safe booking their Final Four tickets!
  3. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Isn't part of the argument that he played injured for the 7 games or whatever, they knew he was injured, and Georgetown played him anyway? Possibly against his own judgement? I mean, not that a kid wouldn't want to play but had he known he would eventually hang it up for the year and lose that year of eligibility maybe he would've decided to get healthy instead? i know Washut is connected and has a good idea of what's going on. But can someone explain how he knows things aren't looking good when there's been no movement with this for a long time? From the outside it looks as if things stand right where they have with nothing submitted yet. At one point, the staff thought this would be a done deal once the appeal was submitted. The appeal still isn't submitted. So if things truly aren't looking good it's because the staff suddenly has reason to believe that they don't have a good case. Their comments are all still that they are waiting for paperwork from different people so that the appeal can be submitted. Something doesn't line up because they are talking like there is still hope but if Washut's sentiment is to be believed then theY have received some word that this isn't going to work.
  4. The Isaac Copeland watch

    I don't get where you see the promising part. So they don't have all the correct paperwork signed and in place to even submit the appeal. That's what Robin says, that the appeal will eventually be submitted. Has it been stated anywhere that this is pretty much a slam dunk that once submitted he will be granted the full year? Or once submitted then everyone begins the process of sweating it out until the NCAA comes down with their ruling? Because if that's the case, we haven't really fared well in the past with NCAA rulings.
  5. Duby Okeke is N

    Hey we aren't going to discuss my athletic ability or lackthereof, okay? And I really hope you've taken a breath in the last 4 hours.
  6. Duby Okeke is N

    Not trying to downplay this but is that good? So the 140" is his highest reach on the jump? Anyone know his standing reach to determine what kind of vertical that is? I mean that's only 20" above the rim. Not complaining, just wondering.
  7. Season Tickets

    I haven't been on yet but check your junk folder. It sounds like the renewal website is new so it may not show anything in your old huskers.com account. There's a link to your account in the email they sent and it sounds as if everyone's website is personalized.
  8. Jacobson Gone?

    Didn't this happen the last few games of last season? Other than that the reason it didn't happen more was because Jordy wasn't up to speed at the beginning of the year. As Jordy got to a point where he could handle more minutes, Ed was hurt. Then finally toward the end of the year when 1) Morrow was healthier and 2)Jordy had developed, they saw the floor together. I doubt Ed would've been 'misused' if we had a body to play the 5.
  9. New rules being discussed

    I'm not blindcheck so I think you may still be waiting on that persons opinion
  10. New rules being discussed

    I'm not an expert and maybe some of the better basketball minds on here can explain the ramifications of what I'm suggesting. You don't eliminate a charge. Offensive fouls are still called when the offensive player initiates contact on a player in legal guarding position. But what you eliminate is the ability of a player to draw a charge by beating someone to a spot and falling backward. A defender should be forced to make a play on the ball. That's the decision, make a play on the ball and risk getting a foul called on you or give up a layup. In my mind it eliminates a lot of plays where a driver plows in just for the sake of drawing contact. It also gives less incentive for a flop. If the offensive player gets the defender up in the air and draws contact the yes absolutely a foul. But there are way too many plays where a ball handlers main goal is to plow in and create contact but that contact should be earned if a foul is awarded. It used to be that the objective on a drive was to finish. If bodies were in the way then a pretty or creative finish was the goal. Anymore guys create contact and scoring the ball is sometimes an afterthought.
  11. New rules being discussed

    Yes but...how about calling offensive fouls when the on ball defender is in legal guarding position and the ball handler lowers his shoulder and goes through the defender? I like those calls and it's not called enough. Defender is moving in a defensive stance and gets rammed by the ball handler. Offensive foul. But then eliminate the ability of a defender to beat someone to a spot, stop, and draw a charge. The offensive player already has free reign because at any time a guard can just burrow their head and usually get a "reach" call.
  12. New rules being discussed

    That's a good idea. Force a defender to play defense instead of being rewarded for standing in a spot and flopping backward.
  13. Agau's Salty

    This has been hashed through a million times but a summary of what I remember with the recruitment of Agau after he left Louisville. Miles gave him a second chance to come home. Gave him the keys to the palace. Agau made several visits to the basketball offices/practice facility. Agau showed interest but was either taking his sweet ole time or had no legitimate intention whatsoever to come here. Finally, Agau showed up at the practice facility sporting Georgetown gear and Miles had to kick him out. But yes Miles gave him every opportunity to play for Nebraska (the second time around).
  14. Mr. Watson

    Depends on the approach Glynn is taking if he is still pondering staying/going. Or the approach the people around him are taking. Ed and Jacobson got releases, announced their availability, then went shopping for new schools. Watson could "remain a Husker" all the while having someone behind the scenes shop him around to find a good landing spot for him. Happens all the time. When Tarin Smith left, he had his people shopping him around pretty much all of the second half of that season. Hopefully not the case with Watson, but it would be a reason he's telling everyone in the program that he intends to stay.
  15. Looking forward

    I agree that I don't think we ever saw the real Anton Gill last year due to never fully getting back up to par following scopes on both knees to clean things up prior to the season. The "IF he recovers from his knee issues" is a big IF IMO. So he adds the torn patellar tendon on top of the issues he wasn't able to make it back fully from last year. That's a major injury, one that most athletes don't make it back to where they were prior. We could speculate that the knees weren't 100% last year and that contributed to the big injury and that fixing that and having the time off to rehab will really get his knees right, but odds that he returns to a level he was never at even last year is asking a lot. Let's hope for the best and we'll see.