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  1. Yeah no kidding. 7-3 by my count?? Two teams into the sweet 16 already. Win over the overall #1 seed with chances at another 1-seed and a 2-seed tomorrow. And add to that Northwestern giving Gonzaga all they could handle. Game could've been completely different without the 4 point swing on the bad call.
  2. Yep. He's mad his career hasn't panned out. Didn't recruit him? I believe we recruited him TWICE! The second time after he decided to transfer, Miles gave him every opportunity to be here but finally closed the door when he jacked us around so long.
  3. I was one who "started that rumor" last year and I'll have to be one who "starts the rumor" again this offseason. I don't know if it's just the in thing to say you're considering transferring or if it just comes with this generation of instant gratification. Everyone wants it given to them instantly or they move on. Or say they're thinking of moving on.
  4. so is this a going away tweet or a coming back tweet? Or neither? Yet to be determined?
  5. Oooh. Does anyone know if this is podcast anywhere? Would be an interesting listen. Any interesting moments or tidbits to share?
  6. Looks like we're on par with Kansas! And we are opposite of what they are in terms of history and success.
  7. And for that reason alone fans need to get to his Senior Night and thank him for his efforts. I've heard way too many people with tickets say they are just done and are skipping tomorrow's game. People have their reasons (just like the ones leaving early) but I don't understand how people call themselves fans and then skip out with no other plans. I know there are 9 good fans for every bad one but I can honestly say I'd be there tomorrow even if we were 0-29.
  8. Also intrigued by the Riley hire but being honest that's all it is at this point. About the same as it was for Miles in year 2. Likeable and provided an infusion of recruiting buzz that hadn't been there in the past.
  9. This isn't going to end well no matter what happens. Eichorst is in over his head and will be on the chopping block next year after football suffers again. And so the basketball program will suffer the wrath of SE even after he's gone with whoever he chooses to lead the basketball program. Eichorst doesn't like Miles and is trying to push him out. The end of this season is full of distractions for Miles. If you're a Miles hater you would be happy to hear all the things SE is doing to derail the train.
  10. So expectations again...the season is going to turn out about how everyone expected it to. Pieces are in place but people are doubting Miles' ability to coach them into anything. Then you look at Webster as a successful developer over 4 years and think that this type of development could occur with several other young guys on the roster. Guys, Tai is hurting. Multiple body parts. His tank is about empty and he's who the team is relying on. We beat a Purdue, take Wisconsin to OT, and have a game like the one against Penn State and fans are liking what they see. They see flashes of what could be a very bright future. Then you have games like the ones against Michigan State and Illinois and fans say NCAA tournament win won't ever happen with Miles and that he needs to go. Win now or get out mentality and that he's out of excuses. I get it but nobody expected a lot from this season. The frustration I think comes from being close, getting the flashes of what could be, having hope, and then falling flat on our faces the next game. That's where it comes from. That's the reality of having a young team. That doesn't excuse the losing but it's a reality that has to be added to the discussion. If we were getting blown out by 20 and 30 every game then I don't think the level of frustration would be so high. Personally, I really hope we stay the course with Miles because to me I see the potential of a young talented team. Others are over it, and i can see why someone might have those thoughts. I have zero faith in Eichorst hiring a basketball coach. Zero. I could see him staying the course because of his other 2 hires here still being very questionable in my mind, but I could also see him trying to redeem himself on the first 2. Scary stuff. Zero faith in Eichorst.
  11. I think we are closer to the tournament than some are able to wrap their minds around. For example, Clemson has 4 conference wins and was 14-12 prior to their last second loss last night and in Lunardi's first four out. Should we happen to win out we would have 10 conference wins, sport an RPI of 49, and a SOS of 3. They aren't keeping a 10 win Big Ten team out. And I don't think it really matters what happens in the B1G tournament at that point. Some have in their minds that we have reach a magic win total of whatever and think we would need to string together Big Ten tournament wins.
  12. I want the team to make the NCAA tournament. I don't want to eat a cat food sandwich. So, let's just make the tournament and then I won't eat a cat food sandwich. That would be great.
  13. Something is off here. You say 28 possible home/away combos but there's only 26 because we don't play ourselves on the road or at home. Right? 13 other teams? But then you do have 5 wins left to get listed. So is the 5 off or is it really that we've won 21 of 26?
  14. In a win out scenario, 10-8 would give us RPI of 50 with the #3 SOS. I know only 15 wins taking out the Mary win, but I don't even know how much we would have to do in the conference tournament. Weak mid major year and a 10 win Big Ten team with RPI of 50.
  15. What boggles my mind is this. The scenario I've heard the most of is that Miles should be retained at season's end but then needs to be 'sniffing the dance' (as you say) next season or else. So we currently sit at 6-8 in conference with a top 5 SOS. With average luck and a healthy Morrow, I can conservatively say that AT MINIMUM two games would be flipped and we would sit at 8-6 in conference. With the schedule we have played that would be good enough to do way more than sniff the tournament. We would be trying to polish off 2 more wins to put us squarely in the field. So, despite most having low expectations heading into the year, and despite an injury seemingly being the only roadblock to making the tournament this year, we are still using this season's poor record and performance against Miles saying it's next year or else? So what kind of free pass would Morrow not going down with injury have given Miles? Another few years no matter what next year showed? If we made the tournament this year would expectations rise again and still require sniffing the tournament next year to keep his job? Just trying to make sense of everything and right now it's not to me. -Low expectations -top 5 SOS -Morrow injury -closer to tournament than you would assume when looking at record Right now to me either Miles is good enough or he's not and it goes beyond the record. I know a lot of people aren't going to like that because you are what your record says you are, but are we just to assume that a new coach is going to have average luck? This is Nebrasketball after all.