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  1. Robin's Predictions

    And I'll say it again, Taylor will play a ton. Whether he scores or not, they love him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Robin's Predictions

    Palmer is a baller guys. The only person I see maybe outscoring him is Watson. But it would be very close. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Next Years Starting 5

    No, Gill is looking very good.
  4. Next Years Starting 5

    Watson Palmer Roby Copeland Tshimanga Off bench: Taylor Gill Jack Allen Duby It will be very close to this. Can't wait to see this team play.
  5. Nebraska (4-0) vs. UCLA (5-0) Game Thread

    McVeigh...you gotta hit some shots. Their 9-22 to our 5-21 from 3 is the difference.
  6. Nebraska (3-0) vs Dayton (2-1) Game Thread

    Dayton is 10-22 (46%) from 3. What do you consider good?
  7. Andrew White Transfering

    He started and was easily outplayed by freshman Tyus Battle off the bench. I haven't read any Syracuse message boards, but I imagine it goes something like "Why is this guy starting over Tyus Battle?" I imagine that won't be the case for long.
  8. This is a joke. We aren't even trying on defense. Just put 5 walk-ons in.
  9. The refs sucked

    What does it even matter? The moment #10 wrapped his arm around Fuller's neck = FOUL. Malicious or not, I don't care. Should have been a foul and our ball (as Maryland was on offense, making it even more comical. Real offensive "basketball move" there.)
  10. The refs sucked

    Learned tonight that you can now wrap your arm around another player's neck and toss him down without a foul being called, right in front of an official. However, you shall not handcheck, even if you make no contact, you shall not attempt to swipe at the ball.
  11. New scheduling strategy for next year: No road games in non-conference. Play 9 Big Ten road games and call it good. Hope to go 21-9. Clearly whatever "experience" we got at Rhode Island, FSU, Hawaii, does not matter one single bit.
  12. Same was said about Aleks Maric, and couldn't be more true now. He was dogged on most of his career for not being able to hit 3-footers consistently. Yet still would score 20 or even 30 in games. Where would this team be with Aleks Maric in the post right now? A top 15 team most likely.
  13. The difference between 54 and 104 is ...

    I'd rather have a loss in the 0-50 category than have one in the 150+ category. Completely agree. But you also might have gone 1-2 after you beat Hawaii and it really would have been a wash effect on the RPI if you ask me. RPIWizard says if we had beaten Hawaii, then lost to Wichita State and Colorado, our RPI would be 112 right now and we'd be 12-10. Instead, we are 13-9 and our RPI is 103. Even had we beaten Colorado, our RPI would be 99, only 4 spots better. So you are correct. Where this team really hurt its chances this season was Incarnate Word and Creighton. A stretch of four fateful days in December in our own arena.
  14. The difference between 54 and 104 is ...

    This team didn't really understand how important the non-con was as they were going through it, and I think part of that is due to the fact that they had a crappy non-con last year and still made it in. They didn't play with urgency. In reality, bubble teams can't drop games Incarnate Word, Creighton and Hawaii, much less all 3. Their NCAA hopes tail-spinned after that, and I don't think they fully understood that. Even if we'd just won IW and Creighton, RPI Wizard says we'd be 56 right now. The difference between this year and last is we didn't protect our home court against a couple bad teams. Disappointing, because we never should have lost those games. (Sorry to be a downer).
  15. The nation is definitely shocked and super impressed that Creighton went 8-26 (30.8%) from 3-point range in a basketball game.