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  1. I think what sets this board apart from others is that Nebraskteball is a relatively niche fanbase. You've got a bunch of Husker fans that cheer for DONU hoops to fill the time between football and baseball, a bunch of others that are Jayskers , and a bunch that basically ignore basketball altogether. What's left is a relatively small and passionate fanbase of true Nebrasketball fans. And you know what a small, passionate group of people gets you: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizensHusker fans can change the world actually have a meaningful, competent internet conversation."
  2. -Jack was terrible. Nearly invisible on offense, and absolutely horrible on defense. -Didn't think Jordy was as bad as everyone else is saying. He defended well and hit the glass hard. Not sure what the #s were, but I'd think we were at least +5 in rebounding when he was on the court. Obviously those positives were offset somewhat by the pointblank misses (although a few were missed as a result of contact, even thought the contact wasn't called...) -Would love to see a replay of the reversed call that took Jordy's And-1 off the board. Looked like his defender was directly under the hoop, not sure how the refs could change the call after the fact to say he wasn't in the protected area. And in hindsight, it turned out to be the turning point of the game -WIsh Roby hadn't gotten in foul trouble. Those three ticky-tack calls really limited his minutes. When he was on the court creighton had no answer for him -Cope had a really nice game. -Thought Taylor should've stayed more aggressive. Had early success then went invisible -Palmer was quietly efficient -Glynn took too many long contested shots, but he did everything else right. Great defense (THREE of those fouls were bogus, he shouldn't have even been in foul trouble much less tossed from the game) plus did some nice things running the offense. -Ultimately I feel that we played well enough to win. Had Roby not gotten boned by the refs, we never would have played Jack. That alone could've been enough to flip the outcome. Had Jordy's And-1 not been overturned, the crowd may have been taken entirely out of the game. That could've changed the outcome. Had Glynn stayed on the court and our offense not gone stagnant without him, that also may have been enough to flip the outcome. Had we gotten to the line like we deserved rather than see 1,000 no-calls, that ABSOLUTELY would've flipped the outcome. But instead the refs called our best guys for breathing near a bluejay, and only called their guys for fouls if our player literally got knocked to the ground. Fine. Rant Over. Time to drink.
  3. If what you say is true, then you have my sincere apology. Unfortunately your timing to start regularly posting mirrors what we see every year-- a "disgruntled Husker fan" that gushes about creighton and bashes Nebraska, who then disappears a couple days after the creighton game is over. Happens every year due to the anonymity of the internet. And I'm in a pretty pissy mood right now for obvious reasons.
  4. I'll believe it if you're still posting in January, February, and March. But it's a time-honored tradition that low-post count "Nebraska fans" show up to talk about how bad "we" are every year after the creighton game.
  5. GTFO billy bluejay. If you watched the game wearing something other than a sweatervest, you'd know exactly what the difference was in the second half. And it had nothing to do with creighton.
  6. If creighton was the team wearing black pants and striped shirts, then I agree. Because the zebras did an excellent job deciding the outcome in the second half.
  7. Greg's not too discerning. Billy goat...pygmy...alpine...don't matter. He loves 'em all equally
  8. Too late. He already does. Regularly.
  9. Someone should've clocked Foster in the face with his showboating. The way the officiating went, it would've been nice if one of the fouls would've actually had contact.
  10. Creighton Gameday

    I'm in Omaha and would consider meeting up at a bar for the game. My daughter's Christmas program is today so I'd probably get there a little late.
  11. Creighton Match-Ups

    It appears Miles is treating Jordy the same way he treated Jack at this point last year. Still a starter (probably for player confidence reasons if nothing else), but actual playing time varies a ton game-to-game. I don't expect Jordy to get a copious amount of minutes this game. something in the 12-18 range.
  12. Alma mater of Warren Buffett - 70 Alma mater of Ernie "cops are ISIS" Chambers - 85
  13. Burn Creighton Burn

    Acrid is kinda a combination of caustic and pungent.
  14. Burn Creighton Burn

    It's hate creighton week! Hooray, it's finally here!