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  1. HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    Gotcha. I wonder if it'd make sense to adjust that specific portion of the formula next year. I know there have been times this season when I was surprised by how low of a score I had, even though I didn't even predict the correct winner (like this week's Illinois game, for example). While I appreciate scoring well, ultimately I felt I should have been punished more for not predicting the winner. And going back to the "correct MoV but wrong winner" type of pick, I would actually view that as missing the MoV by 12 points rather than 0. Because ultimately if you predict NU to win by 6, then NU losing by 6 or winning by 18 are equally far off from your prediction. You do excellent work every year Fever, so please don't take this as a slam on your efforts or math. Just a way that I think the formula could be tweaked to more accurately penalize poor predictions. Something to ponder in the off-season, maybe.
  2. HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    Question with regard to MoV: how is it calculated if someone predicts the exact margin of victory, but the wrong winner? For example, if someone predicted Nebraska to beat Illinois by 6, would the MoV portion of that person's score be 12 (6*2) or -5 ((0*2)-5)?
  3. The Happy Place Thread

    Came here for a pick-me-up. Nope, still depressed after yesterday's game.
  4. Thor

  5. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I spoke too soon. Checking again this morning, Maryland actually JUMPED a spot to #39. This is stupid.
  6. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    And Maryland stays put at #40. No change for them after a loss, and only a 3 team jump for us after a big win...WTH?!?
  7. Corn Chowder 77 Turtle Soup 67
  8. I don't think the idea of using quadrants, with differing tiers for home/away/neutral, is a bad idea. It's at least better than the old system of treating all top 50 wins equal, since it gives you credit for beating good teams away from home. However, you are absolutely correct that tying it to RPI is ludicrous when modern-day metrics are far more advanced. TL;DR: quadrants = good, RPI = bad.
  9. Rutgers: Saturday

    Did it happen around 2006 or so? I think that was the season that I saw someone barely get across the tracks.
  10. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Hokies likely punched their ticket with that one. One less spot up for grabs.
  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    And I might add, rooting against my favorite coach Buzz Williams.
  12. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Being on the bubble is making me do terrible, unthinkable things. Such as watching Virginia play basketball.
  13. Rutgers: Saturday

    I faintly remember witnessing something like this. What year did that happen?