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  1. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    I'm not always an Eichorst fan, but it seems he has a good grasp on the areas needing improvement. Love seeing the athletic department give back to the University via academic schollies, too.
  2. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    It may just vary by what social circle/sport you participate in. Roughly 30%-40% of guys I see on a golf course are wearing at least one item of UA, and that's probably even higher in the under 40-year old crowd. The over 40 guys tend to go Nike/adidas/FootJoy, while the under 40's go Under Armour/Puma. The exception is in shoes, as I don't see many guys wear UA golf shoes. Also, I work on a military installation, and UA is very popular when guys are working out on their own time and are therefore able to wear whatever they want. Shoes I'd say are again the exception. But as far as shorts/sweats/base layers/moisture wicking t-shirts, etc...UA is pretty popular.
  3. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    I like the pickup. I think it says something about the kid that he committed just 2 days after his home state school offered. I know that in this era of college basketball you generally don't get the time to develop kids, but he may be the exception. If all he's ever wanted to be is a Husker, then he may very well be willing to redshirt/play limited minutes early in his career and stick it out rather than transfer. That gives him a chance to develop into something solid as an upperclassmen at DONU.
  4. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    Get that kid a cheeseburger!
  5. Next Years Starting 5

    Just quibbling then. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Next Years Starting 5

    Is it acceptable to go back to the original subject, or is this thread now reserved exclusively for quibbling? Assuming the former... Here was my original guess way back in January: Watson Taylor Roby Jacobson Morrow Here's what we know now but didn't know then: -Morrow, Jacobson, and Horne transferred -Palmer eligible -Allen added to roster -Copeland likely ineligible for first semester So all things considered, my guess at opening day starters is now: Watson Taylor Palmer Roby Chimichanga
  7. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Well I only buy a pair of athletic shoes about once every 5 years, and the last two times it was New Balance and Puma. So I can trump you by saying it's been at least ten years since I bough EITHER Adidas OR Nike shoes. So there!
  8. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Well I'd rather the team know that now, and be able to game plan around the group of eligible players we do have. At least this didn't drag into October when pre-season practices are in full swing. If we happen to have some early season success, it will be interesting to see how the chemistry of the team is affected by Copeland chewing up playing time second semester.
  9. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Adidas does some really nice stuff in MLS. I own a couple Sporting KC jerseys that I think are quite sharp
  10. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Elite post-season teams are able to withstand these kinds of roster hits. Bubble teams, generally speaking, are not. Unfortunately luck is frequently a deciding factor in determining who is dancing vs. staying home.
  11. The Isaac Copeland watch

    Disagree. Nebraska is not a team that is expected to be "safely in the tournament" by any metric or by any prognosticator. In fact, I've yet to see anyone outside of this message board project us to even make the play-in game in Dayton. So to put a number on it, our odds of making the Tournament in any capacity is likely below 30%. That's a thin margin for error. Now we take that thin margin for error and shave off even more of it. Why? Because the guy "who is coming off major back surgery" will now not be able to readjust to game speed during non-con. No, now he'll be learning on the fly against the Michigan States and Wisconsins of the world. It is NOT just an impact on the 1/3 of the games he's missing. It's an impact on likely the next 1/3 of games as well. So take a 30% chance of making the Dance, and then take one of your likely difference makers and make him sit on the bench for 1/3 of the season and have a reduced impact for another 1/3 of the season. Now what do you put the odds at? 15%? 10%? One or two wins is usually the difference between a bubble team making it or staying home. It's not hard to see Copeland's ineligibilty swaying at least two games' results, if not more.
  12. Offseason Potpourri

    Cherry is the only way to go when it comes to Pop Tarts. Between that and cheering for Nebrasketball, you have demonstrated excellent taste!
  13. Who's going to MSG & the B1G Tourney

    As an introvert, I can say with a high degree of certainty that NYC would be one of the least enjoyable places in America for me. Way too high of a population density. As it is, I loathe having to travel to D.C. for work; I can't imagine actually paying money to go to a bigger city. But that's just me.
  14. Jordy was pretty foul-prone last year. I haven't checked Duby's stats, but his style of play indicates he may also struggle with collecting fouls. So what do you do when one of those guys collects a couple quick whistles in the first 5 minutes? Do you play the other guy exclusively? Give Tanner extended playing time? If you're not OK with either of those options, then likely you have to plug in either Roby or Copeland at the 5. I imagine we'll have at least 10 games this year where one of our posts gets in foul trouble, so it's not like this is some crazy hypothetical that'll never happen. Gotta get either Zay or Cope ready to bang inside. My $$$ is on Zay.
  15. Most Undervalued, Biggest Impact

    The question wasn't asking who's the most undervalued. It was asking which of the "undervalued" players will have the biggest impact. And that seems like nearly a no-brainer. Jack would need to either become one of the nation's most productive 3pt specialists or develop some other skill to reach Okeke's expected overall contribution. Gill was one of our least productive players last year even before suffering a debilitating injury. You could make an argument for Taylor, but he's going to have to scratch and claw for minutes while Okeke's will essentially be handed to him based on need alone (again...who else can rebound for us?). Among the choices given, I'm just having a hard time understanding how 2/3 of voters picked McVeigh and Gill. For that to happen, either Okeke would have to be a major bust, or McVeigh would have to show one of the biggest leaps in skill/production I've seen in one year, or Gill would have to be twice as good on a reconstructed knee as he was prior to his injury. Not saying I want to toss the other three guys off the team or anything, but Okeke will almost certainly be the most productive guy in this group.