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  1. aphilso1

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    I've only ever read that claim from one person -- Fieding Yost. And Yost was openly anti-Catholic throughout his tenure at Michigan, so that's a pretty unreliable source.
  2. aphilso1

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    Wait...what? He played last year. So he should be a sophomore now, not a RS frosh.
  3. aphilso1

    Football redshirt and transfer rules

    Exactly. It's intentional that it's not just the first four games.
  4. aphilso1

    Bigger impact in 18-19?

    Stan sure had a hard dinger.
  5. aphilso1

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    Sek Henry. IIRC, we picked him up like a month before the season started and he had no other decent scholarship offers.
  6. aphilso1

    NBA Playoffs

    So, hot take from a guy who was a casual NBA fan and is getting closer to just not caring at all anymore: The Warriors are ruining the league. It's not entirely their fault, but as a generality I blame them for why me and lots of people like me are walking away from the NBA. 1. They've worn out their welcome. Most casual fans only find dynasties interesting when it's a Goliath (Lakers, Yankees, Alabama, Barcelona soccer, etc) that can be toppled by either a) David or b) another Goliath. It's not their fault that they're a small-ish market team with no history, but I know a LOT of people that didn't watch the Finals but would have if it had been the Lakers or Celtics going for their third title in four years. Parity would be even better. 2. Style of play. This is purely subjective, but the Splash Brothers style of offense is incredibly boring to watch. I'm a young guy (31), but hate the new style of play that has overtaken the league. It was interesting when it was only a handful of teams doing it, because it allowed for some interesting clashes of styles. But now that most NBA games just feel like a 3 point shooting contest (ugh...), I've literally stopped watching all NBA games other than playoffs. And again, I know a bunch of people with the same opinion. 3. Increased viewership of other sports, specifically soccer. This is happening at a time when it's easier than ever before to order your sports programming a la carte via streaming subscriptions. No longer are the days of quasi-monopolies where a sports league can be the only show for a season. So if the NBA is boring, I can subscribe to MLS (which is the fastest growing professional sports league in America, BTW) or any number of international soccer leagues. English Premier League, for example, runs on close to the same calendar as NBA/NHL. As it is, I'd rather watch a regular season MLB, MLS, Premier League, or Bundesliga game over a regular season NBA game. But it's getting to where I'd rather watch a regular season game in one of those leagues rather than a playoff game in the NBA. The style of play is unappealing, and the outcome is not in doubt. So why watch?
  7. aphilso1

    NBA Playoffs

    I was standing courtside in the student section for that game. I remember walking away and saying KD would never make it in the NBA In fairness, I didn't anticipate him creating the template as the ultimate lanky 6'10" SG/wing. I figured he'd need to bulk up and play PF, and knew he was too soft of a player to do that. So I was kind of right in way...he DIDN'T make it in the league as a PF...because the league evolved and no longer really even has many traditional PF anymore...
  8. I attended DONU for the last couple Collier years and first couple Sadler years. At the time, I liked Barry. His teams seemed to play their most competitive basketball in home games against big teams. It was a lot of fun to be in the student section for those contests. I also liked his interaction with the students. He used to come talk to us before the games and buy us a bunch of pizzas as we watched team warm-ups. With a decade+ of hindsight though, I wish the University had moved on from Barry quicker. He walked into a great situation, inheriting a program with excellent talent but not a ton of history. Expectations were reasonable. But he mostly squandered the talent he inherited, and recruited terribly. By the time he left, the Huskers basically just had Aleks Maric surrounded by a bunch of guys that wouldn't have cracked the rotation for the majority of major conference programs. The talent was bad enough that whoever followed Collier had very little chance of success. TL;DR -- I liked him at the time but now I realize that he was the key figure driving the program into the ground.
  9. aphilso1

    Way too early Top 25

    Any mention is a good mention. I'll take gladly take #25.
  10. aphilso1

    Way too early Top 25

    If healthy, I fully expect Davis to get more minutes than either Thor or Nana. I also expect he will be the guy that fans say "why the f is Davis playing more minutes than (insert player x)?" I see him as a dude who will show up everyday in practice and be willing to do all of the little non-stat filling things that coaches love but fan don't fully appreciate. Like Evan Taylor, or Benny Parker, or David Rivers, the list goes on and on. He'll be that guy. Obviously all that goes out the window if he's not fully recovered, in which case my guess is Thor takes the last spot in the rotation over Nana.
  11. aphilso1

    Copeland is back

    This. Is. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  12. aphilso1

    Morrow leaving

    Well it depends on match-ups since you are who you guard. Against a big bruising lineup he's a 4, and can create mismatches with his athleticism and strong pick-and-roll game. Against a small ball lineup he's clearly a rim-protecting/rebounding 5.
  13. aphilso1

    Morrow leaving

    We were literally the worst rebounding team in the league the second MJ and Ed transferred. I will never understand how so many fans continue to say they weren't missed. Rebounding Margin G Team Avg. Opponent Avg. Margin 1. Michigan State 35 1439 41.1 1063 30.4 +10.7 2. Iowa 33 1258 38.1 1092 33.1 +5.0 3. Ohio State 34 1244 36.6 1079 31.7 +4.9 4. Maryland 32 1149 35.9 994 31.1 +4.8 5. Rutgers 34 1316 38.7 1221 35.9 +2.8 6. Purdue 37 1295 35.0 1200 32.4 +2.6 7. Penn State 39 1386 35.5 1286 33.0 +2.6 8. Indiana 31 1099 35.5 1054 34.0 +1.5 9. Northwestern 32 1059 33.1 1042 32.6 +0.5 10. Michigan 41 1365 33.3 1354 33.0 +0.3 11. Minnesota 32 1221 38.2 1222 38.2 -0.0 12. Illinois 32 1053 32.9 1063 33.2 -0.3 13. Wisconsin 33 1008 30.5 1023 31.0 -0.5 14. Nebraska 33 1191 36.1 1257 38.1 -2.0
  14. aphilso1

    Amir Harris is N

    I'm much higher on Davis than most. He's already experienced what most kids go through as freshmen-- learn how to live away from Mom & Dad, learn how to adapt to being a role player rather than big man on campus, etc. Because of that (plus body type and skillset) I expect him to be more adaptable and willing to do whatever the coaches want him to from day one. He appears to me to be the most versatile outside of our clear top 6 dudes, and that's exactly what you want out of the seventh and eighth guys in your rotation. I'm calling it now: barring a slow injury recovery, he's a lock IMO to be in the regular rotation. As for Nana, I didn't like his game coming out of HS and I haven't seen anything on the floor to change my mind. Thor I have no opinion on, since I couldn't make heads or tales of his HS tape and I never saw him get meaningful minutes last year. Harris' chance at decent minutes is contingent on what the coaches want to do with Allen. If Allen is allowed to settle in exclusively as a SG, then Harris should get at least 5-8 MPG as Glynn's sole backup. But if Allen still plays the combo guard role, then he'll just slide up to the 1 when Glynn rests and I don't see much time for Harris.
  15. aphilso1

    Amir Harris is N

    I think Jack needed to make a few more McTreys if he wanted his jersey retired.* *sarcasm post. I realize you were referring to Lue rather than our most recent #10.