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  1. I believe you mean "Those are some serious ups." Or, alternatively, "That is a serious up." But if you find a way to toss in a semicolon, then all will be forgiven.
  2. I posted that 2 days ago.
  3. Not surprisingly, our very own Coach Lewis is one of the names being thrown around. http://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/butler-coaching-candidates-with-chris-holtmann-off-to-ohio-state-who-will-replace-him/
  4. I actually had the 'm' on whom and deleted it. It just looked odd using correct/pretentious grammar in a hashtag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Well there goes my Thursday morning entertainment.
  6. Who is, Norm or Barnes? #shotsfired #butatwho? #holdonI'mgettingmypopcorn
  7. I really hope this happens. I've never been a huge believer in Mac; he caught some great early breaks that gave him recruiting momentum, which he (to his credit) parlayed into sustained success at CU. But I have doubts that he'll do that again, so I think tOSU could very well be looking for another replacement in 3-4 years. As for creighton, the timing is pretty bad. Could they be looking at a bunch of recruits asking out of their LOI? And other than Crean, I'm not sure who is even realistically available this late in the cycle. TLDR -- this move has the potential to make both programs worse, which makes me downright giddy. Happy Thursday, everyone!
  8. What if we make the dance and win a game, but that game is one of the stupid play-in games on Tuesday night in Dayton? Does that end speculation?
  9. FIFY
  10. All excellent points. I think that being the last addition to the team in '16, combined with this being his fourth team in four years at four different levels of competition (high school, mid-major, JUCO, then B1G), made Taylor a little gun shy. And it's easy to see why. With that kind of recent history, I too would want to "do all the little things" and prove that I'm a good teammate. It takes a while to earn coaches' and teammates' trust. And you don't earn that trust by playing selfish. But with a year in the system and now potentially being this year's team captain, I think you'll see a more assertive Evan Taylor.
  11. Mostly a bunch of coach-speak and clichés. The only takeaways I got out of it were: 1. MJ was asked a couple of questions that could've prompted him to take shots at Nebraska's coaches and fans. He didn't take the bait. 2. MJ and EM didn't collude on both leaving the team together.
  12. Pretty interesting to see how much everyone's opinions are varying at this point. I guess that's because everyone is building their lineups based on a different set of assumptions. My assumptions are: -Copeland is eligible the whole season -Allen is all that and a bag of chips -Only 8 guys get solid minutes every night, with everyone else fitting into the "gets major minutes in one game, and then doesn't get off the bench in the next one" role. I see Nana, Jack, and Gill as the most likely guys for this category -Returning starters get the benefit of the doubt in terms of starting, which benefits Taylor. However, I see Roby as a prototypical 6th man, and expect him to get starter-esque minutes...maybe even more minutes than one or two starters. I posted a projection back in April on how I expect Miles to use his lineup. Other than subbing in "Duby" for "unknown backup center," I don't see any difference in how I expect the minutes to shake out. PG: Allen (24) / Watson (16) / Taylor (spot minutes) SG: Watson (17) / Gill (11) / Palmer (7) / Taylor (5) SF: Taylor (15) / Palmer (8) / Roby (7) / Nana (5) / McVeigh (5) PF: Copeland (20) / Roby (15) / McVeigh (5) C: Jordy (24) / Duby (12) / Copeland (4) / Borchardt (spot minutes) Total minutes per game projections: Watson (33), Allen (24), Jordy (24), Copeland (24), Roby (22), Taylor (20), Palmer (15), Duby (12), Gill (11), Jack (10), Nana (5)
  13. As to the original post, I think it slightly oversimplifies in some areas (Webster v. Palmer deserves more than one '>,' IMO), and doesn't place enough emphasis on non-scoring skills. There was one thing that we did at a very high level last year, and kept us in a lot of ball games: REBOUNDING. Webster rebounded well relative to his position on the floor as a 1/2, Jacobson frequently erased the other team's best rebounder to free up our guys to go after the ball, and Morrow was beast. Hopefully Jordy can stay out of foul trouble and continue his late-season growth. Hopefully Duby can rebound against high major talent. Hopefully our PF's are willing to pound the glass. But that's a lot of hopefullies. I think we could conceivably be '>' at almost every position, but still not improve in terms of wins and losses. All that being said, I do like the overall level of talent on this team. I'm hoping that we've got enough guys willing to do the little things to win.
  14. I've seen a bunch of posts claiming that other people want Jack to transfer, but no posts of anyone actually stating they want Jack to go. Sure, there's plenty of speculation that he won't earn enough minutes in the regular rotation, but that's a far cry from wanting him to jump on a plane back to Kangarooland. You could probably drop the cudgel, 49r. The horse appears to be dead
  15. I've thought the exact same thing. If you're going to play small, you've got to either find a way to get the other team to adjust to your style of play, or you've got to strategically insert your small lineup when you'll receive the least negative impact. Not sure we've got the horses to dictate a fun-n-gun/high press style of play (I'm thinking something like Shaka Smart's tournament VCU teams), and it seems a stretch to say we could space the floor with 5 shooters (we were awful at shooting the rock from deep last year). Maybe there's another way to successfully build around a small lineup, but none come to mind at the moment. So that leaves Option B: only go small at strategic times of the game when the negative impact will be minimal. This seems somewhat doable; since most teams don't boast a dominant backup PF/C combo, it stands to reason that we could hide Copeland or Roby at the 5 for a few MPG. Probably would be an ideal time to bust out the zone D, too.