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  1. Actually, this is mostly a 120 year trend.
  2. Red Storm 74 Huskers 65
  3. I agree. Let's double that predicted win total.
  4. I doubt I will ever pull off a prediction like at bottom again, but here goes: Huskers 81 Mean Green 68
  5. Given what's transpiring tonight and on September 16th, let's not schedule directional Illinois schools anymore.
  6. Kent

    As I remember it, he was getting too animated in front of the Tiger fans, and some behind him were throwing popcorn at him as the last 5 or so minutes transpired.
  7. Huskers 72 Panthers 68 8 non conference wins 14 total wins
  8. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Some days I think Jupiter will eclipse the sun before that happens.
  9. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    I can't help but wonder out loud, given the current landscape of HS/College hoops : Will Brady play his senior year at Platteview?
  10. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I have to think that the full year schedule would be released any day now?
  11. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    Yes, it's official. In fact, here's McDermott replying to Gene Smith earlier today.
  12. Coach Mac to Ohio State?

    Better than being down 20 points in 2 games to OSU, right?
  13. Something that should be brought up more

    There's a sensible side to that argument. In fact, GI/Hastings/Kearney for doing a joint project would have made even more sense. Having said that, if Lincoln/Omaha would have done a joint project at the Platte, you would have seen urban sprawl like you've never seen before in an environmentally unique area, so really, I'm glad that didn't happen. OK, back to BB.....
  14. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Remember how Florida native Chad Johnson left Nebraska to be closer to home and ended up at Pittsburgh? And remember how Michigan native Walt Pitchford left Florida to be closer to home and ended up in Lincoln? I'd love to see Bazley decommit from OSU to go to a real NCAA tourney school and end up you-know-where