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  1. There's a sensible side to that argument. In fact, GI/Hastings/Kearney for doing a joint project would have made even more sense. Having said that, if Lincoln/Omaha would have done a joint project at the Platte, you would have seen urban sprawl like you've never seen before in an environmentally unique area, so really, I'm glad that didn't happen. OK, back to BB.....
  2. Remember how Florida native Chad Johnson left Nebraska to be closer to home and ended up at Pittsburgh? And remember how Michigan native Walt Pitchford left Florida to be closer to home and ended up in Lincoln? I'd love to see Bazley decommit from OSU to go to a real NCAA tourney school and end up you-know-where
  3. You know, I just got to thinking back tonight about a guy named Andre Smith - a 6-7 center that had to no help inside from anyone taller than him and yet went on to be Big Eight POY in 1981. Maybe we ought to be putting a banner up alongside Lue, Hoppen, etc for that guy. Really. In light of what we have seen happen here the last 4 weeks, I just realized I took Andre's efforts for 4 years here for granted.
  4. True, but it really would fit into the karma that seems to hang over our program over the years. I'm waiting for a toenail fungus epidemic to decimate our roster. Pretty much everything else has happened.
  5. If you are Duke or NC, you get to pick and choose your recruits as you describe above. So let's say Miles or any other NU coach that has been here decided to put a premium on recruiting a pure 5, pure 4, pure 3, etc. without regard to talent level. Would we have a better roster? I don't think it's a case where Miles' staff intentionally tried to overload a position or a niche. He just tried to get the best available athletes who also happened to want to be here (or at least we thought).
  6. Not to worry, cwg. Traffic will be much lighter next year.
  7. Remember the good ol' days when folks spoke English?
  8. I made the Cubs analogy the other day, but the more I think about it, Nebraska is the Big Ten's new Rutgers. Basketball wise.
  9. I don't miss the Big 12 any longer, but I do miss the Big 8.
  10. Geesh. I guess I'm going to have to take a Philosophy class if I'm going to keep up with the dialogue of this forum. Getting pretty sophisticated for my liking.
  11. Has someone woken up the AD to inform him what's going on with the program?
  12. It's different. But not out of line for a program that went through the summer of Roburt Sallee. We really are America's new Cubs.
  13. Maybe they just wait until the the rumor is verifiable and credible, rather than try to be the news.
  14. Is this based on your discussion with Glynn, or "heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who....." (Cip, insert REO Speedwagon here, please). Just curious how you know this, baseball13. Not trying to be a smarta.. here. I realize where there's smoke, there may be fire. But it feels like we all are gossiping the program to death. Maybe someone can here share with me a rumor about a player who actually is known to be staying.