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  1. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    OK, I see it now. Yeah, if Boehm said that, it's a bunch of smoke and mirrors. As Cip said, pretty silly to assign a specific percentage on such a cluster of a process and consider it accurate.
  2. 99% Chance Our Name is Called if We Win out

    So going back to this statement - according to Marc Boehm per.... OWH? LJS? Directly from his mouth to your ear? Where did this come from anyway?
  3. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    You are right. I need to take some more math lessons.
  4. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Not happening. We might win our last 3, but Purdue isn't going to drop 3 more to PSU, Ill and MN.
  5. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    I think it helps if the administration takes the lead by giving fans permission to stand all game. Otherwise it's generally considered rude to be standing for any length of time. I can understand how those with physical limitations would be less than excited for this arrangement. Hopefully ticket neighbors watch out for each other next time this happens so it's an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  6. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    I keep telling the few friends that I have that Penn St scares me more than Maryland. I'd say a team who is walking into halftime just now with a 24 pt lead over the #8 team in the nation warrants some attention.
  7. This is the Huskers' 4th conference road win - a feat that hasn't been matched since 1999. Should the Huskers beat the Illini in a couple weeks in Champaign, that would be the first time we won 5 on the road since 1976.
  8. Someone wake me up because I must be dreaming. We're complaining about our soft inside defense and yet we've just scored 90 on the road against a Big Ten team and moved to 18-8. How often does this happen to a Husker BB fan? Enjoy the ride
  9. 8-0 run. That's huge!
  10. We looked so good for a while there. I mean, when's the last time we hung 44 points on the road against a Big Ten team. Feels funny to be disappointed with a 7 point lead at halftime, but we took the foot off the gas there the last 2 minutes.
  11. Receiving Votes

    I gotta say, every time we get into the "first 4 out" conversation the last 15 years, we wilt like a daffodil in the Arizona desert (exception being 2014). So I'm really anxious about tonight's game given the 8 day layoff. It would be a very encouraging sign if they won in Minneapolis tonight, because this feels like a classic let-down scenario.
  12. We have been 8-4 or better since 1998-99

    I heard him say that last night as well. Actually, that feat has been matched on several occasions (in orange) in the last 27 years. 1992 was the last time it took less than 25 games to reach 17 wins.
  13. We have been 8-4 or better since 1998-99

    Percentage-wise, we have the potential to make history. Let's say we go 5-1 the rest of the way and finish at 13-5 (.722). That would be our best conference record since '65-66 (12-2 and .857). Even finishing 4-2 for a 12-6 record (.667) would be our best showing since '75-76 (10-4, .714). Either way, it's a better in-conference record than some of our more celebrated teams: -77-78 NIT team (22-8 and 9-5) -82-83 NIT Final 4 team (22-10 and 9-5) -85-86 NCAA team (19-10 and 8-6) -all 5 of Danny's NCAA teams, none that ever did better in-conference than 9-5 in 1991.
  14. The only other time in program history we have had 17 regular season wins in January is 1991. And this is the best start in-conference after 12 games since 1999 (we were 9-3).