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  1. I remember Maury John. But as ISU's coach. I also remember cancer had cut his life short while at ISU. I didn't realize he was at Drake and had such a solid record there. Also looks like he had ISU on the rebound 'til his illness struck. Such a shame, first of course, for his family. But he might have been ISU's "Johnny Orr" if things had been different.
  2. Going off the top of my head, I think Drake went to the NIT Final 4 around 1970 somewhere. Can't remember who the coach or any of the players were.
  3. Um.... and where is Tim Miles?
  4. I'll agree with you on the yell-squad observations, Norm. We don't have "Rock-Chalk" or whatever chants they do 150 miles south of here, and would love to see some of those things implemented here, one way or another. That said, audience participation isn't on the top of my list of concerns for the program right now. I'm more worried about what the staff and the A.D. are or are not getting done between now and next year.
  5. Agree - never understood people leaving at the 4 minute mark or whatever. It's a bad vibe.
  6. I have a hunch those PBA numbers are paid attendance, not actual. If that's the case, it's not fair to compare them to the BDSC numbers. The A.D. has gotten lax on reporting actuals, which is a pet peeve of mine. I would guess they report actuals separately the last few years about 75% of the time. Nevertheless, it's clear that actual attendance has been up since moving to PBA.
  7. Norm, I just read through this and conclude that you are really bagging on the fans. If you are going to characterize 14K folks as "crappy" and "docile at best" for having the audacity to buy tickets, drive to Lincoln from who knows where, but not stand on their feet at all times (or whatever you consider involved), we're going to have to agree to disagree. Yes, there are a few bad apples, but I don't think it's fair to generalize the way you did above. People have made all kinds of excuses for the team being tired at the end of the season, and just excuse the losses that way. Shouldn't fans get the same leeway? Forgive me if I didn't stand on my feet all 2nd half of the Michigan game, waving my arms wildly, trying to change the karma of a 40 point blowout. All in good fun, Norm. No offense intended.
  8. Actually, yes. Improving on a .500 (or whatever it is) home winning percentage will work wonders for fan participation. Those folks on no-sit Sunday weren't standing all day because of a superior yell squad, great halftime entertainment, or even clean restrooms. They were standing because their team was hot and playing for something meaningful in the month of March. Fan apathy isn't all on the fans or atmosphere off the court. I'm guessing I won't get any argument from you, Norm, on this.
  9. Wow. Wikepedia is already on top of our "achievement".'s_basketball
  10. Good question. 1-0, believe or not. I think that 0-7 record hangs over the program like a dark cloud.
  11. Could Altman end up at Indiana?
  12. Indiana fires it's coach after garnering only 3 sweet 16's in the last 6 years. Illinois goes another direction after posting just 4 postseason appearances in 5 years. The difference between our administration's expectations and these other two schools is gaping. I hope this works out for us, because it feels like we are watching the world go by right now.
  13. It's a nice thought, and I hope you are right. But I fear the momentum Miles and his staff gained through a learning curve might get overwhelmed by recruit's perception that Miles will be on his way out a year from now. I am hoping we see recruiting this summer that surpasses Doc's 5th summer of recruiting (Shields, Parker, and 3 JUCOs that never made it to campus).
  14. That is not a good sign then, if your perception is correct.
  15. This really stinks. Like others, I like Horne. And I think he's a player that could really be a nice contributor for us for 4 years if he's invested in the place. I'm holding out for a Ray Gallegos scenario. I could see Miles giving him a long rope to figure out which place is right for him and he might change his mind a week or a month from now. I would be curious to know what his parent's perception of the situation is right now.