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  1. Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    I agree with your sentiment but as an inhabitant of the hebron deshler area... Jordy hangs out here a lot and it seems that some one from this area should probably be believed.
  2. Game time

    Don't worry (I know you didn't) I'm still alive wondering if we have a meeting spot set up for football season and then basketball season would love to meet some of you in person finally and if we could figure out a hang out that we all gather at before games that would be awesome ... My wife and i usually choose brewskys in the haymarket or lazlos to hang out before games but let's get something figured out so that way we can all get together and get a little more "jazzed up" before games
  3. 89 year old stands entire game

    that guy sits in the seat directly behind me... i have watched him all year struggle to get up and down, and all year never once did he EVER tap me on the shoulder and ask me to sit down, and I stood a lot... I wish i had seen this sunday night I would of loved to shake his hand.... the only reason i recognize him is because the guy sitting down in the photo was the wisconsin fan sitting next to me and the guy that tweeted the pic sits behind me with his daughter every game... good times.. section 115 rocks
  4. WOW..... no other words to describe the game tonight, my wife and I got our drink on before the game and everyone else in the bar had the mentality of let's get sauced now and be obnoxious when we get into "the vault" Watching the MSU OSU game the consensus of the bar was "alright we gotta go earn the 4 seed" Walking up to the arena people were jacked, we walked into 115 right when Peltz was speaking, talk about a way to get even more fired up. The whole game we stood, yelled, and begged this team to win.... they came through, and it was awesome. Anyone on this board who knows me or knows me and my familys story of what we went through last march trust me your words were definitely helpful to me back then and i appreciate the husker basketball community.... to come from that moment of watching the ohio st game in the tourney last year and reversing the script to playing the winner of ohio st and purdue on friday.... I am an emotional wreck, but i love husker basketball, i love our fans... and lets go kick some ass in indy
  5. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    Well I'm going to quit posting for the night... tacos and whiskey with a heavy dose of Kevin Durant and the rest of the Thunder are my prescription for the rest of the night. Go Big Red..
  6. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    4 fouls in 26 minutes wow... and to anyone complaining about people upset with refs... shut up this has been a terrible officiated game. Not blaming in anyway the refs for the deficit but that doesn't excuse the refs for being the worst i've ever seen, maybe ever.
  7. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    ugh and I can't even skip the second half to watch the OKC Thunder play, I despise these early games
  8. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    Welp I'm gonna go drink some (a lot of) cheap whiskey and come back after halftime
  9. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    This is a horribly officiated game so far.... plus we can't hit a shot and they can't miss
  10. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

  11. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    How does a team get 0 fouls called on them in the first 12 minutes of a game
  12. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    Has there been one foul called on Michigan yet?
  13. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    We might lose but looks like its gonna be a tough grind it out style game. I can handle that
  14. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    Couldn't of started worse, first two media timeouts will slow the game down hopefully Miles can calm the guys down. They look anxious.
  15. Nebraska 11-9 Vs. Michigan 16-5 Game Thread

    As am I. Clan McGregor unfortunately. I got out of hand the last few games and now I'm down to my bottom of the barrel swill. Please Lord don't let it destroy my digestive system again. Ha I just bought a house so I'm swilling Kentucky Deluxe tonight