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  1. No I wasn't miles fan pretty quickly after he was hired. And was ecstatic when we made our run. But after that he hasn't seem like he's had any forward momentum in terms of recruiting or play style or adapting to the Big 10. It seems like with him it's always one step forward with a good recruit and then two steps back with a crew with the player leaving and losses mounting. I definitely worry as a program we have to lower standards and that miles will get a few more years just because moose hasn't had the chance to properly evaluate him because basketball is in a high enough priority. To answer your question directly I wanted my miles gone after the last year. I was pretty dishearten the whole offseason because we had retained him.
  2. Maybe he can win it again this week by leading us to a win against Rutgers. JPJ played an amazing game against OSU and single handedly kept us in it. Too bad some of the others shots weren't falling but JPJ deserves a tip of the cap. I really wasn't expected anything close to his productions before the season started.
  3. I think his offense is coming a long. He just make the switch to starting 5.
  4. Fair enough, but there bigs got a lot more minutes than ours
  5. why is it that our big men seem to be foul magnets over the years? Is that a specific part of their development that is being ignored?
  6. I actually thought Jordie deserved more minutes; or at least some more touches considering how bad everyone (save JPJ) was shooting.
  7. Nothing Miles has tried this year has worked. Maybe not starting him should be tried at this point.
  8. Is he really adding anything defensively? Sit him and start Taylor. Taylor is playing better and deserves more minutes.
  9. We are picked second to last every. single. year.
  10. It is good for all those New York fans who will pack MSG.
  11. I love me some Cary, but not playing those team is bad for us. We could maybe win a couple of those games and we need them as resume' boosters.
  12. Do you think that would have helped with easier buckets? I don't think the 1-3-1 help towards the end, didn't seem to be slowing down OSU that much.
  13. Yeah, playing them is a lose lose situation. win and we get nothing. Lose and... just don't lose.
  14. Yeah, the fact that we have to turn around and play a conference game in New Jersey less than 48 hours is ridiculous.
  15. It does when you have no real opportunities for Tier 1 wins remaining (barring a Minnesota or Maryland run). Our resume can only really get worse here on out unless we somehow go on a winning streak (figuring out how to win on the road).
  16. In football to me the loss the ends our national championship always hurts. But the one that hurts the most is the one that ends our chances at a conference championship. This kinda felt like that to me.
  17. I can't really find any words. We needed this win, it was pretty much a must win and our last chance at a Tier 1 win. This hurts because in my heart of hearts I know that in all likelihood we aren't dancing now.
  18. Don't like when Miles calls timeout
  19. This is really a must win if we want to dance. Let's get this done
  20. JPJ listen to you guys and going full Petteway. Seems like the only way we are going to win.
  21. Seems like whenever they foul us it is right before the shot attempt
  22. Both teams best players get hurt.