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  1. Burn Creighton Burn

    I would like this one, I have a feeling we might get it. Scott Frost has given me a cool confidence.
  2. Burn Creighton Burn

    On to Omaha! Time for Tim Miles to get the monkey off his back.
  3. Matt is calling the game? I thought he had other duties now.
  4. I do like jordies fire
  5. They started it so I am okay with only 1 T
  6. I think jordie can be a good player for us
  7. Seriously I can't remember a time Nebraska didn't have a drought ever game. Was that the 90s?
  8. We look good. I am glad I came out. I am starting to agree that Miles plays too many guys.
  9. Guess Thor isn't redshirting
  10. Hopefully they can get to 100!
  11. GIll is impressing me! Is Taylor our #1 PG even when Watson is in the game?
  12. Hopefully we wont need his help!
  13. I can get on board with that. Although I might argue that he needs to play so he can get better!
  14. Okay, I think I understand your opinion. I guess I haven't given up on Jordie as a player we want on the floor as much as possible. But maybe it is time for me to realize that he is only a role player at best.