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    No it has to be a thing people talk about for days or the old folks won't stand.
  2. Penn St at Michigan game

    After thinking about it, I think I want Penn St to win. That way we can lose to Penn State but still be rested as the 4 seed beat Michigan hopefully beat Ohio State in the tournament

    How do we institute No Sit Sunday II?
  4. Who do you want to win? We need to beat Penn St either way but it might be nice to have the 4 seed locked up so we can let it rip on Sunday.
  5. If he could figure out how to make bunnies, or just go up stronger so that when he gets fouled the refs call it he would be an awesome asset.
  6. With 4 off days to prepare I really like our chances against Penn St.
  7. You know what though...

    Good point. Our car just tried to talk about the NIT sand I shut it down. Let's win our next 2 or 3.
  8. Yeah but the 3 was huge. But the timeout takes out the ability for Nebraska to respond when the crowd was surly. Just a great great timeout.
  9. Great timeout to take the crowd out of it
  10. Too soon for in fighting. Time to pull together and go on a run.
  11. My father "might as well call a timeout because we lose it" Me "we are more likely to score if we don't call a timeout"
  12. That was an ugly half. We gotta find a way to win