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  1. I have tried to encourage my father to consider trading the club section for the same seats on the opposite side behind the students.
  2. Definetly in the section I sit in. We need some good positive momentum early
  3. I have a feeling the crowd is going up be pretty tame next year in wait and see approach. Having a lame duck coach will do that.
  4. Maybe we can hire him as an assistant at some level
  5. Honestly? A little. Kinda like you knew Bo Pelini was going to lose an easy game every year Miles has adopted the reputation. And going 9-7 at home is better than 8-8, at least psychologically at home. As someone who drives from Omaha to all the home games knowing that there is a good chance we will lose to No Name St and not fair well at home isn't fun.
  6. Exactly. Going 12-19 and then putting forth the excuse that our schedule was hard doesn't make sense because Miles made the non-confidence schedule. And the big 10 was down. And Gardner-Webb.
  7. I will simply point out that miles scheduled the non con.
  8. It was a wild ride the first First 15 games. Let's make the tournament next year
  9. So basically we just need to improve offense and defense. I would include free throws. Transition game was okay
  10. I don't want it to take time. We have had enough losing seasons.
  11. Their AD said he is coming back
  12. Because he is bad at his job.
  13. Well... see you guys next year?