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  1. Let me get this straight...

    Bo proved you can't live on the "us against the world" mentality very long. Recruiting has been hurt and the momentum of the program feels stalled. Even if we have an okay year next year what about after that.
  2. Let me get this straight...

    One could, either way, my excitement for the program isn't high. But admittedly it is higher than it was 1 year ago.
  3. Let me get this straight...

    Knowing this program not well
  4. Let me get this straight...

    I will be less likely to go to no name State next year knowing that Moos doesn't believe in Miles or seem to care about basketball. So yeah this could have an effect on attendance. I can't believe how unexcited I am for next year. Feels like just another year of Nebrasketball heartache.
  5. Yeah my implication was that maybe there is something on the inside going on. But from the outside it looks like incompetence.
  6. Exactly, I didn't think that Moos would take the third option. From the outside it doesn't look good.
  7. I thought the choices were either: fire Miles or extend him right away to stabilize the program for the next year. I had no idea there was a third option: hem and haw and let the program blow in the wind. It has been hard not to feel like the fans care more than the administration the last 2 decades.
  8. Next Assistant Coach

    Hiring someone with a job is a much better strategy.
  9. Kenya Hunter

    Release the recruit or the head coach?
  10. I remembered reading last year that a really high percentage of people college age had some college and that for the first time ever half were expected to graduate.
  11. What is the percentage of people 23 to 26? I read a study that said a college degree today has the same earning potential as a high school diploma did in 1950.
  12. The majority of people have degrees now. When everyone has something its value is relatively reduced.
  13. I mean Nebraska has good fan support and I am tired of that not translating to talent and success.
  14. Personal satisfaction and value in the market place are different things. But when 30k dead end office jobs want you to have a degree now.
  15. I do to, but schools have shown time and again they will cheat so there schools that are punished are those that don't "cheat."