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  1. Huskers 75 other Guys 68 i seriously considered picking against us since nobody else did and I need points and thought about doing the reverse psychology thing. But then I realized if we lost and I picked against us you would all blame me and I can’t handle that much pressure! Go Huskers!
  2. Penn St at Michigan game

    I'm being a bit selfish and rooting for Penn State. I already have my flights booked for the conference tourney and don't get in until Thursday night so I'm banking on being the 4 seed with a double bye!
  3. Great job on the recap as usual Dimes! Really appreciate you putting these together! Obviously takes a lot of work.
  4. The Happy Place Thread

    I was happy enough last night to book tickets to visit MSG in two weeks... Now that's some rose colored glasses for sure!
  5. That's the "ET" factor. Dude is the ultimate team player/glue guy/hustle player. Max effort all the time. One of our best late pick-ups of all time. Love the toughness he brings.
  6. Huskers 71 other guys 65 3 players
  7. Huskers 83 other guys 69