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  1. Huskers 82 blue guys 73 4 lets send out Tai the right way!
  2. Huskers 68 Green guys 79 I hate being the first game after a key player is hurt. The other team is more unpredictable and almost always plays more inspired.
  3. I read his comments very closely. He uses "lawyer speak" very well. Words things in a way that someone that likes Miles will think is in support of him but always leaves wiggle room so if he makes a change it doesn't look like he lied. I had the same impression of Boehm's response today. I wanted to believe it was an endorsement of Miles but it stopped short of that. BTW, the paranoid part of me wondered why that didn't come from SE. Of course that would've made praising SE in the release a little more awkward... If they seriously believe he should be back next year, just say it. Enough political speak. I think that's part of what frustrates people. Crap or get off the pot, stop talking about how you think we putting all the necessary things in place to make crap to put in the pot.
  4. Don't blame Lee. I usually do but in this case there's only one person damaging the program and recruiting by not talking. His initials are SE. He could have cut the legs out of this story with a simple statement of support. By choosing not to he's sending a different message. Either the progress of the program is less important than his "policy" of not commenting mid season or he has thoughts of firing Miles. Any damage to the program lies at the feet of SE, not LB.
  5. This argument became total Bs when he came out mid season in support of his hire in football. What exactly will SE learn the next 3 weeks that he doesn't already know? Final record is it - which means by not saying anything he's telling everyone that Miles is coaching for his job the last month of the season.
  6. I hear what you're saying but I have to side with Lee on this one. If Eichorst hasn't seen enough at this point in the season to answer this question then I'm not sure what he's going to learn the next two weeks. And he can't use the "I don't comment on performance mid season" excuse because he spoke in support of his football hire mid season this year. I also agree with Lee that I don't trust Eichorst to make another big hire.
  7. I don't always like Lee's work but he couldn't have summarized my feelings on this any better.
  8. Not sure I follow. Are you saying you think some of the top donors want Miles out?
  9. I was listening last night and absolutely loved his response to this. It's exactly what I love about Miles - he didn't back away from the question and then explained his philosophy around scheduling and his belief in what he's doing. I thought he nailed it. I totally agree with the scheduling too - I'd rather be setting here talking about the quality competition we've faced and not having a great record than have a better record but have faced nobody outside the BIG. Makes it much more fun to be a fan.
  10. Just the Wisconsin game. I was out of town on business and out for dinner during the game. My apologies to all!
  11. Ugly game but great win. Good thing my wife was gone because I was screaming at the tv on some of those terrible calls. On a side note, I don't want to take all the credit for the win but when we were down 7 with 3 minutes left I realized I didn't have Husker gear on. I put on a vintage black Nebraska basketball shirt and the rest is history! You're welcome Husker nation! 😎