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  1. Xavier Johnson is N

    Are there any more college age Dylan Talley relatives out there?
  2. Kenya Hunter

    You know, if things go south with Miles, I'd bet John Groce would be more than happy to come here now..
  3. What to do with Miles contract?

    nt I don't want TO, Davison, or any other cook in the kitchen. I think Moos will hire a search firm and make the decision from there.
  4. I think we'll find out why when the FBI report is released.
  5. Greatest Upset in the history

    If you can't be good at being great, be great by being terrible.
  6. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Don''t question Brucie's brilliance!
  7. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Just think if the B1G hadn't been down this year. They'd be, like, 6-0.
  8. Postseason Tourney Talk

    l miss good ol' Paul Verlander.
  9. Postseason Tourney Talk

    Just wait until they expand the field to 96 teams.
  10. What to do with Miles contract?

    Dana Hoiberg?
  11. Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Rosenthal spreading false info to retain his Ron Burgundy status.
  12. That's more brain power than I want to use thinking about the NIT.
  13. I Want More Seasons Like This

    This felt like a Barry Collier season to me. I've had enough of those to last me a lifetime.
  14. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Preferably ones that don't rhyme with Deuce Assmanson.
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'm thinking the Book of Job. God is certainly testing our faith. And I hope we don't have to resort to sacrificing Isaac to appease Yahweh.