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  1. I just wanted to add Paging Bobby Lutz is an awesome name for a band.
  2. Maybe Eichorst is talking about Les coaching the basketball team next year? ;
  3. Either Dana Hoiberg or Tyronn Crean.
  4. I vote for Tyronn Lue, Eric Piatkowski, and Mikki Moore.
  5. Can I start a Chris Collins is dirty thread?
  6. I'm sure Mark Banker was excited for next season, too. But you're probably right.
  7. Trying hard to keep the apathy I felt during Collier and Sadler's last seasons from setting in. It's not going to be easy. Hope see we some some major staff overhaul.
  8. Hate to be a negative Nancy, but I don't see us making any huge leaps and bounds next year. The elite teams will still be significantly more talented than us, and we aren't exactly dominating the middle and lower tier teams (who are just as youthful as us and will significantly improve their talent and experience next year, same as us). I would love to eat crow, but I don't see how next year is going to be any different than this year. Prove me wrong Tim.
  9. First to 50 wins!
  10. Makes me yearn for the days of Doc ball.
  11. I'd settle for free throws that work.
  12. If you're the AD, and you decide to keep Miles another year, do you extend his contract? Pay him more and reduce his buyout?
  13. More posts like this....
  14. Who replaces Tai? Despite his struggles today, he has made this offense go, like Petteway on 2012-13. I don't see a replacement for him on the horizon. Next years team, barring some major improvement from someone unexpected and no McVeigh like regression from Ed or Glynn, is going to be painful to watch, IMO.
  15. Starting to feel like the end of the Collier and Sadler eras. I guess if TIm gets one more year, he needs to send Walt P. a thank you card for getting hot for ten games three years ago.