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  1. IIRC, Bruce Rasmussen said in the Omaha World Herald that they would take into account the Minnesota game, when they were at full strength.
  2. They also to Illinois. Their best OOC win was at UCF. All their other Q1 and Q2 wins were in conference.
  3. That means Luinardi will have them as a 10 seed tomorrow.
  4. Nice bounce back fellas. Needed that win!! Sets up a HUGE game Sunday!!!
  5. Actually had been playing it about the previous 3 trips before that 3.
  6. Our rebounding in the 2nd half is awful. It starts with the guards allowing penetration. Causes our help defense to come over, and leaves nobody to box out.
  7. Maybe we should guard # 3.
  8. My favorite was on Palmer's steal, # 1 rode him the whole way down the court. It turned out good for us because Allen drained a 3.
  9. 5 fouls by Indiana in the 1st 8 minutes. 0 in the final 12.
  10. Can Nebraska play the 2nd half in football pads? Indiana's getting away with a lot of contact. Then, the refs call a touch foul on Copeland.
  11. Another game where the refs are letting the teams play.
  12. Defense is better tonight. Good job crashing the boards. A couple good looks, just didn't fall. Have to love the rim, more.
  13. The Official Media Thread

    But, Luinardi is a bracketologist god.
  14. The Official Media Thread

    Well, technically we are 2 - 0 against the last place team. Rutgers is 3 - 14. Illinois will be 3 - 13. Minnesota and Iowa are 3 - 13, also. That means we are 6 - 1 against teams with 3 wins.
  15. I'm pretty sure Oklahoma lost to Iowa State, who is in last place in the Big 12. By that logic, Oklahoma should not be in the tournament. Is he really that great of a bracketologist. He claims to be this guru. You have 32 at large bids. The average basketball fan could get 28 of the teams in the tournament. He got a job with ESPN before these bracketologists came in vogue. He predicted a good percentage of teams, and now is the bible, according to people.
  16. Now What?

    I've been told all year, that Purdue is a great team. They must not be because they lost to Wisconsin on the road. Villanova is not a great team because they lost to St John's at home. Losses like today are going to happen. Teams are not going to be sharp all 31 games in a year. This year should be the expectation every year. We should be talked about in the NCAA tournament every year. That's the spot I want to see this program get to. You must be a new fan. In case you haven't noticed, we have never won an NCAA tournament game. We have 1 appearance in nearly 20 years. Just enjoy the ride.
  17. I still feel the committee will look at the Minnesota win in December as a Q1 or Q2 win. That would give us a 1 - 6 record in Q1 and a 4 - 2 record in Q2. If we win out, we have a shot at a PSU Q2 win. A win in the tournament, that resume isn't awful. Especially, when you consider 3 of the Q1 losses are Q1 games at home. A 4th with Creighton on the line.
  18. Now What?

    Why didn't you include Minnesota #1, Maryland, and Michigan? We are still learning how to win. Miles is actually .500 here. I think making the Big Dance would help. Especially, not knowing who will be back next year. I think recruiting would get an uptick. If everyone that was suppose to be back comes back. The NIT is not terrible. A chance again to learn how to win. Plus, give us some momentum.
  19. I asked in another thread, what happens if we switch KU and Illinois around. People were saying we'd be in. Well, we basically did that today. Michigan became a Q1 win, and we received a Q3 loss. All is not over. Win the next 3, and we should be close to in.
  20. We've been too reliant on Palmer. Palmer has been a stud for us since the 1st Illinois game. Struggled today. 13 points on 14 shots. Illinois did a good job denying him the ball. I expect Indiana and Penn State doing the same. Roby another double double.
  21. This sums up Nebrasketball! A chance to make some noise and we crap the bed.
  22. 4 guys with the rebound, and it goes out of bounds. Ugh!!