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  1. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    We have so many problems it's not even funny. I thought the Northern Illinois game, the OL would come out spitting blood. They had a good first drive, and then the first sign of adversity, curled in a ball for the rest of the half. We have an OL that sucks. Our QB can't throw it to the right team. When he does throw it to the right team, the WR can't catch the ball. I have no idea what creativity the OC has. When your unable to run up the middle, why can't you run a fly sweep action to try to get the defense out of position? Why not spread out the defense and get less defenders in the box? I hate to think if this team loses to Rutgers, we may have a riot on the campus.
  2. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Lee reminds me of Zac Taylor. Taylor had a terrible start to his Husker career, after 2 games, he was 29-69-3-306-1. That's a 42 % completion percentage, and a 75.37 QB Rating. His final 10 games, he was 208-361-9-2347-18. That's a 57.6 % completion percentage, and a 123.70 QB Rating. So far, Lee is 38-73-4-490-5. 52.1% completion percentage, and a 120.8 QB Rating. The difference maybe the running games, the 2017 Huskers are avg. 4.99 Yards per Rush. The 2005 Huskers avg. 3.34 YPR thru 2 games. They finished rushing for only 2.9 YPR. We should be fine if we can continue to run the ball. The rest of the season will come down to the rush game, defense and Lee's decision making.
  3. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I think Gates, if he goes Pro, has a chance. Drew Brown, has a chance, too. (although kickers not usually drafted) Kind of young, though. Only Seniors that are starting Knevel (can't stay healthy, and should probably be backing up, if healthy) Hoppes (no chance) Ketter (no chance) McNitt (no chance) Pierson-El (no chance) Marcus Newby (should not be starting) Weber (no chance) Kalu (if he stays healthy, may have a chance) Future players that have a chance (why I think the future looks bright) Lee, Gates, Foster, Bryant, Morgan, Chris Jones (depending on his bounceback from injury.
  4. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I look at it that I want to see some improvement this year. Getting blown out to Oregon would not be showing improvement.
  5. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Still work to do, but nice comeback in the 2nd half. Need to get better in turnover margin and 3rd downs.
  6. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Or sling it around the field and score 2 TD's.
  7. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Well, this is pathetic. I thought maybe it was going to be a tough season, but this is uncalled for. We have zero clue of what we are doing on defense. We drop 8 in coverage and WR's are running free. 2nd half, run the ball, and get out of Dodge.
  8. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Good: +2 turnover margin 225 rushing yards. Bryant 31 carries 192 yards. Spielman KO Ret for a TD. LIghtborn much more consistent Bad: 8 penalties. Ark State was 7 for 13 on 3rd down (must be fixed) 497 yards allowed.
  9. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Whew!! Way too close for comfort. Offense looked decent. However, had a chance to close out the game, and failed. The defense has some work to do, as if you couldn't tell. I am not going to overreact as we were vanilla on defense. We showed no blitz packages. We were trying to protect the inexperience at corners. Once the newbies at corners get things figured out, this defense will start to play much better. I will say if we allow a MAC crew to ref our game, I am going to throw up. These guys were out of their league. Those two holding calls were terrible. Morgan and Conrad were not holds in any light of day.
  10. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I think this team is one year away. I think they will come up short in the West this year to Wisconsin. Best case scenario for this team is 9 - 3 (losses to PSU, OSU, and Wisconsin). Worst case scenario is 5 - 7 (wins against Ark St, N Ill, Rutgers, Illinois, and Purdue). Watching some games on YouTube from last year. Keys for this year's team are a plus turnover margin, and 3rd down coversions (both offense and defense). I think the offensive and defensive lines will gain some valuable experience, with only one senior. That's why I feel the team is one year away.
  11. Rank the league's top 5 PGs

    Peteway rarely saw the court for TT. After sitting out a year, he made the All Big 10 first team.
  12. Project: All Results before 1950

    I tried to post the link, but couldn't do it on my phone. If you go to huskers.com, and go to men's basketball, under more is the 2016-17 media guide. If you pull it up in pdf format, towards the back, should be all the games played by NU.
  13. Project: All Results before 1950

    Did you check the previous media guides? They are usually available on huskers.com in pdf format.
  14. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    I agree. I thought Myers was a sure fire bet to come back. Of course, I had him going way later than the 13th round. I also thought Alvarado would go pro. I thought maybe a 5 % chance he'd come back. I think he felt that he could get drafted higher by coming back. Myers had no reason to come back, risk injury, and probably not going any higher in the draft. Schreiber getting drafted late made him a no brainer to come back. He could play 1st or right next year and showcase his defensive skills. I am happy to have 2/4 coming back. (If you count losing Swabada, I know I butchered the spelling)
  15. NCAA Tournament Thread

    This year's team had a good pitching staff, and good to great fielders. They did not have enough bats. They also had no bench. Nobody you could feel comfortable playing to give a guy slumping a day off. Need to build depth. The line-up doesn't look very good. C - Wilkening 1B - Roskam 2B - Altavilla/Mike Waldron 3B - Altavilla / Mike Waldron SS - Croenbold LF - Hagge/Cole Klemke (if he's still on the team) CF - Meyers (don't think he will get drafted high enough to leave) RF - Acker DH - Schreiber (if he doesn't go pro) I think Alvarado is gone, and Schreiber is 50/50. McSteen will be a dark horse draft pick. (I thought I heard he completed his 3rd year and is draft eligible) Lefthanded, and throws in the low 90's with a decent breaking ball.
  16. NCAA Tournament Thread

    There will be no change, but the coaching staff better figure out why we play like dog shit (pardon my french) in the regionals. Next year, will probably be the same. It feels like the football team under Pelini. Before the season, you have a hope this year will be different. Each year, though is the same season. Play just good enough to make the regionals, then play like crap.
  17. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Went out with a whimper again. About time to figure out a change at the top.
  18. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Need to get the tying run up in this inning.
  19. NCAA Tournament Thread

    To be fair, the ball hit my MOJO was hit hard, and the left fielder was playing in. Not many people were going to make it.
  20. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Cut it to 3. Altavilla, Schreiber, and Miller due up in the 9th. Need to hold them.
  21. NCAA Tournament Thread

    At least, we're giving it a go.
  22. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Need another baserunning and give us a chance to run into one.
  23. NCAA Tournament Thread

    I notice no pressure to hit the ball, he hits one out. Runners at 1st and 2nd no outs in a tie game, he strikes out.
  24. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Somebody's gotta find the ball!! An extra base hit!!!!
  25. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Actually, the turning point was having Schreiber, Miller, and Alvarado up with runners at 1st and 2nd, nobody out, in a 2 - 2 tie ballgame. Then, getting no one home. That's when the game should have been broken open.