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  1. I guess trying to get Luensmann some confidence for the conference season, would be fine.
  2. I think it depends on the situation. I could very possibly see them using Alvarado as the closer. It is a weird reason for this. They don't want to lose his bat by bringing him in the 7th or 8th inning, and then bringing Luensmann in for the 9th. You would need to replace him with someone in left field. If you put him back in left field, you lose the replacement. If you want to keep the replacement, then you lose Alvarado's bat. I think Luensmann should be the closer, but he should only be used for one inning, and in some circumstances two innings. I think using him multiple innings is ineffective because you only get him for one shot on the weekend. Luckily, our bullpen is pretty deep with pitchers who can close games.
  3. Why would you bring in your closer with a 7 run lead when you have a big conference series this weekend?
  4. I think he didn't put the reason most of those teams were good. Michigan had 7 juniors and seniors in their rotation. They were 14-9 at one point, on the bubble. They got hot, and parlayed it into a Sweet 16 appearance. Iowa State had 4 seniors score in double figures. They had no one close to that output. Xavier had 2 juniors who led the team in scoring. One of the last teams to make the tournament, and got hot. Creighton struggled down the stretch without Mo. St Mary's and Wichita State played in crappy conferences. Northwestern didn't turn their fortunes overnight. Carmody had them going 17-14, 20-14, 20-14, and 19-14, before a disastrous season got him canned. Collins had 2 losing seasons, a 20-12 season, and this year got them to the tournament.
  5. I think the international line would be the best. With the college game, most likely going to quarters, and fans clamoring to go to a 24 second shot clock, the college game would start to become the NBA. I don't like the NBA. I'll watch briefly, but will not watch an entire game. I really hope they don't go that way.
  6. So, your saying we should hire Bruce Weber?
  7. I would assume he is saying, the fewer 3's you allow the other team, the less likely they are to make a bunch of 3's. If you have a guy in his face, he is not going to get the shot off. I look at the Rutgers game as one example. They shot 50% against us from 3, but they only made 3, and scored 65 points. Purdue, OTOH, shot 58.3%, and made 14 3's, scoring 80 points. I do think it is human nature to get stunned if you see someone coming at you. Thus, the need to close out with your hands up. I think the normal reaction is to flinch a little if you see something coming at you. If you keep your hands down, the shooter will see less of you, and in turn become less startled. Makes it easier to make the shot.
  8. I think Luensmann is the guy. I just feel Silva and Erstad are not using him properly. I know they want him to be a starter. So, I think they need to either make him a starter or leave him as a closer. I don't think he's a multi inning pitcher.
  9. Nice bounce back win.
  10. How nice would it be to go to Luensmann for the 9th. Instead, or pitching him multiple innings on Tuesday.
  11. I guess he called it a strike to Cal Poly, also.
  12. I thought the baseball had to go over the plate. That 3rd strike to Schriber was not even close. That 7th inning was tough. A bloop single, 2 seeing eye singles, and a swinging bunt led to 2 runs.
  13. I have an experimental rule. It's called traveling. You must keep a foot stationary, when not bouncing the basketball. Let's make a name for this foot, and call it a pivot foot. I know it's revolutionary.
  14. Watching the Michigan Oregon game, we just have to stop making players dribble. It is flat out ridiculous the amounts of traveling not called, anymore.
  15. Packer and Miller have no idea about Michigan's offense. This team plays at a very slow tempo, but very efficient.
  16. How long is it going to take before Erstad and Silva are going to stop being so stubborn and stupid to try this experiment with using their closer for multiple innings? It is NOT working.
  17. There was no reason to leave him in the game. I was just listening to the game, and knew he was rattled. Why, with the bases loaded do you worry about the runner on 1st?
  18. Michigan was also 14 - 9 at one point. They are dominated by upperclassmen. Walton, Donnal, Robinson, and Irvin are seniors. Abdul-Rakman and Wilson are juniors. We have to get better at defending the 3 point line. If we don't, we are not going to win. Teams shot 39.9 % against us from 3. That can't happen. Even Michigan found that out. They were dead last after 23 games defending the 3. They allowed teams to shoot 41.2% during that time. After that point, they are 11-2, actually now 12-2. Going into the Louisville game, in the last 13 games, teams were shooting 32.2% from 3. If defense gets better, we are able to shoot better, we should make the tournament.
  19. Thank goodness!! I had Michigan going to the Final 4.
  20. I think our offense is fine. We avg. 70.6 PPG in conference. Good for 9th in the Big 10. Prior to our tailspin we were shooting 35.6% from 3 in conference games. Our defense has to get better. Just look at Michigan, they were 14-9, allowing teams to shoot 41.2% from 3. Since then, they are 11-2, and teams are shooting 32.2% from 3.
  21. Wow, that call cost Northwestern 4 points. Still, you can't on the court.
  22. Our rotation is coming around. Friday starter: Hohensee (1 - 2, 2.33 ERA) Saturday starter: Burkamper (0 - 2, 3.78 ERA) Hopefully 1 - 2 after today Sunday starter: Meyers (2 - 1, 2.08) Midweek/reliever: Matt Waldron, a Saturday starter last year (1 - 2, 4.12) Solid bullpen with McSteen, Waldron, Luensmann, Alvarado, and Palkert. I would like to see Hood take over the 2nd midweek starter spot, if we need one.
  23. This is the team I thought we'd see this year. Good starting pitching, get enough runs to win games, good defense. It's a good recipe to win games. It seemed like last year we had two of the three most of the time. We'd have good pitching and defense, but couldn't score. We'd score enough runs, have good starting pitching, but defense would let us down. We'd have enough runs and defense, but pitching wouldn't hold up. Our last 3 games, our starters Meyers (W) 9 IP 5 H 0 R 1 BB 4 SO Hohensee (W) 6 2/3 IP 4 H 1 R 1 ER 3 BB 4 SO Burkamper * thru 6 Inn 6 IP 1 H 1 R 1 ER 3 BB 5 SO 3 - 0 if we can hold on, 21 2/3 IP 10 H 2 R 2 ER 7 BB 13 SO; 0.83 ERA
  24. Hopefully, they go the final 4. That's where I have them going. Which means they will probably lose in the 2nd round.
  25. Michigan is 15 - 27 from 3. Molinari is coaching for Okie State?