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  1. I hope they are better than they look. Maybe, it has more to do with our energy level. It is so much better than Thursday.
  2. We also, for the most part, seem to be playing hard. Also, I don't think UND is a very good team.
  3. I agree. I can tune people out pretty well (probably why I'm still single). So, I knew he had 2 fouls. Gus Johnson wanna-be is terrible. I finally turned on tune-in in the 2nd half to sync up with the game. I could take that.
  4. The FS1 crew didn't do their job for 15 minutes last night. Let's interview the SJU's AD, and forget about the game. I wish I would have recorded the game because Taylor hits a 3 to make it 19 - 16. The announcer says something like "Ah, Nebraska has cut it to 3."
  5. The Good : Not much Roby played another good game. 8 pts 6 reb 2 ast 0 to's 1 blk in 22 minutes. By far, playing the best on the team, so far, this year. Taylor's shot looks much better. The bad : Pretty much everything Very sloppy with the ball, especially the 1st half with 11 turnovers. Shooting was awful. Lost our composure. Cannot happen. Can't let the other team get under your skin. Refs did not help, letting St John's talk non-stop after Palmer's T. The ugly : The last 3 minutes turned into a dunk contest for St John's.
  6. I haven't been able to see any of the student broadcast, but it can't be worse than the first half telecast by FS1 that I watched. I synced my Dish up to Kent for the 2nd half.
  7. Guard play was the difference. Our starting guards: 8-27 FG's 4-10 from 3 7-10 from the FT line. 27 points 11 rebounds 5 assists 9 turnovers Their starting guards: 20-42 FG's 2-10 from 3 7-12 from the FT line. 49 points 22 rebounds 9 assists 3 turnovers.
  8. I guess it wasn't the total final 9 1/2 minutes. We did make a 3 after he went to the bench to cut it to 3, but we became unorganized with about 4 minutes left , where you have to bring him back. We had no clue what we were doing, and needed some experience to help calm us down.
  9. This game turned when Miles sat Watson the last 9 1/2 minutes of the 1st half, with 2 fouls. Went from 19 - 13 to 37 - 24 in that time.
  10. The refs are NOT fine, but they are not the reason we are losing. They have lost complete control over this game when they T up one team, and don't T up the other team when they do much, much, much worse.
  11. We need to bring in Borchardt give him a full head of steam right into #20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Finally start shooting in the 2nd half, and decide to stop defending.
  13. I still don't understand why they lock some for media.
  14. Use this http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=193755
  15. Better than a true freshmen in his first road game trying to run the point.
  16. Watson needs to get back in the game. With him on the bench, we might have a deficit we can't come back. BTW, there was about 4 fouls on Gill's drive.
  17. Why don't we have announcers doing what they're being paid to do? Announce the game. They never talked about the game between media timeouts once. I take the back, they did announce the score when it was SJU 19 Nebraska 16.
  18. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    I was preaching we should give Riley a chance, but Minnesota ended it for me. Next year, win wise is going to be a struggle. New offensive system, and a tough schedule. I think keeping assistants would be a good idea. Here's what I would like to see. Move Riley to administrative position, like Recruiting Coordinator.
  19. I think that was about a minute worth action without a foul.
  20. Here's what my live stats say. Anything I am doing wrong with my computer?
  21. I didn't think that was the case either, but Kent said they could play in 4 games and still redshirt. So, I was wondering if it was a new rule or something.
  22. Thor may or may not be redshirting.