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  1. It was going to be a monumental task, starting a pitcher who didn't even pitch in the conference, and then he only lasts 1 1/3 innings to make matters worse. I think we have a chance with Meyers.
  2. At least we don't look like morons in the dugout. I understand having fun, but you don't have to make yourself look like idiots. (Again, my old man get off my lawn)
  3. Schreiber's percentage of swinging at the 1st pitch has to be 95%. If you throw him a first pitch fast ball, you are the biggest fool in baseball.
  4. I hate that Alvarado walked the first two guys, but he's been so good all year, that it's hard to get mad at him.
  5. Do we add to our village population on the bases, or do we get a few home?
  6. Plus, leaving a small village on the base paths.
  7. The old adage is solo home runs won't beat you. We are looking to make that hold up.
  8. I'm going by worst case scenario.
  9. If Meyers can't go, this is the team that we will probably see in the regionals. We had no chance tonight once Meyers couldn't go. Too many injuries to key pitchers Eddins, Toletson, and Curry, we were able to overcome due to having pretty good starting pitching in Hohensee, Burkamper, and Meyers. They averaged 5 2/3 innings in conference play. That means we could use Waldron, McSteen, Fisher, Luensmann, Palkert and Alvarado only needed to go 3 1/3 innings, or about an average of 2/3 innings per game. Now, we lose Meyers, and Frazier gets hurt in the 2nd inning, plus we play in a park where the ball seems to fly (except for us), it's recipe for disaster.
  10. Well, at least I can get to bed at a decent time tonight.
  11. Roskam had no chance in his 1st 2 at-bats. I don't know who you play at 3rd, but he's been an easy out the first 2 times up.
  12. Because that's not the new era of baseball. The new concept is that you get 3 swings, make them count. I guess we are just the get off my lawn old geezers.
  13. If I see another batter take a home run swing on a 2 strike pitch, I'm going to go nuts. Shorten up the swing!!!
  14. It looked like an oblique maybe. It looked like it was under his arm pit.
  15. I like Maryland's plan better. They get 2 base runners on, and then hit a home run. We hit a home run and then get two base runners on.
  16. I would much rather watch a game like that, than a 15 - 9 home run fest with typical pop-ups going over the fence for home runs. Tough game. We spaced way too many singles out, in the game. Couldn't get a bunt down, or put the ball in play with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs. It will happen. Schreiber could be a tremendous hitter, if he could develop plate discipline. He needs to learn to get into hitter counts and then take healthy swings.
  17. Where's this Waldron been all year?
  18. Derek pitched pretty well. One mistake and a couple well placed ground balls might make saddle him with a loss.
  19. Everybody knows your bunting. Don't hide it. Square around when he comes set, not when he's getting ready to throw. Not executing on offense, today.
  20. Still, one of my biggest pet peeves. Schreiber was swinging for the fences on that 3rd strike. Shorten up and put the ball in play. Too many players today don't shorten up.
  21. MOJO took care of that, too.
  22. It feels like eleventy billion, but it is only 9.
  23. Yes. He does and he should. Need as many innings from the starters. Limited bullpen arms that they trust for multiple days.
  24. This game might get over in time to play tomorrow. This game is moving at a snail's pace.
  25. I think ball 3 was a strike.