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  1. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    No way Bruce Pearl and Calipari are coaching teams on the list 😀
  2. We played great defense and ran them off the 3 point line. They also shot poorly from 3 against us (4-18), but were 15 - 30, at last check, against Maryland. We can beat them, again. It won't be easy, just as tomorrow won't be easy.
  3. Has Wagner ever committed a foul in his eyes?
  4. I wonder where Luinardi will put Maryland in his bracket?
  5. Sean Miller should be listed as one of the dumbest head coaches in the game. How do you not have a fall guy funneling the money? An assistant coach, who you are paying under the table, in case he gets caught. Plausible deniability is key.
  6. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    That is the dumbest comment I have heard in my life. Division II and III teams are playing in their conference tournaments or the national tournament. Plus, you probably need a waiver from the NCAA to schedule an exhibition game. That's just Delaney trying to appease the casual college basketball fan. He's trying to deflect the blame away from him for a stupid idea. Coaches, players, fans, and media could tell him it was a bad idea.
  7. IIRC, Bruce Rasmussen said in the Omaha World Herald that they would take into account the Minnesota game, when they were at full strength.
  8. They also to Illinois. Their best OOC win was at UCF. All their other Q1 and Q2 wins were in conference.
  9. That means Luinardi will have them as a 10 seed tomorrow.
  10. Nice bounce back fellas. Needed that win!! Sets up a HUGE game Sunday!!!
  11. Actually had been playing it about the previous 3 trips before that 3.
  12. Our rebounding in the 2nd half is awful. It starts with the guards allowing penetration. Causes our help defense to come over, and leaves nobody to box out.
  13. My favorite was on Palmer's steal, # 1 rode him the whole way down the court. It turned out good for us because Allen drained a 3.