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  1. MOJO took care of that, too.
  2. It feels like eleventy billion, but it is only 9.
  3. Yes. He does and he should. Need as many innings from the starters. Limited bullpen arms that they trust for multiple days.
  4. This game might get over in time to play tomorrow. This game is moving at a snail's pace.
  5. I think ball 3 was a strike.
  6. Jake is 1 - 1 with a 6.30 ERA in his last 4 starts. This is by far the most innings he pitched in a season. Might be fatigue settling in. Derek and Myers have multiple seasons of high inning totals.
  7. It's not the biggest, but the pitches Jake missed were not close. Jake has struggled for a long time. Might be wearing out.
  8. Purdue's starter done, already. 3 - 0 good guys, bases loaded, nobody out, 1st inning. Keep it going, fellas.
  9. Not close to official. I would guess we would get the automatic bid, as regular season champs.
  10. I like our pitching rotation. Although Hohensee is struggling, Burkamper and Myers are coming in pitching well. Burkamper is 4 - 0 with an 0.75 ERA in his last 4 starts. (probably would have chose him over Jake for 3rd team honors) Losing Toletson (sp), Eddins, and Curry might hurt. Pitching and defense will be vital for this team to advance very far.
  11. I think Meyers will still be around. He is a very good college player, but pitching is not going to get him drafted. His bat and speed might get him a look, but I don't think it will be very high. Alvarado and Schreiber will have a decision to make. Alvarado will be drafted probably pretty high. Not many arms that can throw 95, with a filthy slider. Schreiber has raw power. His question will be health, and position.
  12. Congrats to the players and coaches on a very good Big 10 season. Still more work to do!!
  13. Actually, an NCAA record 50 runs. That was in 6 innings, as they did enforce the mercy rule.
  14. Actually, don't mind that. Makes us know what we have to do, tomorrow. Just win.
  15. He is not in the line-up tomorrow if I'm the coach.