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  1. I don't know if it was the "pedigree" of the team or the fact it was the "home team", but Creighton definitely got the benefit of the doubt. On a side note, this whole verticality crap is bullcrap. You should not get a foul called if the offensive guy runs into you why you keep your hands vertical. No problem with that part. However, even if you keep your hands vertical, you can not move your feet forward. Creighton players were doing that on 2 of Nebraska's made baskets down the stretch. Should have an and-1 on both of them.
  2. So, the ref under the basket, 5 feet from the play, calls a basket and a foul on Creighton. He is overruled by the ref sitting on the Creighton bench?
  3. Here's what I don't understand. Copeland knocks the ball back, and I guess it is a rule that you can go get the ball in the backcourt if you knocked it back there. However, Copeland grabs the ball and 15 literally grabs his ankle. Yet, that isn't a foul, but Watson's fifth is a foul?
  4. I agree with most things what you are saying. However, disagree on the defense, they held two really good offenses well under their season averages.
  5. Under the basket vantage point, it was NOT a foul. Which makes the call worse. That's the ref that called it. I could see Tim not seeing what happened
  6. We think the refs were bad today, wait until Billy gets ahold of them.
  7. He got us into the offense. He was a lot better than having Taylor get us into our offense.
  8. Bullshit, they won this when Watson left the game with 3 minutes left Nebraska is only down 3 at the time, and had a very good chance to win this.
  9. Frustrating when Watson doesn't commit a foul and gets taken out of the game with 3 minutes left because you have 3 f'ing morons who have no idea what they are doing.
  10. I hope the refs made some pretty good money from Creighton!!!
  11. 11 TO 3 IN FTA, where both teams are playing the same style is Bullshit!!
  12. ANOTHER NO CALL AFTER a made basket.
  13. Then, Palmer gets fouled. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE PLAYER HAS VERTICALITY, if he is moving into the offensive player, IT IS A FOUL!!
  14. He fouled him, and Foster takes two steps, how is that an and-1?