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  1. This year's team had a good pitching staff, and good to great fielders. They did not have enough bats. They also had no bench. Nobody you could feel comfortable playing to give a guy slumping a day off. Need to build depth. The line-up doesn't look very good. C - Wilkening 1B - Roskam 2B - Altavilla/Mike Waldron 3B - Altavilla / Mike Waldron SS - Croenbold LF - Hagge/Cole Klemke (if he's still on the team) CF - Meyers (don't think he will get drafted high enough to leave) RF - Acker DH - Schreiber (if he doesn't go pro) I think Alvarado is gone, and Schreiber is 50/50. McSteen will be a dark horse draft pick. (I thought I heard he completed his 3rd year and is draft eligible) Lefthanded, and throws in the low 90's with a decent breaking ball.
  2. There will be no change, but the coaching staff better figure out why we play like dog shit (pardon my french) in the regionals. Next year, will probably be the same. It feels like the football team under Pelini. Before the season, you have a hope this year will be different. Each year, though is the same season. Play just good enough to make the regionals, then play like crap.
  3. Went out with a whimper again. About time to figure out a change at the top.
  4. Need to get the tying run up in this inning.
  5. To be fair, the ball hit my MOJO was hit hard, and the left fielder was playing in. Not many people were going to make it.
  6. Cut it to 3. Altavilla, Schreiber, and Miller due up in the 9th. Need to hold them.
  7. At least, we're giving it a go.
  8. Need another baserunning and give us a chance to run into one.
  9. I notice no pressure to hit the ball, he hits one out. Runners at 1st and 2nd no outs in a tie game, he strikes out.
  10. Somebody's gotta find the ball!! An extra base hit!!!!
  11. Actually, the turning point was having Schreiber, Miller, and Alvarado up with runners at 1st and 2nd, nobody out, in a 2 - 2 tie ballgame. Then, getting no one home. That's when the game should have been broken open.
  12. That is funny if you think this team could put enough together to get any runs home.
  13. Yale and Holy Cross have combined for a 5.32 ERA, and we have scored THREE runs in 16 innings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Now, it's time for them to hang their heads and give up. Hey, Erstad, probably should get a new pitcher in. I know, call me crazy. Or, we could just keep Luensmann out there, to keep giving up runs.
  15. 9 outs away from another embarrassing post season appearance.