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  1. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Ah, I didn't realize it was neutral. Agreed that it won't be quite as bad then.
  2. 2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Northwestern just lost to Texas Tech 85-49 (at home). That will drop them in KenPom a loooooooooot.
  3. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    The students are teetering in dangerous territory - not filling up the sideline for a Sunday afternoon game is disappointing. They've done a nice job fulfilling their end of the deal ever since PBA opened. Seems like enthusiasm is running dry (and with our results the last few years, it is hard to blame them).
  4. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    Glynn seems to be shooter the ball with less arc than I remember last year. That always makes it harder.
  5. North Dakota is a must win

    Heavy roster turnover cannot continue to be an excuse for Tim Miles. In year 6, this is completely his program - both the good things and the bad things.
  6. North Dakota is a must win

    "Must win" tends to have a variety of definitions, but I agree, we have to beat North Dakota. A loss could start to raise questions about whether Miles will even make it to the end of the year let alone continue into 2018-2019.
  7. VB team wins

    At this point you have to feel decent about winning the conference title. Tied with Penn State, with Nebraska owning the tiebreaker, and PSU has a harder schedule left.
  8. It is interesting to read the reactions of this board. I'm going to oversimplify this, but in response to good things that happened, people are like "X and Y looked great! They will be big contributors for us this year." In response to bad things, the response is "This is only the exhibition. I don't anticipate these issues in the regular season from A and B." It certainly speaks to the optimism among hard-core fans right now.
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    Wow. We weren't far from last. There are zero expectations outside of this state right now.
  10. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Wow. This isn't a dig against you directly, brfrad, but "can live with 6-6" in year 3... that is such a sad reflection of the state of Nebraska football.
  11. Developing story: NCAA fraud and corruption probe

    While that's true, the sizable stock trends over the past week and a half for these two companies are not related to the long-term stock price trends of the past couple of years.
  12. OT: The passing of an icon

    Traveling Wilburys... what a hidden gem.
  13. Anton Gill

    - Don't you think "Lumberjack" is a bit more appropriate and apt for someone named Jack than Ethan? It's not just making up a random nickname like Creighton did because Wragge had a beard.
  14. Season Tickets

    Wow. No more season tickets available (pairs)? I wonder how many seats the ticket office held back for single game tickets. Still, that is pretty interesting. I wonder how many of the extras that were bought after the Seat Yourself process ended were bought by Husker fans vs Jayhawks.
  15. Season Tickets

    I do wonder how they will be selling the KU tickets? There are only 10k season tickets, I'd guess. What are they doing with the rest?