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  1. Very good post
  2. I hate to be Internet Grammar Nazi. But if we're going to be seeing this thread for months to come, could we edit the title to correctly spell carousel?
  3. Really? Does anyone do it?
  4. This is a fairly meaningless topic, but what the heck. When Coach Miles was hired, he was known for his social media and that continued for many years. He now hasn't tweeted since the Gardner-Webb loss. Any guesses when he'll start tweeting again, if ever?
  5. Bingo. I think 2008 Nebraska would have made it. That team was 19-12 entering the tournament with the #323 non-conference strength of schedule. It ended the season #39 on KenPom (far better than any Miles team).
  6. No. At some point you need to start putting Ws in the win-loss column. If he would go 0.500 this year and next year, he'd be fired no matter the recruiting class.
  7. I don't understand the thought behind playing Glynn sparingly. If he's healthy enough to play, play him normal and give us a chance to win. If he's not, sit him completely and rest him for the next one to prevent further damaging anything if he's not fully healed. One or the other.
  8. I think both teams got their fair share of calls, but what was most frustrating to me was the fact that Swanigan travels every time he gets the ball down in the post. Goodness
  9. Ha. According to, the women's team is shooting 64.5% from the line in conference games, better than the men's team!
  10. I had guessed after the game that in conference-only games, we'd be last in the Big Ten in free throw shooting. Not quite - we are 12th at 63.6%. Rutgers is somehow only shooting 53.8% (56-104) and is last. I do not know how that is possible for a team to shoot so poorly from the line.
  11. I've only been following closely since 2007 or so but the A&M loss is easily the worst during the past ten years for me, much worse than last night.
  12. Bob Diaco is the hot name right now
  13. Looking at the ticket market, it looks like it will be a full house. Even more so than the Iowa game, which had some empties near the top of the 300s on the baseline.
  14. Two days ago he thought we were getting one for sure and maybe two, but this morning he knew/said we were getting zero.
  15. Indiana is up on Illinois 17-2 right now.