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  1. Season Tickets

    Wow. No more season tickets available (pairs)? I wonder how many seats the ticket office held back for single game tickets. Still, that is pretty interesting. I wonder how many of the extras that were bought after the Seat Yourself process ended were bought by Husker fans vs Jayhawks.
  2. Season Tickets

    I do wonder how they will be selling the KU tickets? There are only 10k season tickets, I'd guess. What are they doing with the rest?
  3. Season Tickets

    I think the Runza offer will be on the back of the season ticket card.
  4. Seat Yourself Process

    Pretty sure I saw this morning that you have to pay within three days or else it will be opened back up to the public. Couldn't hurt to call the ticket office at 1-800-8BIG-RED to be sure.
  5. Seat Yourself Process

    Good news for the health of our fan base, then.
  6. Seat Yourself Process

    For anyone that still has access to Seat Yourself, how much seating is left? Specifically in the 100 and 200 levels?
  7. Seat Yourself Process

    I was able to improve my seats a decent amount this year. It seems like the "good" seats in the 100 level and 200 level are going at a much slower rate than in prior years. I'm positive there weren't as many available seats in those levels last year at this time on day 2.
  8. Seat Yourself Process

    Agree for the most part. If you have no priority points right now, donating even $100 would move you up past everyone else who's never donated. So it could possibly move him up a decent amount.
  9. Offseason Potpourri

    What is that? Is it the area that the club seat holders walk through to get to their seats?
  10. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    The one who most thought was most likely to stay, was the one who left.
  11. Season Tickets

    They're just saying that if you don't buy season tickets, you're not guaranteeing yourself a ticket vs Kansas, in case the single-game tickets sell fast, etc
  12. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    I believe that Alvarado already announced he won't be back.
  13. Season Tickets

    Nope, you should call them. That doesn't sound right.
  14. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    No argument there - I'm just saying that winning the title by beating PSU one out of three games would leave me with a dissatisfying, almost bitter feeling and I don't find it worthwhile to spend the energy rooting for it to happen.
  15. 2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Throw out the scoreboard watching. We beat the worst team in the conference two times in a row, and we win the conference. If we can't do that - which would mean we lose the series - we certainly don't deserve a conference championship.