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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'm not too concerned about Oklahoma State getting in. They have very little chance. No biggie on this game
  2. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I agree with all of these except I think I would lean Texas over Kansas State. I think there is a better chance that they both get in if Kansas State wins. I could see the argument for KSU though so probably doesn't matter too much.
  3. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Depends on who we would play in the BTT, but I think we would be near 50/50 if we lost to Penn State but then made it to the finals. Maybe closer to 60/40.
  4. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Getting closer, I think. OU is probably still near 80% chance of making the tournament, Creighton probably 75%. But it's getting interesting.
  5. Interesting, can you share the source on that? I would have guessed that would be more like 35% - 40%.
  6. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Nailed it. Bracket Matrix is great to understand how many brackets we are in, but not necessarily a good view of where we are on the bubble since he is only charting teams in the field. If every bracketologist were to also submit their first four out or first eight out and Bracket Matrix were to assign points to those and incorporate them in the ranking somehow, it would be much more valuable for teams like us because more data would be incorporated. But one team being in ten brackets versus another being in five brackets out of 100 doesn't really tell you which one is closer. That said, I refresh Bracket Matrix multiple times per day
  7. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    If all three of those teams went on a run, I think I could see that happening. The probability of that scenario unfolding, though, is pretty low as you implied. I guess it all starts right now with this Penn State/Purdue game.
  8. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Winning the next two, beating Michigan in the 4/5 game and then losing to Ohio State still gives us an RPI of 50 at the end of the season. Damn. That'd be pretty near the cut line. This is sure an uphill battle now.
  9. 2018 Husker Baseball

  10. Offensive Efficiency

  11. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    If we want Michigan to be top 30, then I think we need them to win out in the regular season. Otherwise, if they lose one more game, they may still be top 30 at the end of the regular season but I believe a loss to Nebraska in the BTT will then drop them back out of the top 30 again.
  12. LOL. Computers, aka machines, do what they are told (by humans). Different humans will make computer ranking systems differently based on what criteria they feel is best. So certainly some computers will be "dumber" than others if they are based on criteria that aren't as predictive as other, better criteria.
  13. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'd go the other way on this one. Houston is pretty much in no matter what after their win versus Cincinnati. Temple is near the cut line depending on who you trust. I think we need Houston to win.
  14. Offensive Efficiency

    Although it's pretty basic, one of my go-to stats to judge offensive efficiency has always been points per field goal attempt. It combines effective field goal percentage with getting to the FT line (and making them). James Palmer is averaging 1.45 points per field goal attempt. Here is the same metric for our prior scoring leaders: 2017: Tai Webster - 1.21 2016: Shavon Shields - 1.31 2015: Terran Petteway - 1.21 2014: Terran Petteway - 1.36 2013: Dylan Talley - 1.05 2012: Bo Spencer - 1.24 2011: Lance Jeter - 1.37 2010: Ryan Anderson - 1.36 2009: Ade Dagunduro - 1.45 So you have to go back to 2009 to find the last time our scoring leader has matched what James is doing, and Ade did it on only 13 points per game (doing it on 18 points per game is of course more impressive). Next, Isaiah Roby is averaging 1.63 points per field goal attempt. This is an incredible number to average throughout a season. When I get more time I'll try to go back and find the last time we had a meaningful contributor average this man points per FG attempt throughout a season. I would venture to say that it has been awhile.
  15. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I'll give you that. But with only three weeks left, those other two categories of games aren't as bad as important as the first (I am sure you would agree).