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  1. Road to 20

    After seeing both Wisconsin and Illinois, Wisconsin looks like the more winnable game on the road even though they both could be wins. Wisconsin looks like one of the worse teams in the B1G this year. Take away Happ and they don't have much else.
  2. This was definitely the game changer ...hope Roby keeps playing that aggressive on offense....seems to be getting more comfortable being more assertive
  3. Interesting side note....former Nebraska staffer (don't think he ever was an assistant and think he may have left before the first season started) Chin Coleman is an assistant at Illinois.
  4. Carr was 2-17 going into ot...PSU stuck with and he won them the game. JP should have got some minutes especially after we called a time out at end of regulation.
  5. I don't know if you would consider it player development, but his track record with big guys is not good. Pitchford (left team) Smith (Juco- did a pretty good job as a role player) Sergei (transfer) Hammond (transfer) MJ (transfer) Morrow (transfer) Jordy (potential transfer) Duby/Moses (grad transfers that are role players) Not sure if all these guys transferring are all on Miles but to not have a high school big guy finish out his career is not good.
  6. It was funny that the announcers said Collins thinks Nebraska's best lineup is when Copeland and Roby are in together at the 4 and 5. One thing that is interesting is when they are out there together Roby guards the 5 and Copeland the 4.
  7. True. Also the committee is no longer ranking wins by top 50, 100 etc. They have 4 "tiers" that are different based on home and away games. Will be interesting to see how that will affect teams compared to the old system. Right now 4 of our losses are Tier 1 and the other is Tier 2. None of our wins are Tier 1, and 1 is Tier 2.
  8. The biggest issue we will have is lack of quality wins. Really there are 2 maybe 3 left in the regular season (@Purdue, Mich, @MInny). That is why the Kansas game was so big. Will probably take at least 21 wins to get in which is definitely doable with the schedule.