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  1. Watkins out

    That is the problem with the Tier system in my opinion. This is a Tier 3 game for Nebraska and a Tier 1 game for PSU. If Nebraska beats PSU, the only way PSU could get into the top 75 in the RPI according to RPI forecast is by getting to the semi finals of the B1G tourney. So really beating Penn State won't doing anything on paper for Nebraska's resume because it will just be a Tier 3 win.
  2. Road to 20

    After seeing both Wisconsin and Illinois, Wisconsin looks like the more winnable game on the road even though they both could be wins. Wisconsin looks like one of the worse teams in the B1G this year. Take away Happ and they don't have much else.
  3. This was definitely the game changer ...hope Roby keeps playing that aggressive on offense....seems to be getting more comfortable being more assertive
  4. Interesting side note....former Nebraska staffer (don't think he ever was an assistant and think he may have left before the first season started) Chin Coleman is an assistant at Illinois.