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  1. Eichorst Out

    I think it's pretty obvious that are program has not been a success since 2003. We have had 1 NCAA appearance in that time. If we have had 4 or 5 in that same time, I doubt people would not care what Boehm does or doesn't do. Are you saying the basketball program has been a success under Boehm's direct oversight? Since he is still here, he obviously brings some value to the athletic department, just know sure if it is through his oversight of the basketball program.
  2. Eichorst Out

    According to huskers.com , his duties (among others) include development and fundraising initiatives and direct oversight of men's and women's basketball. So, he obviously is a hell of fundraiser, because since 2003 his direct oversight of basketball hasn't been very good.
  3. Eichorst Out

    Will Mark Boehm survive another AD change?
  4. Postseason Conference Performance

    Pretty sure the Big East has a loss....Providence unless those games don't count
  5. Sipple checks in

    Morrow does play bigger than his actual size, but imagine if he and Jordy were out there together and he was being guarded by another team's 4 instead of their center. He struggles at times just because the guys defending him are bigger than him. I just don't think we can go the next two years without seeing those 2 guys on the floor together. He has shown he can step out and hit a 15 - 18 footer, and the one game they did play together, they looked pretty good doing it.
  6. Sipple checks in

    He is 6 7 230 playing center. I think most other schools he would be a power forward. Hopefully if he stays, they will work on getting Jordy and Ed on the court at the same time.
  7. This Year Wasn't All That Bad

    7 losses by 4 points or less on the road/neutral. If you win 3 of those, you are 22 and 9 and probably in the NCAA even with a not great non con schedule.
  8. Miles will be here for 2017-18

    Lee isn't some internet blogger. He works for the largest newspaper in the state. I'm guessing he had to be pretty confident in those sources to put names out there.
  9. Miles will be here for 2017-18

    In Lee's article he said that their sources said Eichorst reached out indirectly to Tom Crean and Eric Musselman. I'm guessing this is why the tweet directly after the game, like some have speculated that he didn't think he could get his top choices, which may have led to Eichorst keeping Miles.
  10. Bizarro Fire Miles Talk (Not BS)

    I said three weeks ago that I would be fine either way and I still believe that. I think the overwhelming reason why people say he should be back is we are young. Well, the teams that we need to be competing with and better than are Minnesota, Northwestern, and Iowa to get into the top half on a regular basis are just as young. Finish top 7 or 8 in the league and you are going to be right there for a NCAA bid. Northwestern returns top 6 scorers and loses two seniors ( Lumpkin is a pretty good role player) and has a 3 star coming in. Minnesota returns top 5 scorers and loses Springs (24 mpg, 10 ppg) has a 4 star and 3 star coming in. Iowa returns everybody but Jok (best player) has 2 4 star and 1 3 star coming in. Penn State returns everybody. I'm not sure what these teams have in transfers sitting out and there will attrition, but there probably will be for us too. We are losing our most consistent (and best I think) player in Tai. So while we are young and should be better next year, so will everybody else, and right now Northwestern and Minnesota are tourney teams this year, Iowa is a NIT in a rebuilding year for them after making 3 straight dances, and right now we are tied with Penn State. So, I don't think the young excuse should be the only reason to keep him. There has been a lot of bad luck with this year with injuries and White transferring, but Northwestern and Iowa have dealt with that too.
  11. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    At previous stops, Miles has spent 2, 4, 6, and 5 years at those places. Now, he was always taking a better job, but he has never spent more than 6 years anywhere as a head coach. Also, all those jobs he improved year over year, except here, where he has so far peaked in year 2 then regressed (using wins and losses) in years 3,4, and 5. I don't think it would that big of a shock especially considering next year will be NCAA or bust type year.
  12. Whatever came of that achilles injury in the Iowa game? Haven't seen him since, so did he tear it? And he is bad, the Boom T on Shavon should have got him suspended.
  13. CBI

    If we finish 2-4, then Miles' job will definitely be on the line next year, so I think he would rather have the young guys get as much game and practice time as possible, then he would be worried about recruiting for 2018,19, etc.
  14. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    I agree. The last time we thought we had a sure fire tourney team we imploded though and that's probably one of my biggest concerns.