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  1. I wasn't too impressed with Coach Miles dropping the "who the f do you think you are" on camera to Roby. When the going gets tough Coach always seems to have to find a fall person to take the blame. I wish he'd stop playing these games and let people play, similar to what he has forced to do with injuries earlier. It evened bled over into the coaching staff last night when he was yelling at Coach Hunter and made him sit by him after the next time out. It was kind of funny seeing Coach Hunter get up and move to his normal spot a few seats down, kind of like a player would do. I'm not a big fan of treating people like this. To each their own. I've enjoyed how much the team has competed this year. It has been more enjoyable when Coach Miles sits in the back seat and lets the kids play.
  2. Northwestern 77 Nebraska 66 13 assists.