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  1. Is this the same team ...

    According to the press conference yesterday, Ed will be starting today, which I am happy about.
  2. I think Watson is either gimpy or sick. He wasn't on the bench very often, but two times that he was I saw him sitting and talking to the trainer. He looked like he wasn't comfortable. If something is up there, the fact that he played 30 meetings is admirable. Gill needs to make a bucket or two. He looks lost and just needs some confidence. We've seen him and his potential in the exhibition/scrimmage. It's there, just need to find it. These next few games away from PBA are going to be very important.
  3. Under Armour?

    They also recently inked a deal with Nebraska Star Beef to provide their student athletes with our beef sticks. We started out with the Huskers, and now my nephew has gotten our sticks into 12 Power 5 Conference schools! If you haven't tried them, you should. And, no, they're not at Creighton. If they ever approached us, we'd have to sit down as a family and discuss this one.... Are there any places in Lincoln where we can buy those beef sticks? I believe the jerky is at hyvee, but I wasn't sure if they carry the sticks?
  4. On a positive note....

    Anyone know who they were? I saw them entering the tunnel towards the locker room after the game, being led by Ali. Between the recruits and all of there family there was quite a long line of them.
  5. Pavelka

    I saw something on twitter that made the mic comment. What happened?
  6. We're not going win many games when Benny and Tai combine for more turnovers than the entire opposing team. Quite honestly though I am not too concerned. This is one of the best teams we will play all year, not to mention we played on their own court. The big ten season will be a challenge as always, but I think we'll learn a lot from this game and it will make us better in the long run.
  7. We sit close to the tunnel that the players walk in/out of. Unfortunately I've been able to see Petteway's expressions/reactions after several losses this year. Seeing him tonight, he was very, very upset walking into the locker room area, more than any of the other games. Couple that along with all of his family sitting in the family section wearing their #5 jersies...I left the game with a very sinking feeling that tonight could have been the last time we see Petteway in a Huskers jersey at PBA. He's gotta do what he's gotta do, but I'd really like to see him with Shield, White, and Morrow!!
  8. Best Thing About Tonight

    Watch Miles post game press conference, that was the best part for me tonight. I'm confident he's going to get things straightened out and get the energy and urgency back into this team.
  9. The crowd was PATHETIC!

    I don't think they were there. I think that was one of the very few NU athletic events the dude in the full red leotard has missed. I thought of this last night, and I told my wife I blame him.
  10. A Note to Kent

    Matt just raised the bar by referring to Moses as "the Old Testament". Kent's gotta wow him/us with a new one for Walt!
  11. They're Here!!

    Tickets came yesterday! Still no parking pass though. I'm the opposite of you, have my parking pass, but still no tickets!