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  1. Doesn't help that Webster has to carry us offensively too. It's too much of a burden.
  2. I'm 100 percent for Miles returning, but it's getting harder to forget that outside of one great run in Year 2 that we have been a bad team. Miles has put together a really deep and talented roster by NU standards, but is he the guy who can turn a talented team into a really good team? It's a disappointing year, but I hope he gets next season to answer the question.
  3. Miles really killed us with that nonsensical review. That wasted TO would have come in handy.
  4. Waited long enough to foul. Eff.
  5. Changes trajectory off Wisky!
  6. That banked in 3 is just a kick in the seeds.
  7. I've said it before, but I get a Peter Jok vibe from Nana.
  8. It's not too often where, late in a really close game, I think to myself, "win or lose, this is a fun game." Yesterday was one. It was just incredible to see both teams answer the bell so many times. It seemed like every push we made was answered by a dagger 3. To withstand that down two key players and a hobbled Webster down the stretch was just incredible.
  9. It's just mind boggling that we do everything possible to lose games. We miss layups, miss free throws, commit awful, terrible turnovers and fail to grab rebounds. I couldn't be more ticked off about this loss. Just infuriating.
  10. I have absolutely nothing to say that's nice right now. What a cluster F the final minute was.
  11. I think the decision to defend the inbounder was correct. With 1.9 left, I think 1) You need to make the pass less than perfect to affect the shot and 2) I think there's enough time to touch pass it back to the inbounder for a layup.