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  1. Jordy will need it to hit the three that is thrown to him as time runs out for a win.
  2. Great player, Just don't call his sister and mother a whore and his brother's and father a terrorist!
  3. CR7 is a bit of a pretty boy, and is one of the either love or hate kind of guy.. My view changed some when I heard about the family who was asked him for a pair of his game boots so that could use them in an auction to raise money for their sons cancer treatment bills. He sent them and then paid all the bills for the kid, but didn't tell anybody so that the family could use the money they raised for other things they needed. So he can be a dick, but then does some good, so you know
  4. Yeah those two teams are like saying you like the Yankees and Cubs. Although I do like the Baca jersey. But my favorite jersey right now is Borussia Dortmund. The yellow with the grey stripes is sweet.
  6. Just asking here. but do you think Terrin would have "tried as hard" if we had more and better players? Did he play his way because of he was, me first, or was it because he felt he had to carry us?
  7. This was the only answer so far on this article and it is actually pretty good: Doesn't bother me I hate losing talented in state kids for football but with basketball I want miles to find the best group he can. With football you can afford to take an in state kid who won’t play for a few years simply because of so many more spots but basketball is different. I want the best players, if that means they’re from nebraska great if not that’s great too. Posted by jack dein on Jul 6, 2017 | 3:38 PM
  8. He doesn't do select yet, but might some day/ After college next year I am trying to talk him into doing High School, or so. He does a good job, biggest deal is he is very calm (like his mom) and lets the guy have his say. But if goes over the top he tells them to go watch this game from the car.
  9. My son was umping U-14 boys game the other night, and he had some call that was not a typical call so he made it and when then coaches got done screaming about it, (because you know U-14 on a Tuesday night in Lincoln Nebraska is the most important thing in the world). So... any way he goes back behind the plate and the catcher says " That was a bold strategy, Blue" Son said they both laughed and he could tell that this kid got it, that it was just a game, and that the right call was made on a weird play.
  10. HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. Welcome to the Big Red Family Kate!
  12. No, he almost looks like a president when they leave office.
  13. Heard if AWIII doesn't get drafted might try to come back here for one more year to get better at D and improve his draft stock. It was on the internet so you know it is true.
  14. crap that could mean 3 losses a year automatically!
  15. Interesting read. very interesting.
  16. okay thanks
  17. Are you saying that we didn't even try to get a post player?
  18. Well we won't be losing to a sub 200 RPI team at least. maybe...
  19. Yeah she will drop like 50 lbs and then end up being an AA and a first round draft choice. And we will feel like the groom who was left standing at the alter while our bride ran off with your jerk cousin that has everything.
  20. Well I hate to say that the guy in the grey couldn't play very good d. And I saw Roby miss a couple of shots, and that can't happen this year.
  21. Has Jake loosened up yet? That could tell us as much as anything. If he is hurt he can't go.
  22. Okay even if we really don't know our seed yet. Which side of the bracket do we want to be on and who do we want and don't want?
  23. and yet they are rated 15th. sigh...
  24. This is the one thing that makes the agruement of who is best all time both fun and so upsetting. How would some of today's guys liked being thrown to the ground as they went up for a lay up every time? How would some of the older guys handled being able to get the extra step and not being pushed on all the time? The biggest one I think the difference is in strength and nutrition. Think about it Jesse Owens was the fastest man in the world, he ran on a cinder track, dug holes for starting blocks and wasn't allowed to eat in more than half of the in restaurants in the country that he lived in. I know that Bolt only ate chicken nuggets in Russia or where ever but he still has had reaaly good food up to that point I would think. Think about injuries. Old timers who careers where done with injuries that now can be fixed and you can come back better and stronger. I think a lot of people don't really think about some of these things when they look into say who was the best ever in any sport, I try to at least throw that in when I get into these agruements.