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  1. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    I almost do that everytime I walk up the stairs to my seats, it wouldn't take long for me to reach the level pukeatudem.
  2. HHCC Game #05 - neut. UCF (Nov. 23, 5:00 PM CST)

    Huskers-82 Knights- 75 4
  3. Postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 4 - North Dakota

    Con- one can grow a sweet beard and the other may never shave in his life.
  4. Is it time to start Roby?

    Just what I think but, I think many of us wanted Copeland to be a big scorer instead of him actually being a big scorer. Doesn't mean he won't get hot some nights and put up some big numbers. He seems to me to be more of an all around player. Gets rebounds, plays okay defence, has nice mid-range game. But isn't the give me the ball and I will score every time type of guy. He might also be holding back a bit until he feels good about the health of his back. And when watching him he seems to be a guy who might be on the quiet side who sits back and watches and waits to see what needs to be done and then maybe try to fill that role. It is a long season and the start is crusial but if it is a tad bumpy we have time to right the ship. I remember somewhere somebody once said about Major League Baseball... You can't win the pennat in April, but you can lose it. So we do need to get things going in the right direction, and tighten everything up some. Got go my ride is yelling that we are going to be late.
  5. Is it time to start Roby?

    I think that is because Mrs. Riley is allergic to industrual chemicals found in houses.
  6. Is it time to start Roby?

    How much is the missed 3 from both Copeland and Gill due to injury? Gill's shot was short and would that indicate leg strength? And Copeland's flat shot, could that be due to his back issue? I don't know just asking, because I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn Express for a couple of months.
  7. The one that killed Glynn was his fourth where both got told to stop and he runs down and bumps the kid and he sells it so very well. Knew that was coming the second that we got the ball. If Glynn had fallen backward and broke his ankle that was going to be on him that trip down the court. They were very good at the bait and trap you game. Our heads got filled with I don't know what but we just kind of turtled up and said lets get out of here.
  8. I do agree that some just don't know that it is in them until they need to use. An example I have this year with my youth team was we had a running back that just knocked the crap out of people who tried to tackle him. By the end of the year when it was his turn in Oklahoma drill we had only 3 out 25 that would go against him. Now these where young kids but we had some actually say nope and go to the end of the line when he was up. He also just rolled a DB the last game of the year on a touchdown run. The kid came to hit him and our kid just put the big hit on him and then took it to the house. We ran the same play again later and the same DB ran away from this kid as he came around the end. Scored twice on that play before they moved somebody out there that at least took him on. I do think that the right kind of leader can make you follow and maybe to some things you did not know where in you, but I still think it is ingrained in us at an early age. The fight-or-Fight kicks in.
  9. For all the sports I have played or coached over the years I think I kid is either born with the I will get every ball or make every tackle or follow me to FREEDOM type of personality that we didn't really show last night. When St.John's kept talking and playing the way they did last night nobody stepped up to try to stop any of it. James tried but he got T'd up. Nobody put a hard foul on a guy driving to the basket to say no more. I know we always go back to Nees teams but what would a couple of those teams done to a guy or guys who were doing what they were doing to us last night. Just what I think. I can tell a kid to do something but it is up to them to do it or take it upon themselves to do it.
  10. Oh I agree, it does seem to be the same each year. But there is nothing I can do, so I choose to cheer the guys on and wait to see what the end brings. Maybe that makes me a shitty fan, but I have too much in my life to worry about than if we are going to suck again and if Tim needs to go. I only pay like $700 for my 6 tickets so I know my opinion doesn't count much in the grand choice of what goes on at the U. Doesn''t mean I was happy with how we played last night. Thought we didn't play with any heart or toughness, which I feel can not be taught, so yeah it might be a long crappy season. It is just that I am not going to let it bother me too much. Just me, okay carry on.
  11. Okay not young but a roster who hasn't played in games too much. Which is some what like having a young team. just my $.02.
  12. and you better not get too close Dale or he might hump your leg.
  13. "I wasn't that upset with the Palmer T because it really didn't matter and at least it showed some spark." Dimes I sad that same thing when it happened, at least he was shwing some fire. Guess he should of jumped up and down and spun in a circle, or took the ball and ran down the court, or yell real loud at the sky , or throw the ball down to the other end of the court. Because those things weren't called after the players where told to stop all the crap. But like some said here we got punched in the think the throat and really didn't recover. EIU kept punching us in the face and we reacted. The throat was too much. Oh well regroup and beat North Dakota so this doesn't get out of hand.
  14. Huskers-77 Fighting Hawks-71
  15. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    Maybe Tacko is helping the Frosts pack?
  16. HHCC Game #03 - at St. John's (Nov. 16, 5:30 PM CST)

    Huskers-73 Red Storm-68
  17. North Texas

    I looked at there roster also and they have like maybe 3 players that are just High School players, Bunch of JC and Transfer type guys. I think that is ehy they kind f fill it up. BUt they had some trouble in their hurricane relief game. Freshman Zachary Simmons scored the game-winning basket with 18 seconds left to lift North Texas men’s basketball on the road at Houston Baptist, 84-81
  18. Little side note

    As I was sitting watching the game and listening to the young family behind me trying to keep their youngest entertained. They do a great job by the way 4 under the age of 7 I think the mom said, second year behind me and they are wonderful. Any how that made me look at two of my three that were with me. I started bringing them, one at a time then all three, more than 20 some years, as my oldest is 29 and I pretty sure I started him when he was at least 3 or 4. But then it kind of hit me that this is my 52 year of Nebraska Basketball, but will be the first without my Mom. She passed in April after suffering a stroke last October. She is the one that started taking me to games when I was 4 because my dad worked nights and I think I might have needed to burn off some energy back then. I went to games with her until I was in Jr. High and started going with friends. Mom never went to games with me after that but I know that she and Dad watched them on T.V. I just want to say "Thanks Mom for starting my love of Nebraska Basketball" I know the day when we do win that first NCAA game that I will think back to me making Mom announce my name and I would run into the my bed room and jump into bed. "Starting at forward, a 4'6" Junior from Lincoln Nebraska..."
  19. I am not saying that Jack played all that well. It is just we may have to "look" for things he does when he isn't being Jack McTre or MacSplash. I also agree, that if Roby plays like he did Saturday, Jack is going to see less of the floor. As might some others.
  20. I thought that Jack played pretty good D last night. When he comes in his "job" is to stand and wait for the pass. He got one. So not all his fault for the rather weak stat line. He is a heady player, just a bit slow against that team.
  21. Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    We as a fan base have also had the '"Whoooo?" question asked on our last two AD and kind of last 4 coaches hire. So once again I think when the guy steps to the podium to say his speech we will have had to Google seach him a bit to see if it is good deal. Not saying it isn't going to be Frost, just not going to be gobsmacked if it isn't.
  22. Kent

    Was it Andre Smith who stomped on the Antlers remote truck that bumped in to him during a time out? I just remeber they had this remote 4x4 like Big Foot truck they would drive around the floor during time outs. it ran into I think Andre Smith's foot and kind of sat there. Andre looks down and just stomps it to pieces in like one quick foot plant. Place goes wild, guys want to kill him, they have to clear off the floor... and some poor college kid is out like what $100 or more. It was glorious
  23. EIU reminded me of that fly that gets in your car and keeps flying around you when you are driving down the interstate. You can't hit him well enough to kill him and when he is on the window you roll it down and he is pushed into the back seat where he then comes back and flies around your face again. They are a team that hangs with you, makes you work hard, shoots and makes some shots that shouldn't go in, and are smaller so you which makes for match up problems on D. As always a win is a win. 1-0 baby!