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  1. Okay even if we really don't know our seed yet. Which side of the bracket do we want to be on and who do we want and don't want?
  2. and yet they are rated 15th. sigh...
  3. This is the one thing that makes the agruement of who is best all time both fun and so upsetting. How would some of today's guys liked being thrown to the ground as they went up for a lay up every time? How would some of the older guys handled being able to get the extra step and not being pushed on all the time? The biggest one I think the difference is in strength and nutrition. Think about it Jesse Owens was the fastest man in the world, he ran on a cinder track, dug holes for starting blocks and wasn't allowed to eat in more than half of the in restaurants in the country that he lived in. I know that Bolt only ate chicken nuggets in Russia or where ever but he still has had reaaly good food up to that point I would think. Think about injuries. Old timers who careers where done with injuries that now can be fixed and you can come back better and stronger. I think a lot of people don't really think about some of these things when they look into say who was the best ever in any sport, I try to at least throw that in when I get into these agruements.
  4. and teams and players. Too much bad. More doesn't always mean good, too many bad teams, too many bad players to many bad games. If the league was cut in half and the top teams played in one league and the other half played in the second level. And then the bottom 3 or 4 teams were dropped down and the top 3 or 4 were moved up you would get better games during the season. Much like they do in soccer. Relegation is great for motivation for teams and fans. Fan based are crushed and teams are really held accounable when relegated. I just think all American Pro Sports are too water downed with too many bad teams, bad players, bad coaches and bad organizations.
  5. Except that Purdue is a bit hot right now I think we are in the better bracket.
  6. Yeah that was kind of bush league for PSU to kick the field goal as time ran out. But I thought we looked good on our three touchdowns.
  7. caught stealing ends the inning
  8. Hit by pitch guy at first two outs
  9. Guy scores on a baulk 8-1 Purdue
  10. Guy at third 2 outs
  11. Sorry should say only one out.
  12. 7-1 Boilermakers top 8 with 2 outs guy on first. Now when does Minn. start worring about the tournament and the arms that tey will need, compared to trying to win this and the next one? Just a thought.
  13. Kearney is that your first up arrow? I think with that witty remark you might get out of the hole.
  14. The only way I will be okay with Texas in a conference with us again is after I am dead.
  15. My son was looking at their waether last night and said that what we had this week is now what they are getting it now. They could rain out more than one game. So I ask do they try to get those games in on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...?
  16. CWG your in the thread. The one about the tutors is in the Men's section.
  17. Well there goes my first two weeks at SCC trying to get my CDL, If I drop this class do I get a full refund?
  18. Oh and welcome Sam.
  19. thanks for the morning laugh K man!
  20. Huskers wearing those jerseys next year? That would be sweet!
  21. Juglar you is making my blood pressure rise. And that ain't good for a fat man.
  22. Not just do or die, it... ummm.... its... guess livin' or dien' is about as far as we can go!
  23. Makes me smile
  24. I vote we just use after every post!
  25. That's okay we are going to run those fat big girls to death these next few years. Can't rebound or play much D when your only at half court. Didn't we see that somewhere this year...