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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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    Hey, that's what ny wife says!
  2. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    So by beating Penn State we could give them the Q1 loss that is better than us getting a what Q2 or 3 win in beating them? I think that is a Catch-22 isn't is?

    I have enjoyed my 3 times. (3 sons)
  4. Check this out

    Was looking on the Big Ten site to see the scores from tonight, and found this: NEBRASKA (22-9, 13-5 BIG TEN) 11/11/17 EASTERN ILLINOIS W 72-68 11/13/17 NORTH TEXAS W 86-67 11/16/17 at Saint John's (NY) L 56-79 11/19/17 NORTH DAKOTA W 92-70 11/23/17 vs. UCF L 59-68 11/24/17 vs. Marist W 84-59 11/26/17 vs. Long Beach State W 85-80 11/29/17 BOSTON COLLEGE W 71-62 12/03/17 at Michigan State L 57-86 12/05/17 MINNESOTA W 78-68 12/09/17 at Creighton L 65-75 12/16/17 KANSAS L 72-73 12/20/17 TEXAS-SAN ANTONIO W 104-94 12/22/17 DELAWARE STATE W 85-68 12/29/17 STETSON W 71-62 01/02/18 at Northwestern W 70-55 01/06/18 at Purdue L 62-74 01/09/18 WISCONSIN W 63-59 01/12/18 at Penn State L 74-76 01/15/18 ILLINOIS W 64-63 01/18/18 MICHIGAN W 72-52 01/22/18 at Ohio State L 59-64 01/24/18 at Rutgers W 60-54 01/27/18 IOWA W 98-84 01/29/18 at Wisconsin W 74-63 02/06/18 at Minnesota W 91-85 02/10/18 RUTGERS W 67-55 02/13/18 MARYLAND W 70-66 02/18/18 at Illinois L 66-72 02/20/18 INDIANA W 66-57 02/25/18 PENN STATE W 59-51 I know it is tonight's women's score but it made me look twice.
  5. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Very good point. I would add the news in general are herd animals, mass school shootings/gun control the hot button right now. But it will change when something else more shiny comes along and they go running off over that.
  6. Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    He likes to see that we have this thread up to 30 pages about him!
  7. Roby (is Good)

    Stu Lantz? Just before I can remember him. Was going to games then but only 4 or 5 years old I think. But isn't Roby kind of like him from what I have heard? Also this is just me, but Roby seems to be the type of kid that would stay for his senior year because he thinks he needs to get better. HE doesn't think he is that good yet. You can tell by his interviews and sometimes his body langauge on the court. I truly think he is a kid that will think and his parents too, that he will benefit from all four years of college. Heck he might be able to shave by then.
  8. Passing isn't LPL strongest part of his game. And hitting Roby on a timed alley-oop might be really ugly.
  9. Huskers-74 Nittany Lions-68
  10. Two Questions (1 X's and O's, 1 Personnel Decisions)

    I think we need a dose of Duby at least once a game just so he can come in and either dunk once or kill somebody with a block and do the double bicep pose. Then he can change back into his mild mannered self and live the life of a quiet college student.
  11. You know what though...

    Okay my wife might be hiding this from me because I have not seen it. Which is strange because she likes it when I am not at the house.
  12. You know what though...

  13. Indiana (16-12) vs. Nebraska (20-9) Game Thread