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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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  1. and can it be after the game please?
  2. If Ed showed up at Creighton he would have much worse than foot problems after I ran him over with my car.
  3. If the over under on him announcing has to be like 24 hours. Roby will be about a week even if we have the okay he is staying for that poster the other day. Hell Jordy or Jack might not even return to the states if they go home this summer. This is just plain and simple a big old shit show and I think we will be in it for some time.
  4. Always liked that Bardo guy.
  5. Hey why not it would just add to the lengend that is Nebrasketball.
  6. Well I was trying to say it is always "them guys" not us. But your right.
  7. YEP, just tired of the "you guys lost, my world is falling apart, I can't live, fire everybody." ilk that have a great team to watch but come unglue when it does go their way. Go work at a soup kitchen for a while to get your life's priorities back in order.
  8. Thank you, That will help the most of anything that could happen. Your daughter's work ethic is what is needed most right now.
  9. Think I might get season tickets now so I can do what I can to "help" this rebuild. Maybe we will just run people into the ground and not have worry about a post too much.
  10. Hey opens up scholarship, If she doen't want to put in the hard work to rebuild this, then it is best to go else where. Even if she has better success some where else it will always kind of have an * by it as far as I am concerned. On to the players who want to work to change things.
  11. My blood stained the floor along the baseline of the Northwest(?) open end of the middle court. Broke my nose in an intramural basketball game my senior year.
  12. Looked like the women's basketball player he hit, Jackson that is. And yes I just said that. Tried of the women beaters in the world, one game... okay walkaway....
  13. Yep I thought the last 6 minutes of the KU/OU game was unwatchable. KU first guycrosshalf court with the ball throw up a three. OU run around watse time then with one second hope Brooks can do something. And it all came down to a badly missed shot and two KU guys not bring able to grab it. Also agree with the grab and hold. Reminds me of the NHL a few years ago when everybody grabbed guys at center ice so they couldn't go forward. All it is all who has the best athletes that are the best any more. Guys who are fundamentally sound just aren't around much. Oh well time for me to change.
  14. Okay I'll go. I think we are okay If everybody stays healthy and the our scedule is easier. I think bubble talk has a chance and NIT a lock, with a deep run in it. I feel that with Lewis allowed to work with these guys for a full year our offense will be better and the new guys will help in the spots that we need. Jordy will get big and stronger and develop a bit of a better inside game. Might run a bit more. Roby games will smooth out as he now knows what needs to be done all the time to be the best. I think he was just never physically perfect all year and was kind of playing catch up. They will have to change their idea of what hey are doing on defence. I would hope that is the coaching staffs top priority. If this all falls apart then we burn the whole thing to the ground and start over. Really not much to worry about, just need to learn patience.