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    Been going to games since I was 4. Have loved every minute that I have watched, because I am a fan. I know these kids come to play for my team so I back them though everything.

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  1. Silverbacked1

    2018-2019 Roster

    One kid, who might be the best in her country ain't gonna break the bank or screw all this up.
  2. Silverbacked1

    Most Under-rated Recruit

    the first I will throw is...Mikki Moore
  3. Silverbacked1


    jackwagon...Haaaaaaaaa...jackwagon...spot on word choice Royal...
  4. Silverbacked1

    NBA Playoffs

    Thought the samething aphilso.... I remember the thread on that game/player was one I stood mine ground and got the second most red arrows shot at me.
  5. Silverbacked1

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

  6. Silverbacked1

    NBA Playoffs

    Well everybody didn't think that the Cav's would get this far so I heard there is a Wiggle's concert tonight so the game had to be moved.
  7. Silverbacked1

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Wichita State would be interesting.
  8. Silverbacked1

    NBA Playoffs

    Hey, Handy just heard LeBron is going to the LA after the season. Will be taken the kids and wife for much needed vaca...
  9. Silverbacked1

    NBA Playoffs

    Sloppy and poorly organized is an excellent way of call it. I don't really like to watch the NBA because of many reasons, but to me the game would even be better if you just let them call their own.. It it is like they want the league to be like how you play the pickup games, but that often makes for games that are hard to watch for the casual fan or for most basketball fan over the age of 50.
  10. Silverbacked1

    Copeland is back

    Well Wesleyan is the defending D III Champs...
  11. Silverbacked1

    Palmer Back

    What is his problem, he shots too much, won't pass. God if he is going to have this kind of season I wish he had just left. He is just a cancer why did he come back? Did I get all the right stuff that will be said the first bad game he has?
  12. Silverbacked1

    Morrow leaving

    "Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical." -Yogi Berra
  13. Silverbacked1

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I don't think you should have spelled his name with an "o" Jay.
  14. Silverbacked1

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Also if we would have won just one other game this weekend we would have been 9-13 which is .409. Would we have gotten in because of the better win %.
  15. Silverbacked1

    2018 Husker Baseball

    What the hell still going to do this: MSU loses first game against OSU MSU loses second game to OSU MSU loses third game to OSU MARYLAND loses first game to INDIANA MARYLAND loses second game to INDIANA MARYLAND loses third game to INDIANA HUSKERS WIN HUSKERS WIN HUSKERS WIN Okay going to check them off as long as it goes.