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  1. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    Well, that's a load of crap
  2. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    Who called that the whistles would go the other way this half? Sheesh
  3. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    The effort tonight is just temendous. Sooooooo much fun watching glynn in attack mode
  4. Rub it in? Or let it go? A poll.

    This is totally not what I thought this topic was about when I saw the title. It seemed like something Cip would have started...
  5. 1 1/2 years of not recruiting. What will it do?

    This is the view from an FGCU dorm room. I'm not sure anything else needs to be said about why it might be easy to recruit there.
  6. I think a big part of the problem is fit. I don't think we have a specific plan we recruit to. I think Miles just gets the best guys he can. I think the football team has had a similar problem. If I had a team that was chock full of guys 6-6 to 6-8 that couldn't guard guards, I would think I would run a zone and pressure the ball the whole way up the floor and try to get out in transition. Instead we double the post and are slow to rotate and close out and get killed by open 3s. Then we walk the ball up and have trouble scoring in the half court. I don't think it's a coincidence that we look WAAAAAY better in games where we get opportunities to get out and run. But it can't help a guy like Jack or Jeriah when Morrow gets to take all the terrible shots in the paint he wants when he has 3 guys hanging all over him and they get yanked after 1 mistake.
  7. I get the argument that this is all hindsight, but here is my deal, especially with the bigger guys who were playing last night. Prior to this year, we had been starved for post players. We have been filling that spot with a string of broken guys that we are just praying will get unbroken(Leslie, Moses, Copeland, probably Morrow, etc.) AND carrying at least one open scholarship for way too many years. Why not take a flier on a Thurman? Why not stick with Patton on the off chance he got his grades up? Look, I was happy when we landed all of those broken big guys because I have super red kool-aid glasses on most of the time. I was super juiced when we got Coleman(yay 5 star!), but the cold reality is we probably shouldn't be banking on a guy coming off of back surgery. Who knows, I'm just tired of seasons like this one that limp to the finish and need to vent.
  8. Oh my god yes. Eichorst either needs to fire Miles and go pay a dude 4 mil+ a year or keep Tim and extend his contract. If you want to keep having a 2 mil mediocre coach, keep the one we have.
  9. Fair enough, Kimball is pretty outside of my orbit. But what about Mitch Hahn? That kid can freaking shoot. Why the hell wouldn't we want a guy who can do that?
  10. Watching that game just made me mad about our in state recruiting. You can't convince me that Hahn kid from Fremont wouldn't be nice on this team. A 6'8" dead eye shooter? Or Hollins as another senior leader? Or freaking mike daum? A sophmore from the summit league can't possibly be THAT big of a surprise if he's already that good.
  11. Illinois vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Man, morrow is killing us on offense tonight. Black hole with the ball
  12. Illinois vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Maybe he's gonna mess around and get a triple double. As long as no AKs come out, we should be good. Unless that's a metaphor for Jack Or jeriah...
  13. Is it just me or do we hate this guy even more because we picked the wrong guy from butler 17 years ago? Can you imagine if we had hired Thad instead of Barry?
  14. Game Thread: Penn State vs. Nebraska

    You know, I said to my wife as this was starting, it would be nice to just kick someone's ass for a change. No close game, just blow em out. Nice to see someone is listening to me for a change.
  15. Wisconsin (20-3) vs. Nebraska (10-13) Game Thread

    That last possesion was just ugly. Hell of an effort, feel bad for those guys.