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  1. I know I know, but it was bound to happen. They shot lights out in the first half. Reminded me of some past nebrasketball upsets at the Bob. Who knows. Maybe the loss helps them relax. I bet they we're feeling a lot of pressure with everyone saying they need to win out.
  2. Nebraska(20-8) vs. Illinois(12-15) Game Thread

    This is still a pretty good team. Look at Ohio state and Purdue. Losses happen
  3. I'm disappointed, but really We were bound to lose one. 9+ wins in a row was a big ask, and everyone has bad occasionally
  4. Deep run in the dance?

  5. Deep run in the dance?

    I know the computers hate the big 10, but I just don't think this conference is bad. The top might not be the best top of a league, but I don't think there are any doormats in this conference. I think the bottom 6 teams are way better than the bottom 6 in just about any other league, and half the teams in that bottom six are there because of injuries.
  6. Deep run in the dance?

    Definitely think it's the part in bold. Iowa can score on anyone, they just can't defend a high school team. And Mason killed us, but when a guy can drive to the hoop like we knew he could and then shoots the way he did last night, I don't know what a defender is supposed to do against that. I also think we played a little hesitant last night on D to try and avoid fouls after everyone almost fouled out against wiscy.
  7. Deep run in the dance?

  8. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    Sure looked like it hurt. He came down square on his tailbone. I imagine he woke up sore this morning.
  9. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    Even with the stress tho, still so much fun. Just wish more of the games were like the mechicken game and over with ten minutes left. Walk-ons need pt too
  10. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    oh man the stress of this game down to the wire. reminds me of 2014 when I was pretty sure we COULD do it, but experience told me we might not. Sooooo much more stressful with real shit on the line
  11. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    Not saying it's not traveling. Just saying that's the way it is called.
  12. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    And here I was worried the time off would hurt the offense. They seem to have left the defense in Madison
  13. Nebraska (17-8) vs. Minnesota (14-11) Game Thread

    This is mostly,just anecdotal, but I only,really notice travel being called when someone is starting to dribble sand is a little late with the first dribble. Very rarely ever see it when a guy picks up the dribble on the way to the basket. Like that rice kid for Illinois a few years back where he dribbled once from half court.
  14. Nebraska (14-7) vs. Rutgers (12-9) Game Thread

    Man if only we could finish in transition tonight...
  15. Michigan (16-4) vs. Nebraska (13-7) Game Thread

    There you go jordy