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  1. Manu Ginobili at 40 is still one of the best scorers in the league and he has come off the bench for the majority of his career. Coming off the bench isnt exactly a bad thing and sometimes can be good for the team. Being the spark can really help a team, it also helps balance out the ball. Not everyone can score at every moment so having a good glue guy out there in Taylor than can score but helps in others ways with 4 starters really helps space the floor. You bring in Allen for him with a few other bench guys who may not be volume scorers like a Roby gives you the ability to make him become the main option on the floor which could potentially give him more looks to score than if he started.
  2. The offseason surgery seems to have hampered him more than anyone really let on. I think it will take him some time to regain form and then go above and beyond to trust his body.
  3. Thankfully being a west coaster the advantage for me being here is games are on earlier than later. So to me the game ended just after 10:30 or so so I wasnt hurting nearly as much as the home state folk.
  4. TheKamdyMan

    Nana to Redshirt?

    I have a feeling they freshmen will get thrown out there during the secret scrimmage, possibly against ISU's bench and other freshmen to get reps, as well as the scrimmage on the 2nd. Let them get some legs under them and evaulate more at that time. No need to decide things this week yet.
  5. I think that will get cleaned up during the season. Like they said during the broadcast the new rules for moving screens is really going to be enforced strongly early in the season to acclimate everyone for what to expect going forward. I would expect to see the players and coaches adjust things going forward and to see refs be as touchy with the whistle by the time we get to conference season.
  6. I think she looks taller because she probably is wearing some sort of heel but she is also 1-2 steps up from everyone else in the picture.
  7. TheKamdyMan

    Artcle on Kalynn Meyer

    I could see that with sand volleyball being top priority since thats where her scholarships coming from but could throw outside of those couple weeks.
  8. TheKamdyMan

    Brady Heiman is 'N'

    People probably said the same thing about me in High School. I was still playing pro baseball though while most of those guys were working 9-5's somewhere. Just because someone was better in HS it doesnt always mean things won't be different a couple years down the line. Hes a project with a much higher ceiling than any other kid in the state at this point.
  9. TheKamdyMan

    Brady Heiman is 'N'

    If he were a guard I can justify it but not a center prospect. You didnt see Creighton send Patton to a prep school for a reason. Big men that need to gain size and practice are better off attending a D1 program asap. They will get a meal plan designed for them to gain the mass needed, on top of the weight training program. On top of it the only thing he would do at a prep school playing wise will usually be other undersized big men or guys he is a couple inches taller than. Theres a reason you hear guys like Thomas Allen coming into a program saying its the first time they did heavy lifts and then would practice this summer and was air balling his shots. The prep school he went to is one of the best in the country and hes just now doing those things. As a big man he needs that stuff right now so after his redshirt season he can hopefully have the maturity, strength, and mass to be able to compete even a little bit for us.
  10. TheKamdyMan

    Video Review Rules

    You cant review a goaltending call nor can you overturn it even if one occurred. If it were in the last minute they could review whether the call came before the basket occurred, which we all know it did. Theres a reason they kept showing the call from the official raising his band before the ball was even touched. Pretty messed up and Im sure the Big offices will be hearing about it.
  11. TheKamdyMan

    Miles Just Punched His Ticket Today

    I definitely think they are capable. But again I want guys that are showing they are worthy of it on a regular basis. Tai is showing it this year but everyone else on the team has been hit or miss this season, especially Watson. I would be tickled pink though to have a year with a couple guys on the All-Conference team because that will usually mean we won some meaningful games. My thing was more we need to worry more about consistent all-conference players before we ever start thinking we have all-americans.
  12. TheKamdyMan

    Miles Just Punched His Ticket Today

    If I could say this in my Jim Mora Sr. voice I would say playoffs, you want to talk about playoffs, I just hope we can win a NCAA tournament game. Then follow it up with All-Americans? I just want a couple guys capable of making the all-conference 1st and 2nd teams before we talk about All-Americans.
  13. Roby IS the reason why it changed. He is actually at athlete at that size and has amazing hands with the ability to distribute the ball out of the post. MJ is a muscle and hustle guy but hes not known for having good handles or having the ability to find guys moving without the ball other than just passing it back to the top of the arc. Roby can hit the shot, flash down the lane and pass out to an open shooter, or just thrown it down like he did last night. I think you will see much more of him when teams go zone on us to break said zone up.
  14. TheKamdyMan

    Va.Tech (4-1) vs. Nebraska (4-1) Game Thread

    They will expose Morrow if they continue to bring him away from the basket with no help defense.