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  1. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    People probably said the same thing about me in High School. I was still playing pro baseball though while most of those guys were working 9-5's somewhere. Just because someone was better in HS it doesnt always mean things won't be different a couple years down the line. Hes a project with a much higher ceiling than any other kid in the state at this point.
  2. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    If he were a guard I can justify it but not a center prospect. You didnt see Creighton send Patton to a prep school for a reason. Big men that need to gain size and practice are better off attending a D1 program asap. They will get a meal plan designed for them to gain the mass needed, on top of the weight training program. On top of it the only thing he would do at a prep school playing wise will usually be other undersized big men or guys he is a couple inches taller than. Theres a reason you hear guys like Thomas Allen coming into a program saying its the first time they did heavy lifts and then would practice this summer and was air balling his shots. The prep school he went to is one of the best in the country and hes just now doing those things. As a big man he needs that stuff right now so after his redshirt season he can hopefully have the maturity, strength, and mass to be able to compete even a little bit for us.
  3. Video Review Rules

    You cant review a goaltending call nor can you overturn it even if one occurred. If it were in the last minute they could review whether the call came before the basket occurred, which we all know it did. Theres a reason they kept showing the call from the official raising his band before the ball was even touched. Pretty messed up and Im sure the Big offices will be hearing about it.
  4. NCAA Tournament Projections

  5. Miles Just Punched His Ticket Today

    I definitely think they are capable. But again I want guys that are showing they are worthy of it on a regular basis. Tai is showing it this year but everyone else on the team has been hit or miss this season, especially Watson. I would be tickled pink though to have a year with a couple guys on the All-Conference team because that will usually mean we won some meaningful games. My thing was more we need to worry more about consistent all-conference players before we ever start thinking we have all-americans.
  6. Miles Just Punched His Ticket Today

    If I could say this in my Jim Mora Sr. voice I would say playoffs, you want to talk about playoffs, I just hope we can win a NCAA tournament game. Then follow it up with All-Americans? I just want a couple guys capable of making the all-conference 1st and 2nd teams before we talk about All-Americans.
  7. Roby IS the reason why it changed. He is actually at athlete at that size and has amazing hands with the ability to distribute the ball out of the post. MJ is a muscle and hustle guy but hes not known for having good handles or having the ability to find guys moving without the ball other than just passing it back to the top of the arc. Roby can hit the shot, flash down the lane and pass out to an open shooter, or just thrown it down like he did last night. I think you will see much more of him when teams go zone on us to break said zone up.
  8. Va.Tech (4-1) vs. Nebraska (4-1) Game Thread

    They will expose Morrow if they continue to bring him away from the basket with no help defense.
  9. Agree to disagree. Depending on skill sets and everything all combined I think theres plenty of guys he will face more talented than him. Thats not taking anything away from him by any means because I think he will hold his own against them but still feel theres plenty of guys he will match up with that are better overall players. TJ Leaf, Miles Bridges, Thomas Bryant, Ethan Happ, Isaac Haas, and Caleb Swanigan are guys he has or will play that are better than him. Then the guys that just because of pure size may have a better matchup like Thomas Welch, Udoka Azubuike, Sidy Djitte, Trevor Thompson, and Reggie Lynch. Now IMO being mentioned on a list with all of these guys is pretty darn good because those are some good names. Its something we haven't bee able to claim in awhile. By the time he is done here he will be something special thats for sure.
  10. To me Morrow is the difference for this team. We all knew Watson and Webster could do what they are doing so far we just had to hope for some consistency in doing it, but Morrow was someone we really didn't know what to expect from because of the injury. Sure he had a couple games where he scored some easy buckets but so far the powerful rebounding and strong post moves against guys much bigger than him are so impressive. Its something we saw from him in HS highlights but that doesn't always translate to the next level especially when you start going up against teams with guys a lot bigger and more talented than you, which says a lot about him.
  11. Adjustments

    He needs to get guys minutes period. I understand getting your numbers down but you can't figure out who they are without them playing. You have so many young guys with little to no experience and a couple transfers that haven't played a D1 game in 2 seasons. You have to figure out every single situation that works best right now, who can step up, who can play in pressure etc. I do think Roby or Horne supplants McVeigh in the starting lineup but he will still get some minutes as he still is one of the best outside shooters on the team.
  12. I will say I am one person that was not surprised by Roby last night. Been tooting that horn for years.
  13. 2016-17 Roster

    The Huskers Hoops snapchat had some shots from photo day. The only interesting thing I caught from it was they labeled Nick Fuller as a senior in the snapchat. Its been no secret we all feel he ends up being a guy that graduates and becomes a grad transfer to possibly a more suitable playing spot for his final year but thats the first time I've seen anything from the Huskers themselves saying anything Senior related. Just something that stuck out.
  14. Terran Petteway as a pro

    He will get paid at least 4 times more, based on averages, playing in that league than the D-League. He can always come back next year and theres quite a bit of Americans on his team and the league itself that have their rights owned by NBA teams so there will be plenty of eyes on him because of those other guys.
  15. Andrew White Transfering

    Only read posts from one person here who thought it was a Miles and staff issue. Like it was stated there were only a couple on here, but in general in you ever go on to other boards, there were quite a few that arent well versed on the day to day of things like we are here that had their pitchforks ready to go. I think we tend to be a little more educated over here, at times, but just making more of a blanket statement as time goes on.