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  1. BIG 10 Satndings.

    Purdue's win is good for conference race, bad for our NCAA tourney hopes. Just win win win win win win
  2. I know that my family and both sides of my parents family love the men's tournament because of the upsets. Almost none of them watch the women's (unless Nebraska was playing) tournament because "it's boring and everyone is playing for second". People who like to watch uconn like to watch them because they do play good fundamental basketball. However it seems to me that the gap between uconn and everyone else is only widening, not closing. There's getting to be more parity in the women's game outside if uconn, but teams still can't beat them (there have been teams this year that have been close but none could execute down the stretch against one of the worst uconn teams for some time).
  3. Shepard Transferring

    With as much as this program has been blown to smitherines I think it's time everybody gets to know the TRUTH about EVERYTHING. I do not (nor do I have the patience) want to wait another 5-10 years before this program even begins to resemble what it once was, if it even can. This has not been a good year to be a Nebraska sports fan 😣 with the exception of volleyball.
  4. NCAA Tournament

    That was not Mowins. That was Debbie Antonelli
  5. I had heard from a friend who lives in Lincoln that the rumor is we've been in talks with Altman. Judging by this thread, it's a fantasy rumor.
  6. There is a World Herald article that discusses Miles getting a 6th year/admin issues. The really interesting tidbit was that in filling the women's position, there were two coaches with "powerhouse credentials" that basically never got the chance to be hired. Anyone know who those two might be, or could provide hints. I'm just intrigued by that statement
  7. New Coach Thread

    I'll be in the minority but I really hope Williams isn't number one choice. I'd hope we'd take a shot at bigger name. For example, Jeff Walz. Just an example.
  8. geno slams uconn critics...

    This was a discussion brought up in our house today. I see both sides but I'm conflicted. On one hand, why should he be punished for being good? All those players work their tails off to be that good. There's no reason they should have to play down a level to please everyone else. Now on the other hand with everyone saying that all the other teams need to "get better", there are teams like Notre Dame and South Carolina who have great talent and they can not beat them (minus Notre Dame a few years ago and Stanford last year, i think). The real issue is coaching. Either it will level back out after he retires or coaches are going to have to seriously look at the way they do things. Another part of this discussion was what it was going to take for teams to be competitive with them. What we eventually decided is that teams all across the board have to be MUCH MORE conditioned. There are certainly players who can play 40 mins a game every game, but the whole Uconn team could probably do it, if needed, and they are going 100mph all the time. After typing this i realize i jumped around a lot lol. Any one else have any thoughts? What will it take for teams to reach their level, consistently? Can it be done?
  9. WBB: Game #19 @ Michigan

    Can't complain too much offensively, but we have to get better defensively in the second half. Don't want this to be a game where the team with the last possession of the game can win it.
  10. WBB: Game #19 @ Michigan

    Do we really have 28? Wasn't there a lane violation on Shepard's second free throw?
  11. WBB: Game #19 @ Michigan

    Great start! Especially for KC!!!
  12. WBB: Game #18 @ Purdue

    I was trying to watch both games at the same time so I wasn't fully paying attention....with that said: Too many turnovers (however if the refs were being graded this game then as someone mentioned anything that 'looked' illegal would be called and there were probably quite a few anticipation calls) but we found a way to win, that's the most important thing bottom line. Move on, try to learn on the turnovers and knock off Michigan.
  13. WBB: Game #18 @ Purdue

    I've noticed we have been getting Jess the ball a lot on the left lane/block. Maybe if we switched it to the other side she'd feel more comfortable finishing with her right hand? Idk....
  14. WBB: Game #18 @ Purdue

    Way too many turnovers
  15. Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Ok, I'd like to believe that. But I still say we can't afford to lose to PSU, Minnesota, or Wisconsin.