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  1. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    https://twitter.com/zharkins/status/961814362401882112 Someone replied to that tweet with a video of Boykins's first technical, and that call was even worse than his second!! Disgraceful
  2. Legends Weekend

    I've been needing a fresh Richard van Poelgeest pic, got any of those?
  3. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    Yes, Fever that's exactly what it was!!!
  4. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    My list of games personally attended: 1) Any game at the Bob with my dad. As mentioned in another post, the sun gleaming in through the windows, the freezing walk up the hill past all the men selling tickets for $5, the burst of wind as you walked in the doors, sitting up in the dark on the wood benches, shuffling around the concourse outside looking at the merchandise booths, the old urinal troughs in the bathroom, going downstairs after the game and getting autographs. Pinnacle is great but it's hard to let go of the Bob. 2) 2011 beating #2 Texas at the Bob. I was a regular on the east side student section but my girlfriend (now wife!) at the time had never been to game at all. I somehow convinced her to stand in line with me and go to this game. We knew with what seemed like 5:00 of game time left that we were going to win and the anticipation of storming the court was really growing amongst all the students. I told my girlfriend probably 10 times, "stay close to me and whatever you do just sprint as fast as you can and do not slow down or you will be trampled and die" as I had seen this happen way too many times in the mass of drunken/ecstatic humanity of NU students and football and basketball games. Th buzzer sounds. We were in row 2. We made it to about the free throw line before I feel her slowing down. I'm running beside her and try to drag her along but it's too late and she is consumed by the horde behind (and now on top of) her. As shes lying on the floor screaming I try to claw my away against the tide back to her. By the grace of God, enough students behind her are able to crawl off and go around her after a minute suffocating on the floor crying. I scooped her carcass of the floor and walked her to the edge of the court and for longer than I will ever admit to her, I considered sitting her down and running back out to enjoy the mob scene at midcourt. That was the first time I almost got her killed..... 3) Beating (ranked?) Oregon in overtime at the Qwest Center in Omaha in 2007 or 2008. The first and only use of our portable traveling court. (Can someone find out what dusty warehouse this is sitting in and sell off pieces of it to the public? Don't know how or why the AD would spend what had to be a lot of money on a portable court to be used only ONCE!!) THe atmosphere in the Qwest was pretty electric, and I remember being in awe of how red that crowd looked in Omaha of all places. If I remember correctly, Dagunduro was a BEAST that game. 4) Watching Maric score 40-something points against K-State in 2007. I remember just being in disbelief in the second half watching the stat board tick up and up for him. Of course this is Aleks Maric we're talking about, so he probably could have scored 80, but missed 20 uncontested layups... 5) Most memorable for the wrong reasons: Senior night 2010. Dont remember who won/lost, but in the waning moments of the game, someone in the upper student section of the Bob held up a sign saying simply "THANKS SEK" A great gesture. Then 5 seconds later his buddy next to him holds up a sign, ".... FOR NOTHING" I liked Sek Henry during his time here, but this is one of those moments I still randomly think about 8 years later and just start laughing hysterically. Looking back at this gets me pretty emotional... Nebrasketball has meant so much to me over the years...
  5. Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    Sounds like there is A LOT of before/after story that could be told here!.....
  6. Rutgers: Saturday

    My childhood right there... Sunny Saturday afternoons with my dad at Devaney up in the wooden benches
  7. Beat them so bad last night Coach Lewis had to remind them who they were even playing. Can someone with photoshop skills write clever messages on his white board a la the Trump bill signing meme?
  8. This scene and the game winning shot are my only lasting memories of this game.... everything else deserves to be forgotten. I watched this in slo-mo on my TV only about four times
  9. I propose we change the name of this thread to "Rumour de jour" In honor of Jordy's Canadian heritage
  10. Welcome back.. You've been missed
  11. I was just about to request this gif from you... Did you notice Glynn wipe the kiss off at the end!?
  12. I prefer his work with the General. I hope the Academy recognizes this performance more than they did Kazaam
  13. This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    "Hawdwood Classics" huh... didn't know the social media coordinator was from Boston