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  1. Great news for Teddy. Seems like a really good guy, all the best to him!
  2. ...of course I didn't NOT say it either...
  3. That they're all pandering hacks? I didn't say that...
  4. That's the thing, Norm, and probably why there's a mix of opinions on the value of what he writes about Nebrasketball. There are those of us who've read what he writes on BJU and those who haven't. For those of us who have we have seen his true prejudices and it makes us a little leery of his genuineness when writing what is presumably an unbiased blog about the Huskers. Superficial is a good way to put it. I have no doubt that he may be a nice kid and knows his stuff, but I believe the bias is still there (consciously or otherwise), and therefore am inclined to take his words with a grain of salt. Now, were he to come post over here at HHC and defend his position I may be forced to gain a little more respect for his work. But for now, I'm inclined to see him as just a Creighton fan/homer and with that in mind read him accordingly.
  5. Aw naw, I'm not doing it...not today!
  6. Gonna be a LOT of good talent in the SEC next year, potentially #1 or #2 RPI league.
  7. Sure did:
  8. dimes, you quietly slipped past the 11,000 post mark (again) and nobody noticed...we're slipping
  9. He's a Creighton grad and Bluejay fan (maybe a Jaysker at best) also a regular poster over at the Bluejay Underground. Why in God's name anyone would take him seriously on anything related to Nebraska basketball is beyond me.
  10. I mean...who the hell buys Mid-Grade gas anyway? What's the reason for it? If you're gonna spend a couple extra bucks more than you would on the regular gas, would there be any reason not to go all the way and get the good stuff? I was just a little bit afraid I might be filling my tank with some stone age gas that nobody buys that's just a glob of turpentine now and gonna ruin my car. But oh well...YOLO!
  11. Godspeed to your mother @Silverbacked1
  12. Relevant to the discussion, there is a bit of speculation as to why Allen chose Nebraska, and it's primarily because of this: But even KU fans seem to have mixed feelings about Charlie Moore:
  13. http://247sports.com/Recruitment/Thomas-Allen-95962/RecruitInterests okay, that is a fairly decent offer list...
  14. gonna milk that one for all it's worth, eh?
  15. I was so excited by this news I filled my car up with MID-GRADE gas today! GBR!!!
  16. So, does Allen slip in here then?
  17. 2 4* PG's? nice!
  18. Okay, so beating KU and Ohio State for a recruit doesn't suck...
  19. Well, I mean the OLD Big East held an extremely tenuous position as a "power" conference as it was - the split relegated both the NBE and AAC to mid-major status technically...but they are both easily at the top of the heap as far as mid-major leagues are concerned. Especially now that the Mountain West has dropped off as much as it has in the past few years. At least that's the way I see it. It may not technically be wrong to refer to Tulsa as a "mid-major", but it's not like its a huge drop off from the power leagues, either.
  20. I swear to GOD LeeBee is constantly monitoring HHC...
  21. Husker ticket prices are already embarrassingly cheap compared to its peers, has always been that way, I would be pretty surprised to see this happen.
  22. Myself personally, I'm not a fan of the whole Grime thing, but apparently Jordy is big time! To each his own, naturally!