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  1. How many quarters do you suppose he stacked on top of the backboard this morning?
  2. I'm disappointed they didn't include this:
  3. There are three things in this life that are guaranteed. Death, taxes and Wisconsin finishing in the top 4 of the B1G.
  4. In what could only be considered the most B1G move ever, Andrew Dakich will transfer to OSU:
  5. ...and Glynn and Ed the year before. But yeah, other than those guys Allen's the first.
  6. It depends on what your definition of professional is, Norm.
  7. So we'll be better off if Okeke doesn't develop into a player who's good enough to start over Jordy?
  8. Guys have been known to make a jump to high major play and do pretty well. It can happen and frequently does. Why wouldn't it happen in this case? Heck, what Petteway did at NU should be your first reason to hold out hope. Derrick White went from D-2 UC-Colorado Springs to Pac 12 CU Boulder for his senior year and got himself drafted in the first round this year. Nobody predicted that. Most CU fans sounded just like you do last summer. I'm just saying keep an open mind, you never know what might happen. And Okeke's a Senior grad transfer, not a Junior.
  9. That seems...optimistic.
  10. Isn't that one of the lines from the Beach Boys song "Kokomo" Norm?
  11. Gotcha. Also, the fiscal year ends on June 30 and that probably had something to do with it.
  12. I visited "the rules" at the DeBruce Center when NU played there last December.
  13. Did it? It seems like we were talking about this being the probable outcome like the day after Teddy took the job in Florida? Or did you mean the timing of the announcement...
  14. Seems like a pretty focused individual:
  15. Wasn't the original basket-ball just a disused soccer ball, jimmy?
  16. Agree with your post 100%. It's nice to have a variety of things to talk about when the offseason is slow. People mock what they don't know (or want to know) about. To address the points in your first paragraph: 1). Agree - and it goes both ways. Still, debate is just part of the human condition so we say things then agree or disagree depending on our point of view 2). Also agree. This is a little reminiscent of the Jordan vs. King James debate that people are so fond of these days 3). Possibly. And best ever vs best currently can sometimes blur the discussion 4). Sure, personality does make a difference...but if you wanted to be really objective it probably shouldn't To answer your real question, I'll just respond with two words. American Exceptionalism. Pure and simple. Finally, and FWIW, I'm with you on Messi. I really like him a lot - he's sort of the dude's dude and he's the one you'd probably pick in a playground pick just because you'd rather have him on your team than Ronaldo, but all that is looking at it from a distance really. I'm just not convinced that Ronaldo hasn't passed him over now.
  17. Good news though is Neymar, Suarez and Messi will be playing with Barca in the US this summer: http://www.internationalchampionscup.com/articles/messi-neymar-and-suarez-confirmed-for-icc
  18. Just to go back to the Cristiano Ronaldo talk for a moment, our opportunity to see the reigning best player in the world play here in the US this summer is apparently not gonna happen. Which kinda sucks. Oh, and there's also the tax fraud thing: Real Madrid is coming to the United States, but Cristiano Ronaldo won't be joining the club. The two-time defending European champion and reigning Spanish champion released its 26-man squad traveling to the United States for matches in the International Champions Cup and the MLS All-Star Game, and while plenty of star power has been included, Ronaldo has not. Coming off a year in which he played for Real and then went directly into the FIFA Confederations Cup with Portugal, there's plenty of sound sporting reasoning for not including the 32-year-old Ronaldo on the trip. There's also the matter of the court date he has set for July 31, in which he'll face charges of tax fraud.
  19. Yeah, knew about the Ronaldo thing too. But Ronaldo winning the UEFA Champions League title last year and this year, and the Ballon d'Or last year and likely again this year would be a pretty decent reason to believe maybe Messi is on the downslide while CR7 is just peaking. Don't get me wrong, I agree that Messi by all rights will go down as possibly the greatest ever, it's performances like this one that earn him that (especially the last goal, the footwork is just insane) But that was over 7 years ago now...
  20. Not that great at paying his taxes though. Also, quitting on his national team after Copa America last summer isn't a great look for him. One can argue that CR7 has passed him by too as far as best in the world is concerned.
  21. For those hoping beyond hope we can ditch Miles and replace him with Hoiberg at the end of the year: In summary, if coaching in the NBA doesn't work out for Fred it's very likely that coaching won't be in his future, period.
  22. Totally being sarcastic. But I have all the faith in the world the coaches and administrators are doing everything they possibly can go get this situation resolved as soon as they can. Especially since jobs are probably riding (at least partially) on the outcome of this decision. But that's the NCAA for you. They will do everything in their power to make everything they do be as painful and mind-numblingly frustrating as they can. They tend to make Andrew White III recruiting process look childishly impulsive by comparison.
  23. Several, actually. https://www.emirates.com/us/english/about/emirates-sponsorships/football/football.aspx AC Milan PSG Arsenal Real Madrid among others.
  24. Kind of along the same lines: Which Players Make The Mount Rushmore (Post 2000) For The Nebraska Cornhuskers? Who have been Nebraska’s greatest players since 2000? https://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/7/11/15948764/which-greatest-players-make-the-mount-rushmore-post-2000-for-the-nebraska-cornhuskers-basketball
  25. Yeah, if we had a better coach it would have been taken care of already. Miles totally dropped the ball here huh? I wonder why he isn't even trying to get Cope's eligibility restored??? So frustrating!