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  1. Never. I guess you haven't heard about Trae Young yet?
  2. We need Blake the Delaware State hype man at PBA!
  3. You weren't joking. This is so hard to watch...on so many levels... I do appreciate the "Blake Cam" T-Shirt giveaways though.
  4. Oklahoma, Miami and Nebraska on Lunardi's "Weekend Losers" list. Harsh...but fair.
  5. That dude from Miami with the Wilson looking hair is pretty pretty good
  6. The Official Media Thread

    Good find! Thanks.
  7. Indiana

    We'll be an underdog by tipoff...
  8. ...and we were all pretty excited about the possibility of managing to get over .500 overall. Interesting how things can change.
  9. For anyone depressed about yesterday's loss, I'd recommend going back through this thread from page 1 - just 6 weeks ago we were looking at a less than 1% shot at 20 wins...
  10. It's October, practice has begun and @jimmykc has had his quicky in the sack with Lindy so that can mean only one thing. It's time to start this season's KenPom thread! As always, Nebraska starts off with a triple-digit ranking and is mired near the bottom of the league standings. Keep in mind these are the numbers as of the end of last season, KenPom won't release this year's rankings for a few weeks yet. A little format change for this year, I thought it might be a fun exercise to put the numbers from the end of 2015 in parenthesis just to show how the B1G teams progressed over the season last year (let me know if you want to keep this feature going throughout the season). Additionally, I listed the B1G teams that made the postseason and the round they eventually lost in. NCAA is in Red and NIT in Blue. Finally, don't forget to click here to see all the previous years KenPom threads. Here we go! KenPom rankings as of 4-03-17 ========================= B1G (0-0): (14) -> 19. Purdue S16 (58) -> 20. Michigan S16 (33) -> 21. Wisconsin S16 (223) -> 37. Minnesota R64 (78) -> 38. Northwestern R32 (5) -> 40. Michigan State R32 (15) -> 44. Indiana 1st RD (25) -> 46. Maryland R64 (132) -> 66. Illinois 3rd RD (23) -> 71. Iowa 2nd RD (80) -> 73. Ohio State (146) -> 87. Penn State (98) -> 107. Nebraska (291) -> 135. Rutgers Non-Conference (0-0): 220. Eastern Illinois 320. North Texas ---Gavitt Tip-Off--- 99. @St. John's 168. North Dakota ---Advocare Invitational--- 68. UCF F4 7. / 312. West Virginia S16 / Marist 99. / 156. / 225. / 264. St. John's / Missouri / Long Beach State / Oregon State ---B1G/ACC Challenge--- 173. Boston College 28. @Creighton R64 ---Shelter Insurance Showcase--- 6. Kansas E8 251. UTSA 339. Delaware State 319. Stetson
  11. Now What?

    ...at least I would assume so. I guess I don't pay any attention at all. Maybe Nebrasketball really is unique in the world but probably not.
  12. Ugh, do I really have to do this today? Here is today's KenPom update: KenPom rankings as of 2-19-18 ========================= B1G (11-5): 4. Michigan State (10) - L 6. Purdue (17) - L 17. Ohio State (78) - L 23. Michigan (32) - W 25. Penn State (40) - L 41. Maryland (41) - W 56. Nebraska (98) 72. Indiana (65) 78. Northwestern (18) - W 90. Wisconsin (31) - W, W 99. Iowa (54) - W 102. Minnesota (36) - W, W 105. Illinois (104) - W, L 142. Rutgers (125) - W, W Non-Conference (9-4): 263. Eastern Illinois - W 177. North Texas - W ---Gavitt Tip-Off--- 71. @St. John's - L 248. North Dakota - W ---Advocare Invitational--- 93. UCF - L 317. Marist - W 192. Long Beach State - W ---B1G/ACC Challenge--- 80. Boston College - W 27. @Creighton - L ---Shelter Insurance Showcase--- 11. Kansas - L 175. UTSA - W 351. Delaware State - W 311. Stetson - W **Parenthesis after the Big Ten team names indicates the season starting KenPom ranking. **Blue indicates NIT team from last year, Red is NCAA Tourney
  13. Now What?

    I mean, they've got bandwagon jumper issues of their own to contend with right now so...
  14. Now What?

    I'm not sure...maybe you should start a new thread to discuss?
  15. Oh man, Michigan pulled off the extremely rare DOUBLE #FlopJays - Well done gentlemen!
  16. KenPom says: 53 Nebraska at 109 Illinois Nebraska 74-72 (58%) Champaign, IL State Farm Center
  17. Tournament Odds Gizmo

    I think Jordy's trying to get the gizmo to spin up a little further today 😂
  18. Omaha scores on each of their three power plays in the second! This game is tied at 3 late in the second period!
  19. B1G Tournament Bracketology

    Nebraska loses out Indiana wins out Michigan wins at least 2 of their last 3 It's technically possible.
  20. I'm doing my part by watching the UNO Mavs play North Dakota. The Fighting Hawks lead 2-0 at the first intermission...not sure how that impacts our RPI.
  21. Bowen had about half of Division I bidding on him it seems, and most of the bidders could say he was leaning toward their school at one point or another! But seriously, that situation in and of itself doesn't *necessarily* implicate Creighton as participating in the type of shady dealing being investigated...
  22. ... and wide! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  23. Marcus LoVett was still with the team at the time and they were playing at a very high level so while you can't say for sure what would have happened, I don't think it's likely we would have won the rematch. But, wasn't there some discussion that had we played them a second time that game wouldn't have counted for RPI purposes anyway or something? I seem to recall something to that effect.
  24. Well, yeah...that's just, like...his *opinion* man!