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  1. Dirty big balls!
  2. In fairness, I'd be a horrible coach, so he probably wouldn't get as many shots as he did yesterday.
  3. Perfect: http://www.scout.com/college/kansas/forums/2481-hoops-talk/15482937-self-outcoached-by-altman
  4. If I had a walk on and surrounded him with 4 McDonald's AA's, I bet I could do pretty well too. Heck that walk-on might even have a chance at taking a shot at some point in a game even.
  5. They really wanted some #GATA at Drake, huh?
  6. http://pennstate.247sports.com/Article/Penn-State-details-plans-to-upgrade-Bryce-Jordan-Center-51757139 Bryce Jordan Center to undergo future renovations Renovations will be made to improve the basketball atmosphere and evironment The Bryce Jordan Center as you know will be coming to an end. Major renovations are coming to the home of Penn State basketball. Per Phil Esten, Penn State's chief operating officer of athletics, the BJC will undergo a major facelift in the coming years as part of the school's 20-year Facilities Master Plan released Monday. The plan will be executed in five-year increments. The BJC is not among the facilities that will receive attention during the initial increment, however when alterations are made, they will be designed to provide a more intimate atmosphere during basketball games. There are also plans for a stand-alone basketball facility, which Barbour says the plan is to be owned by the athletics department.
  7. It's amazing just how easy coaching basketball at the highest levels is, surprise more people don't do it.
  8. The optimistic OSU fans are saying that Boynton is to Underwood somewhat as some folks here say Smith was to Miles. The mind behind the offense.
  9. Gotta start somewhere though.
  10. I think the fact that they are considering us, and we're staying in it 'till the end with them is a pretty good sign, yes.
  11. also, is today the day the Michigan players cut their God-awful Sideshow Bob hair now?
  12. All I was trying to say was we have a couple of guys on Arizona's current roster that we recruited pretty hard (successfully, perhaps?)...combine that with Lightfoot who is currently sitting on an Elite 8 bench, and also a near miss for Miles and Co. and we can see that the myth of it being difficult to recruit to Nebraska for hoops is simply that, a myth. That's all.
  13. ...and weren't we kind of in it with Pinder too?
  14. Don't underestimate 2 Chainz there Silverbacked1 [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I would imagine Findlay prep is a major reason Nevada is so high on that list.
  16. You're a good fan, jimmy!
  17. and in a "truth is weirder than fiction" kind of way, Chuck Barris died yesterday. I always loved The Gong Show. RIP Chuck Barris:
  18. by the way, about six weeks ago, most Michigan fans would have had pretty heated arguments with anyone that tried to tell them their team was "well coached"...
  19. Michigan: Experience: 2.05 yrs 61 Nebraska: Experience: 1.32 yrs 289
  20. which is why playing such a difficult non-con ended up hurting us this year, IMO. I mean, playing UCLA was fun and all but I still contend that if we had lost to Dayton, things may have very well turned out a lot better for this team.