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  1. I also believe the staff both cares about and understands the analytics very VERY deeply. I tend to agree with dimes, this is a recruiting issue more than a scheme issue.
  2. Good for him, I hope he gets drafted. I always kind of liked Melo, seems like a good kid.
  3. We have 'em here @Silverbacked1 and we're nowhere near a good team...it's a disease.
  4. This guy is full of hot hoops takes today.
  5. Fans apoplectic about losing a game. Blames it on the coach, and whines that he (a future HOF'er, to boot) is a terrible coach.
  6. Dirty big balls!
  7. In fairness, I'd be a horrible coach, so he probably wouldn't get as many shots as he did yesterday.
  8. Perfect: http://www.scout.com/college/kansas/forums/2481-hoops-talk/15482937-self-outcoached-by-altman
  9. If I had a walk on and surrounded him with 4 McDonald's AA's, I bet I could do pretty well too. Heck that walk-on might even have a chance at taking a shot at some point in a game even.
  10. They really wanted some #GATA at Drake, huh?
  11. It's amazing just how easy coaching basketball at the highest levels is, surprise more people don't do it.