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  1. College hoops corruption case

    The guys on Gameday this morning are just CRUSHING coach Miller. Wow.
  2. Indeed. Buckeyes with a little karma paid back from the PSU buzzer beater in Columbus Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. Is anyone else here bothered by the weirdo camera angle at Assembly Hall? It's like seriously lined up with one of the free throw lines. Makes my OCD twitch!
  4. Shout out @The_nebrasketball_podcast for putting together yet another fantastic podcast! Highlight of the day.
  5. Andy Katz defines his bubble teams

    Catch Andy Katz' podcast here: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-02-23/march-madness-365-podcast-tim-miles-says-nebraska-aiming-top
  6. Poindexter reminds me of this: ...there's another one out there but it's a little to NSFW to post here...
  7. John Crispin and whoever is doing PBP tonight (maybe Dave Revsine) for this game were talking about the B1G standings and what a great story Nebrasketball was and Crispin said (paraphrased) "they had all those transfers after last year and people were wondering what was going on, and I think what was going on was those dudes saw the talented transfers coming in and saw the writing on the wall..."
  8. Man, I hope we weren't counting on Colorado State to give Boise State anything even remotely resembling a fight. Sheesh!
  9. It's been unseasonably warm in the northeast recently - Providence had a high temperature around 70 today. Normally it hovers around freezing from mid November until the end of April so it's not a huge concern during hockey/basketball season. Believe it or not air conditioning is not very common up there, so it wouldn't surprise me if Dunkin' Donuts arena has inadequate or no air conditioning. (Having lived in Boston for a few years I can attest to this fact) Warm humid air near the floor could cause condensation on the court similar to the sweat on a cold beverage on a hot humid day. But I could be totally wrong and it's something completely different. I'm only guessing here.
  10. It's Time to Subscribe

    Scratch that...I *do* have a couple of thoughts I guess I feel I want to share. What I don't understand is why Warren Buffett saw an investment opportunity when he bought the OWH and a number of other papers around the country. He should be looking it as more of a philanthropic opportunity to keep independent print journalism alive in the country, because I'm afraid that may be what it takes.
  11. It's Time to Subscribe

    I feel like this thread may cross the politics Rubicon that we try pretty hard to avoid here (and hope we continue to do so). So I don't have any thoughts on the topic that I wish to share here, only that I want to express my hope we can keep the conversation civil and as politics-free as possible. Carry on!
  12. College hoops corruption case

    Am I the only one that feels like all this FBI stuff amounts to nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic? Sure, maybe lots of coaches lose their jobs, maybe some could even face time in prison. But will it *really* do anything to change the pecking order in the hoops world? Or in any way clean up the shady dealing that has been with college hoops since the beginning?
  13. Penn St at Michigan game

    So... Michigan v Maryland... Who do we want?
  15. Penn St at Michigan game

    Over/Under on number of times they put Flavor Flav on BTN tonight?