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  1. Of course the Marines had the benefit of never needing to reload either. Doesn't seem all that realistic to me. Especially how they were able to just continuously fire round after round like that. Each one must have shot 100,000 rounds at least. Which leads me to another thought. By the time the battle was over wouldn't they all be like hip deep in spent shells?
  2. B1G tournament is being played a week early in 2018 so they could play in MSG. Because of this, the AAC is going to get their tournament semis and final on CBS (which are the slots usually reserved for the Big Ten) this year: http://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/american-athletic-conference-tournament-semifinals-title-game-come-to-cbs-in-2018/
  3. DJ Wilson To Remain in 2017 NBA Draft, Depart Michigan Wolverines http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/24/15685764/dj-wilson-to-remain-in-2017-nba-draft-depart-michigan-wolverines-basketball-depth-chart-scholarship
  4. Moritz Wagner To Return For Junior Year http://mgoblog.com/content/mo-wagner-return-junior-year
  5. Vincent Edwards Will Forego 2017 NBA Draft, Return to Purdue Boilermakers http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/24/15684640/vincent-edwards-will-forego-2017-nba-draft-return-to-purdue-boilermakers-basketball-starting-lineup
  6. Kam Williams Will Forego 2017 NBA Draft, Return to Ohio State Buckeyes http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/24/15684718/kam-williams-will-forego-2017-nba-draft-return-to-ohio-state-buckeyes-basketball-starting-lineup
  7. To Return or Not to Return? Who are the major Big Ten players yet to finalize their NBA Draft decision? Under the NCAA rules, players have until 5:00 pm ET on May 24th to withdraw from the NBA draft and still maintain their college eligibility. This allows players 10 days from the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, to assess their potential draft chances. Some of the Big Ten players who have already decided to return are Maryland’s Justin Jackson, Michigan transfer Jaaron Simmons, Purdue’s Vincent Edwards, and Purdue’s Isaac Haas. But there are some top Big Ten players still deciding whether to return to college or not for the 2017-2018 season. With the 5 pm deadline approaching, let’s take a look at the biggest names still undecided. -Caleb Swanigan (Purdue) Without a doubt, Swanigan is the biggest name still undecided about the NBA Draft. The reigning Big Ten Player of the Year has worked out for several teams, including the Orlando Magic yesterday. Swanigan is scheduled to have his final workout with the New York Knicks today. After an amazing sophomore season which saw Swanigan averages 18.5 points and 12.5 rebounds per game, most thought he was a definite 2017 NBA Draft prospect. However, the consensus among most projection sites is that Swanigan is a late first round selection at best. DraftExpress has Caleb Swanigan as the 40th pick overall, NBADraft has him slotted to the New York Knicks at the 44th pick, while both SBNation and BleacherReport share consensus as a second round pick. The only major projection to have Swanigan as a first round pick is CBSSports, who have him going to the Utah Jazz with the 24th pick. Prediction: Caleb Swanigan simply cannot improve that much on his incredible 2017 season. The 6’9” 250 lb Purdue forward will stay in the draft. -Moritz Wagner (Michigan) The question in Ann Arbor is, “Are Wagner and Wilson a package deal?” If so, Michigan fans are collectively holding their breath, because if they both return the Wolverines will have one of the best teams in the Big Ten. The 6’11” sophomore from Germany was one of the most improved players in the country last season. Wagner improved from 2.9 to 12.1 points per game, and more than doubled his rebounds per game to 4.2 per game. The true European big man shot 40 percent from three point range, and has an offensive game that should translate well to the NBA. His projections, however, are worse than teammate D.J. Wilson. DraftExpress and NBADraftdo not project Wagner to be drafted. SBNation and BleacherReport both see Wagner as a second round pick at best. Prediction: If D.J. Wilson should return to Michigan, then Moritz Wagner certainly should. Combining with transfer Jaaron Simmons, the Wolverines will have a team capable of competing against rival Michigan State for the Big Ten title. -Kam Williams (Ohio State) When Williams announced that he would be declaring for the NBA Draft, it took quite a few people by surprise. While he had a decent 2016-’17 season, he wasn’t getting much Draft hype, which made his decision a bit of an unusual one. Nonetheless, Williams now finds himself with a crucial decision to make. It’s also one that will have a huge impact on what the Buckeyes look like next season. Considering all that’s gone sour for Ohio State this offseason, a decision by Williams to head to the professional leagues would be a crushing blow. However, regardless of what you think about Ohio State or Williams, this decision is simply about whether Williams feels fine with playing in Europe. He doesn’t have a great shot at the NBA right now, so does he choose the Buckeyes or a contract overseas? Prediction: Williams returns to Columbus for another season. Simply put, his draft stock isn’t good enough to warrant an early entry. -D.J. Wilson (Michigan) The lanky 6’10” 240 lb Junior has kept the Michigan faithful guessing his intentions throughout the process. A huge social media user, Wilson has alternated cryptic messages through a variety of medium. What has been clear is the determining factor. As you would expect, the predictions are split. DraftExpress has Wilson as the absolute last pick of the first round at 30th overall, while NBADraft does not have him getting draft at all. SBNation projects Wilson to the Indiana Pacers at the 18th overall selection, and BleacherReport has him as a second round pick. The variance in results has clearly played a major part in D.J. Wilson’s lack of a decision as we sit here on May 24th. Prediction: The old poker adage “think long, think wrong” applies here. If D.J. Wilson is unsure, he needs to return to Michigan for the upcoming season. http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/24/15683834/to-return-or-not-to-return-big-ten-basketball-2017-nba-draft-swanigan-wilson-wagner-decision
  8. Justin Jackson Will Forego 2017 NBA Draft, Return to Maryland Terrapins http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/23/15683578/justin-jackson-will-forego-2017-nba-draft-return-to-maryland-terrapins-starting-lineup-depth-chart
  9. Unfinished Business: Corey Sanders Returning To Rutgers For Junior Season http://www.btpowerhouse.com/2017/5/23/15683702/unfinished-business-corey-sanders-returning-to-rutgers-scarlet-knights-basketball-program
  10. Will winning B1G coach of the year honors be enough for Erstad to keep his job? Fussy HHC posters want to know...
  11. Discussion thread: https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/recruiting-michael-jacobson-has-committed.228884/
  12. Michael Jacobson: “I want to make some NCAA Tournaments” https://cyclonefanatic.com/2017/05/recruiting-jacobson-hopes-transfer-to-isu-helps-him-reach-ncaa-tournament/ sick burn...
  13. Good for MJ. Wish him all the best at ISU!
  14. 2017 Schedule Game Plan | Opponent Tracker Date Rk Opponent Result Location Record Conf Fri Nov 11 108 340 Bethune Cookman W, 100-53 72 Home 1-0 Mon Nov 14 95 314 Binghamton W, 77-61 76 Home 2-0 Fri Nov 18 92 37 Minnesota L, 92-86 81 Away 2-1 Wed Nov 23 90 40 Michigan St. L, 73-62 72 Neutral 2-2 Thu Nov 24 92 48 VCU L, 75-69 73 Neutral 2-3 Fri Nov 25 90 120 Old Dominion L, 63-55 69 Neutral 2-4 Tue Nov 29 99 339 Delaware St. L, 79-72 67 Home 2-5 Fri Dec 2 125 241 Tulane W, 95-75 71 Away 3-5 Mon Dec 5 112 284 Cal St. Northridge W, 76-70 74 Home 4-5 Thu Dec 8 113 202 Fordham W, 90-62 68 Home 5-5 Sun Dec 11 103 252 LIU Brooklyn L, 74-73 74 Neutral 5-6 Sun Dec 18 117 87 Penn St. L, 92-76 81 Home 5-7 Wed Dec 21 136 55 Syracuse W, 93-60 74 Away 6-7 Thu Dec 29 96 25 Butler W, 76-73 70 Home 7-7 1-0 Sun Jan 1 95 184 DePaul W, 79-73 68 Away 8-7 2-0 Wed Jan 4 90 28 Creighton L, 85-72 72 Home 8-8 2-1 Sat Jan 7 94 31 Xavier L, 97-82 77 Away 8-9 2-2 Mon Jan 9 92 69 Georgetown L, 83-55 80 Away 8-10 2-3 Sat Jan 14 103 2 Villanova L, 70-57 70 Home 8-11 2-4 Mon Jan 16 109 184 DePaul W, 78-68 68 Home 9-11 3-4 Sun Jan 22 110 51 Seton Hall L, 86-73 73 Away 9-12 3-5 Wed Jan 25 109 60 Providence W, 91-86 77 Away 10-12 4-5 Sun Jan 29 106 31 Xavier L, 82-77 76 Home 10-13 4-6 Wed Feb 1 104 32 Marquette W, 86-72 73 Home 11-13 5-6 Sat Feb 4 95 2 Villanova L, 92-79 80 Away 11-14 5-7 Sat Feb 11 88 51 Seton Hall W, 78-70 73 Home 12-14 6-7 Wed Feb 15 83 25 Butler L, 110-86 78 Away 12-15 6-8 Tue Feb 21 90 32 Marquette L, 93-71 77 Away 12-16 6-9 Sat Feb 25 93 69 Georgetown W, 86-80 76 Home 13-16 7-9 Tue Feb 28 88 28 Creighton L, 82-68 83 Away 13-17 7-10 Sat Mar 4 86 60 Providence L, 86-75 76 Home 13-18 7-11 Big East Conference Tournament Wed Mar 8 92 69 Georgetown W, 74-73 73 Semi-Home 14-18 Thu Mar 9 92 2 Villanova L, 108-67 68 Semi-Home 14-19 Home games played at Carnesecca Arena (5,602, 212th largest in D-I) or Madison Square Garden (19,786)