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  1. What If? Play-in game

    I would say, yes, the play in game counts. And no, I don't think we need to win out in the regular season if we win 2 or more in the B10 tourney. But I think the speculation that we do have to win them all helps to keep the team from the mental let down which inevitably accompanies a team which realizes it will be in the NCAA tourney however it may finish the regular season.
  2. While awaiting the game today I randomly pushed the "full" version of the neat little dial in the corner of the HHC front page and was pleasantly surprised with the info available. For anyone , like me, who hasn't already done this I will recommend it
  3. Tournament Odds Gizmo

  4. Tournament Odds Gizmo

    Let's win one for the Gizmo.
  5. No Sit Sunday x Duce

    Not to be a downer, but it is important to remember that not all who attend will be able to remain standing without physical discomfort. Be tolerant of someone behind you who has small children, is elderly, or has a physical handicap which makes standing uncomfortable. Let's make the game something to be enjoyed and not an endurance test. And let's win our next two before announcing this as an official policy!
  6. a Hot Take

    I agree, Jim "Pancakes" Wiesen does not have the same panache. However, James "Poutine" Palmer might work if he dines with Jordy on occasion.
  7. a Hot Take

    Fun Baseball Palmer fact of the day: He was known as Jim Wiesen until age 9 when he took his stepfather, Max Palmer's name.
  8. a Hot Take

    And liked to eat pancakes?
  9. Two quick thoughts: 1. This team seems to play better in the second half than the first 2. Nice to see Neebrasketball's BTN recycled poster make a prominent appearance at the end of last night's telecast!
  10. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Random St. Bonaventure thought of the day: I wonder if Bob Lanier's shoes are still on display at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.?
  11. BTN Sign Ideas?

    Impressive display of recycling. I'll be watching for it on the telecast tonight.
  12. The coaching carousel

    My tribute to Ole Miss A.D. (and Thor). Hope it doesn't describe tonight's Pinnacle atmosphere. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Bjork+song&view=detail&mid=E2446A03BAE9624AB209E2446A03BAE9624AB209&FORM=VIRE
  13. The coaching carousel

    That time of year again, folks. Let's crank up the old carousel and try not to get dizzy. Ron "Fang" Mitchell is out at Coppin State. So long to one of the best nicknames in the coaching ranks.
  14. HHCC Standings - End of Week 14

    Trying to jinx me, I see.
  15. Receiving Votes

    Not to mention the number of Big Blue followers who would be in the same boat.
  16. NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    Yes, it will be very difficult to maintain a decent bracket this year. The problem is there are no really "elite" teams, and small and mid-major programs also look a bit weak. At least twenty teams will have a legitimate shot to win the tourney depending on the draw and who gets on a hot streak. May be a good time to pick a "Cinderella" (cough, cough).
  17. NCAA Bracket Preview Show

    I will be the first to say that both KU and Duke are overrated here. Looks like past records may be considered by someone.
  18. Roby doesn't make SC Top 10

    There will be many more opportunities with the way he appears to be developing this year.
  19. A good sign when not much to disagree with on the follow-up comments. Hopefully I will say the same after Maryland. At least no snowstorm is expected for the 6 p.m. Tuesday game so that should minimize the leaving early crowd. We will need a raucous crowd for that one so be sure to bring your lungs.
  20. Legends Weekend

    He was there for the aforementioned P.O.Pears soiree. He lived in Seattle and worked for Boeing but that was a decade or so ago. As an interesting sidelight, I was ripped off by Danny Nee once when I bought a genuine Rich King warmup suit at an auction. When I got it home and looked closely I realized it was made for someone who was about 6 feet tall! But Danny was as much a huckster as a husker so I wasn't surprised.
  21. Legends Weekend

    If the first one had the HHC portion at P.O. Pears on the night before, I was there. Anyone else ? I remember visiting with Jose Ramos that night. Also Rich King.
  22. Rutgers: Saturday

    I hearken back to the endless hours I spent outside BDSC waiting for the seemingly endless trains which were always planned to coincide with the end of games. Usually the postgame radio show was over before we crossed the tracks. Can't say I miss that part of the experience.
  23. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Just so I understand this right: St. John's beats Villanova and Duke but is still considered a very bad loss for us since they beat us badly on their home court on our first road game early in the year. I guess I understand this since they are such a terrible team. Maybe someone could explain it to Jay and Mike.