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  1. Furman's Nico Medved to Drake. Former Miles assistant at CSU.
  2. Our problem is not in recruiting 3 star role players who want to play at NU ( see Fuller, Nick). Our problem is in recruiting the 4 and 5 star players to surround them. I'm betting Kentucky would have beaten a team composed of 5 Luke Mayes.
  3. Sorry your feelings were hurt but when someone appears with his first post criticizing the coach, it is hard to take him, or her, as a serious poster. This is especially true when Creighton is held up as a shining example of excellent coaching (didn't they get outcoached in the first game?). To answer your question, I disagree with your premise. Last I checked, the players are the ones who actually win or lose a game. I don't believe Altman is a better coach than Self although his players certainly kicked KU's butt last night. And in case you didn't realize it, PICKLE has the same number of letters as KIDNEY.
  4. Time for baseball season.
  5. But didn't Miles outcoach him this year?
  6. Anyone remember him playing at Kentucky? I didn't. Another fizzled college career in our one and done era.How many will Calipari lose this year? I'll guess 3.
  7. Doug must have failed the shorts test again.
  8. But i liked his hairdo. Reminded me of a Dragon's Age character I once made.
  9. I hope not since i may win a pretty nice pool if UCLA also wins tonight. I would also like Wisconsin in the final four so we can say we played three of the four finalists.
  10. Did he play on the same team with Pinder and Heild in Wichita?
  11. Doug Gottlieb being interviewed at OSU today. I understand the first two questions he had to answer were 1. How do you identify a "punk"? and 2. Can you demonstrate the correct way to put on your shorts?
  12. Well played, men. Drake finished third in the NCAA in 1969, a couple of weeks before I got married. They were beaten by one of Wooden's UCLA teams by only 3 points and beat North Carolina for third place (when that game was actually played) by 20 points. (I had to look the scores up myself). One summer I played pickup basketball against John's son on many occasions. He proved to be one of those jerks who were no fun to play against, taking everything way too seriously and also taking every shot. Another interesting Drake fact: In '64 they tied for first in the Missouri Valley. They had a playoff game against Wichita State held at Allen Fieldhouse for some reason and it was packed by fans of both sides. Bulldogs had a player Billy Foster (as I recall) who had been given 6 fouls by a referee mistake in their first meeting. Shocker fans held up huge signs saying "That's One Billy" etc. with each foul and got into his head enough cause him to have a terrible game. Shockers then went to NCAA where they proceeded to give up 60+ points to Bill Bradley in the third place game which is still the NCAA tourney record I think.
  13. Quick quiz for the day. No fair looking it up.Did Drake ever go to the final four, T or F? Bonus points if they did ever get there: Who was their coach?cwg should be able to answer this and I will share my own tie to Drake when posting the answer in a couple of hours.
  14. Sounds to me like he pretty much goes baseline to baseline.
  15. Thanks, pant,pant, wag, wag, drool,drool.