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  1. jimmykc


    I suppose we would feel more like Iowa is our natural rival if a some Hawkeyes had bothered to ride over during the Civil War and shot a few folks and then burned down Lincoln. And the Bluejays would be a natural rival if they had ever managed to field a football team. And since neither were in the same league with us during the prior century, I don't think NU really has a natural rival like KU with K-State and Missouri. And the current state of college athletics does not make it easy to form new natural rivalries anyway, so let's just say it will be very satisfying to pummel Wisconsin, Iowa, and Creighton the next time we meet them in basketball or (cough,cough) football, and leave it at that.
  2. jimmykc

    NBA Playoffs

    I gave aphilso and Huskerpapa up arrows because I also respect the skills of players in the NBA ( James and Durant are two of the best I have ever seen and good guys to boot) but find the NBA teams to be incredibly boring to watch. Get a matchup, drive , take three steps, get fouled and perhaps have it called, kick out and shoot a three (usually made), then go to the other end and see the same thing. Anyone who watched Cousey, Russell, Magic, Bird,etc. perform can appreciate the dramatic flair which has left the NBA building.
  3. jimmykc

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I always thought Ubel was a pretty insightful guy for his age and I still do. Would think he would be able to do well as a commentator using his media skills once his playing days are over.
  4. One never knows where these threads may lead-even sometimes to free beer at the end.
  5. Fun fact of the day: Did you know that the real Archibald "Moonlight" Graham was indeed a medical doctor and that his brother was the president of the University of North Carolina during WWII which was where Ted Williams was taught to be a Navy pilot?
  6. I only buy it for the book reviews. And have you ever tried to balance a coffee cup on one of those EBays?
  7. jimmykc

    Way too early Top 25

    Shhhh! The Big 10 could be a bit weaker than last year. It might take a first place finish for the Huskers to get invited to the NCAA this time.
  8. jimmykc

    Palmer Back

    Just heard on the news that Palmer is returning. No word on Copeland yet.
  9. Sheahon Zenger? Never heard of him and he's been there 7 years! Sort of shows how out of the loop I am with the old alma mater.
  10. jimmykc

    Amir Harris is N

    Really difficult to predict how these athletes with similar skills, body types, personalities, etc. will compare against the other based upon third party evaluations and highlight films. Who will adjust best to living far from home, academic responsibilities, teammates, and other non-basketball factors? The most important comparison at this point is that one of these young men wants to play for Nebraska and the other didn't. That's enough for me for now.
  11. jimmykc

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Would the underbelly be located somewhere in the deep state? Just wondering.
  12. Well, actually he wasn't here to see anything which makes the statement a bit of a moot point.
  13. jimmykc

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    ...opportunity to get used to losing a lot of games.
  14. jimmykc

    OT: Biographies

    I don't read a lot of authorized biographies or autobiographies since they tend to homogenize the subject's life too much. I have many excellent baseball recommendations for biographies if anyone ever needs them. Most are not suitable for kids who are not yet teenagers. Adults may want to try Bill Walton's autobiography "Back from the Dead" to see the considerable physical problems he has had to overcome in his later years. It will make those who find some of his buffoonish work as a commentator more tolerable. David Halberstam's classic "The Breaks of the Game" is a much better book about Walton's Portland Trailblazer days. For an inspirational story the late ESPN announcer Scott Stuart wrote one called ""Every Day I Fight" which is hard to beat.