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  1. Seems an odd transition for one with his basketball pedigree. Where did you read this, and will this position be filled?
  2. Pretty astute observation for a first time poster.Is Barfy sending a subliminal message? Hmmmm...
  3. It's all good.
  4. Never heard of Jacob Padilla, but he makes some pretty good points.
  5. Condolences to you and your family. Glad you had a glimpse of sunlight through the darkness of this day.
  6. Was he driving a cab?
  7. The NCAA will decide once they finish looking through all of Roburt Sallie's old grade school homework.
  8. Ernie was always a favorite of mine in a lot of my film favorites, Fatso Judson in From Here to Eternity, Cabbie in Escape from New York, Bad Day at Black Rock, Flight of the Phoenix... the list goes on. The only one I didn't like, Marty, won him the Oscar. And now, back to your thread, Cip.
  9. cwg: Sorry to break the news but Borgnine has been dead for 5 years.
  10. You just did
  11. Not to be morbid but a Red Sox site (SOSH) used to have an annual thread on the next icon to fall. Maybe we should start one if Cip's thread continues to survive. My own choices: 1. Bobby Doerr-baseball 2. Kirk Douglas-movies 3. Jerry Lewis-comedy 4. Fats Domino-music. No disrespect-all of these guys are pretty old/and- or decrepit.And no comments about the kettle calling the pot...
  12. Is he the one they call Flash?
  13. So just go out and enjoy the pink moon tonight. For those who haven't read the internet lately, the pink moon is the first full moon in April. The Natives named their full moons by the seasons and in April the pink phlox bloomed, thus the pink moon.
  14. I'm pretty sure someone is concealing an evil clone of Jacobson somewhere.
  15. I think I know a coach who would love to star in that series, tcp. Of course Sam would have to change it into a sixth grade girls basketball team.