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  1. Serious question ...

    Given the time of year (before it even starts), there is no reason to expect less than our first NCAA tourney win as a goal. If the Red Sox can come back like they did last night and win in 15 after the game seemed lost for most of the night, then anything is possible in sports.
  2. Copeland

    49r: I've never been to either poutine -serving place but will choose Hop Cat because they were creative enough to call theirs "Vladimir" and they have a franchise in Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, an area where I used to hang out when I didn't care about cholesterol counts as much.
  3. Copeland

    If that happens, poutine for everybody!
  4. Copeland

    Was there a time warp which skipped us back to April 1?
  5. Big Tv schedule released

    KU game on FS1 on Dec 16. Since no one has taken me up on my FB-BB ticket exchange I may end up watching it from the comfort of the living room.
  6. Countdown to College Basketball

    French fries, cheese curds and gravy. Now that sounds like a dish waiting for some enterprising Nebraska chef to adopt. Might even add some corn and call it cornpoutine.
  7. Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    And one other positive note to balance all the negative ones on the thread. This is one recruit who will not be discouraged by our cold Nebraska winters.
  8. No news is good news

    Just make something up, Jacob. It seems to work fine for most of the national media (and politicians).
  9. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Just back from Beatrice. Took two and a half hours for the 40 minute drive back to Lincoln. It was worth it. Clouds uncovered at the very last moment and got to visit for awhile with Bill Nye who gave me a personalized autograph. A very good day for old Jimmy.
  10. OT: Eclipse Plans

    Planning a road trip to Beatrice along with 10 jillion others. I'll let you know if I run into Bill Nye.
  11. Brady Heiman is 'N'

    For those who may have seen both, how would he compare to Elliot Eliason, who turned out to be pretty good for the Gophers? He was a bit bigger in high school but an example of someone we waited too late on to give an offer.
  12. I see I am not the only confused and scared person here.
  13. Why are there now a bunch of generic letter avatars? I have a bunch of Walters I can loan out.