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  1. OT: Biographies

    I don't read a lot of authorized biographies or autobiographies since they tend to homogenize the subject's life too much. I have many excellent baseball recommendations for biographies if anyone ever needs them. Most are not suitable for kids who are not yet teenagers. Adults may want to try Bill Walton's autobiography "Back from the Dead" to see the considerable physical problems he has had to overcome in his later years. It will make those who find some of his buffoonish work as a commentator more tolerable. David Halberstam's classic "The Breaks of the Game" is a much better book about Walton's Portland Trailblazer days. For an inspirational story the late ESPN announcer Scott Stuart wrote one called ""Every Day I Fight" which is hard to beat.
  2. Husker Athletics Priority

    Tape both. Watch BB first. Skip all commercials.
  3. Let me get this straight...

    Rumor has it that he has already contacted Coach Pelini to compose his farewell speech for next year.
  4. Hank Bounds interview

    You know the old saying: "Success is in the eye of the beholder"...or maybe that is beauty. Well, since Moos isn't going to win any beauty contest, I propose that those of us here may be considering the "success" this year in a different light than unbiased observers. After all, we didn't get invited to the Big Dance, we won no post season games, and we finished fourth in a league which may or may not have been weaker than usual. Throw that in with a seeming inability to win our most important games and perhaps building on this "successful" foundation might have seemed a bit shaky as viewed from afar. So.... guess we will know more after we find out what next season brings.
  5. Hank Bounds interview

    After having a day to digest this, the best I can do is to accept the fact that "what is,is" and let Miles deal with it. He will be well compensated whatever happens next year and if everyone returns, there is no reason to believe he will not succeed with getting an even better contract here or move to an even better job elsewhere. If people leave and he fails, no one on the board will want him to return anyway and the onus is back on Moos to find someone better. Perhaps I am simply feeling sanguine today because of the Red Sox April start.
  6. I simply fail to understand our AD's failure to finalize this. I can think of no benefit from postponing the decision further since it has been nearly a month since he categorically stated that Miles was his coach for the future. Moos must not be a student of history. Otherwise he would know that the "slowly twisting in the wind strategy" did not turn out well for either John Mitchell or Dick Nixon.
  7. Yet Another Contest Thread

    I prefer this version.....................https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Sopranos+Ending+Journey&&view=detail&mid=0983C36365FBE7B7B3ED0983C36365FBE7B7B3ED&&FORM=VRDGAR
  8. Next Assistant Coach

    Amazing Grace. And just as I was about to suggest reaching out to David Anwar.
  9. Xavier Johnson is N

    Acceptance....although our AD seemingly has invented a new stage called "Chewin'the Cud".
  10. Miles extension poll

    Cheer up, at least we have our bowling team....gulp....well, it was Friday the Thirteenth yesterday.
  11. Let's get this thread off the personal sniping and explain for me yet again when the last date players can return to the program falls. April 22? or some time in May? It certainly wasn't April 10. There still seems to be confusion on this important issue.
  12. Bill's decision making process comes from observing the behavior of his cattle. Chew cud....chewing some more cud....chew cud....mmm cud is good...chew cud...let's mosey over by that shade tree and ruminate for awhile...about chewing some cud.
  13. Xavier Johnson is N

    Still under sedation obviously. This calls for a replay of The Turtles classic "Chicken Little Was Right".
  14. NBA Playoffs

    Better than mine: 1. Bacon was in the movie "Diner" which took place in Maryland which 2. was outbid by KU for the services of DeSouza which was the first stop for 3. A.W.White III who stopped at 4.NU before playing in 15 games for the Atlanta Hawks who , unfortunately, failed to make the playoffs.
  15. Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    Sounds like HB has headed to Barry's early.