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  1. I take it we have to pay for this. Does anyone know how much?
  2. 2017-18 Husker opponents

    I liked Pat's new hairdo. Wonder if that was part of his ten year plan.
  3. NU 64 UCF 70 3 in df I smell a Thanksgiving turkey.
  4. NU-75 ND-70. Although if we play like last night we will lose.
  5. Gravy. mmmmm. Maybe that's why we played so poorly last night since we barely saw him. There should always be enough gravy.
  6. To me the new players have played like Thanksgiving leftovers. Palmer, Copeland, and Gill have been Webster, Jacobson, and Morrow rewarmed. Unless we want a reheated season too, they ae going to have to assert themselves and add some flavor to this year's team. ( Sometimes I actually prefer the leftovers, so all is not yet lost).
  7. Could only skip lightly over this thread. Highlight of the game was the opening tipoff-which we lost.
  8. I didn't feel up to visiting without oatmeal on board. I'll just throw out an adjective which has not surfaced yet and leave. Inept.
  9. Here's Huskers-73, Here's Johnnies-70
  10. HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    Huskercager peaked waay too early.
  11. I can't recall if we did player of the game last year. Anyone want to start naming one this year?
  12. For those who did not watch, Minnesota will be tough to overcome. Rutgers, not so much.
  13. Then it must be 53-34 now
  14. Anyone leave to beat the crowd yet?
  15. Any estimate of crowd size?