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  1. Selection Committee Games of Interest

    I see what you are saying. Those wins against BC, Northwestern, Wisconsin, and Iowa really helped the Big 12 resumes. Wish we had been able to play....Oh, wait ...
  2. How soon we forget. I disremembered starting this thread. I do not believe I wish to see the photo of which part of his anatomy Rick chose to adorn with his other championship.
  3. Bet we would have made more of those last FTs had the score been tied.
  4. Search though I may, I can't seem to find the all-important stat of how our turnovers were apportioned player-wise.
  5. Senior Day

    Who wouldn't miss the least politically correct idea in NCAA history? Almost edged Marco the Mime out as the worst way to pump up a college basketball crowd ever.

    No sit Sunday was unique. Let's not make it a "tradition" for any game which is important. There will be at least one of those every year.
  7. Penn St at Michigan game

    Meh, win/win situation if ever there is one.
  8. Senior Day

    Break out those fake mustaches and dust off those old sombreros!
  9. HHCC Standings - End of Week 15

    If it makes you guys feel any better, I never have been able to understand how the totals are figured out. But then I have a very dumb (special) E-Bay. Thanks for doing this HuskerFever. Your check will be in the mail. Unless my E-Bay forgets to send it.
  10. The Happy Place Thread

    Can I help it if I have a dumb (Special) E-Bay? Tom and I thank you.
  11. The Happy Place Thread

    Just so we don't get too saccharine here, Cip. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Everywhere+I+Go+it+Rains+on+Me+-blues+song&view=detail&mid=1F9EFB1C368B599CD8451F9EFB1C368B599CD845&FORM=VIRE
  12. Not a peeve when he usually takes the Euro step and makes them, sometimes while being fouled. Freezing drizzle this morning. Perfect for my mood. Nothing to do but get back on the horse and realize Indiana and Penn state can both beat us if we don't bring the "A" game. Tuesday will be a character check. I think this team will realize it, and in the long run consider the Illinois game to have been the necessary "wake up call" we needed at this point. That used up my rationalization quota for today.
  13. Vegas doesn’t like us again

    Vegas? We don't need no stinkin Vegas.
  14. Sorry, I meant to say a very "special" e-bay.