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  1. I think I'll inject something now, i.e. that Barfy did well to remind us of Roby's stress fracture last year. Not only does playing with pain make development difficult, but returning from injury tends to make one play tentatively.With that considered, perhaps we should all not be so surprised with the "disappointing" freshman performance by Mr. Roby..
  2. Can't believe writer rates us below Rutgers ( but then I don't follow the StonyBrook magic too closely). Always better to be under-rated when the season starts though, so thanks, Matt.
  3. I thought it was a volleyball but I'll have to look it up or ask Jimmy Naismith the next time I see him.
  4. I have no problem with futeball posts-to each their own. And I have seen many games of grandchildren's soccer. And I always watch the world cup with interest. But to mount my Jingoism soap box, baseball , basketball and football are the "American" sports when compared with the rest of the world's preoccupation with the "beautiful game" (and I do know Jimmy Naismith was not born in the good ole'USA). So I suggest that has a lot to do with the tolerance on the board for digressions on those three sports. And before the soccer lovers bash me, let me say that KU grad Grant Wahl is the nephew of my college roomie and I have his autograph. So enjoy those nil-nil games, guys, and I will plan to watch more paint dry when the Red Sox/Yanks 4 game series begins at Fenway this weekend.
  5. Norm, Turner Gill is 54 now. I'm sure Allen should be able to edge him out.
  6. Not to hijack thread but I assume that no one has heard or seen anything to give us a hint on Copeland's physical or eligibility status. I would like any positive report on either as soon as there is any news, please.
  7. Auroran: I think that photo is the basis for the caricature of Pettiway which immortalized him on the internet on the final issue of Grantland.
  8. Thanks for asking, uni. I am one of the fortunates who have been certified as totally cured. Nothing against Miles or the Pinacle but the late hours and lack of Saturday games make taking grandkids less viable so I don't see the glory days of the BDSC returning, particularly since the old fixed income dictates either football or basketball tickets, but not both. And ,alas, my sons seldom visit the site any more so the sideburns will continue to gather dust. Will probably take some success to bring them back.
  9. And remember, anyone with two seats near the court who wants to sit next to the end zone to see any football game this year just needs to contact old Jimmy for a trade. I will even promise to wear red.
  10. Down year plus coaching emphasis on team concept. Curious how other "major" conferences fared. Anyone care to research and post? I'm too lazy.
  11. Chocolate milk and Vegamite....mmmmmm
  12. I wonder what happens to the trophy? Scrap metal or Craig's list? It might make an attractive paperweight.
  13. How exactly will that work? Does the NCAA have to pay someone to put an asterisk beside every mention of the NCAA championship? Does Pitino have to take a tiara and mirror ball over to Ann Arbor? Does Michigan now get to claim an NCAA title? Just wondering.