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  1. And , bye the way, how did we manage to stray so far from Ty Lue?
  2. Its always fun to speculate on how anyone from the past would rank on any sort of "all-time" list but ,in the end, as relevant as ,say, ranking the best armies of all time. I'm betting even the most destitute of today's third world dictatorships with a few tanks, a couple of planes, and a few dozen bombs could mop up Napoleon's legions in no time.
  3. Jacob: Another couple of books for your must read list are , of course , "Nebrasketball" which I assume you have already read, and John Feinstein's book " The Legend's Club" which actually makes you like Mike Krzyzewski and be able to spell his name without looking it up.
  4. Jacob: Your next assignment in Basketball Books 101 will be "The Breaks of the Game" by David Halberstam.
  5. Jacob: If you plan to continue to write about basketball I strongly suggest you read "The Book of Basketball" by Bill Simmons. In addition to being a pretty funny guy, he knows a lot about the game which he manages to cram into only 700 pages. Part of the book rates the "all time best" players. Jordan is #1. He rated LeBron #20. It was written in 2009, and I'm sure he would now make the top 10.
  6. Bird, Magic, Russell, Jordan, Kareem..... I can't put him higher than those guys. He does fall in the next five though with Kobe,Wilt, West, and Duncan.
  7. As a marine biologist, I would not assume the whale was struck by a tree in the forest. The first thing to do is check the blowhole for a golf ball ...and did that make your Tuesday, Art Vandalay?
  8. He said all the right things about NU so I wish him well. He'll have a year to work on his shooting so , who knows? I doubt he will be a starter for ISU for two consecutive years though.
  9. Wonder how long it takes to "dot i's and cross t's" ? This stinks of bureaucratic lethargy to me with everyone on vacation and papers gathering dust on someone's desk. Someone needs to be put on a deadline because you know the NCAA likes to stall on their decision for as long as possible. The good news from the article is no mention of any problem with Palmer.
  10. If Celtics win three more I will plan to change my avatar to a classic Celts player. Torn between Jojo White and Hondo Havlicek (Bird would be too cliche). If they sweep the finals I will go with Bill Russell..
  11. Consistency within the game is all we can ask from the officials. Any human endeavor contains differences of opinion and as long as they are not egregious, they add to the ambience of the game for fans. Just witness the strike zone for each umpire and how disagreement from the fans adds atmosphere to the ballpark unless it becomes abusive, obscene or violent.Until we get robot officials, the inconsistencies will remain. But by then, the players will also be robots in all likelihood. And now I expect some up arrows for sticking "egregious" into a Sunday post.
  12. Too bad they can't just wave the Cavs and Warriors into the finals and skip the rest of the semis. Both teams are hitting on all cylinders at the right time and it should make a great rematch.
  13. I would like ours to be Rutgers. It would seem a natural since Danny Nee almost went there, and an excellent way to pick up another league victory every year. And the Sopranos was real popular out here too.
  14. For a minute I was afraid my wife had started this thread
  15. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Chirping+Sounds+at+Night&&view=detail&mid=5EB910E9A8D3A298E8725EB910E9A8D3A298E872&FORM=VRDGAR