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  1. OK watched Watson's 5th foul now - obviously ridiculous. That was is bad as the call on Roby vs. Minnesota that went viral. Someone needs to post a clip of that foul call also. Outside of the officiating the game was both encouraging and frustrating. Athletically we really outmatched Creighton much of the time and certainly were competitive and gave good effort. A couple things go our way at the right time and we would have gotten a win over a top 25 team on the road - that doesn't happen often. I did think we had some really strange lineups on the floor at times (Copeland with 4 guards at one point - not sure if Taylor or Gill was the 4?" - also had Roby, Copeland and Duby all on the floor at one point which was unusual in the opposite direction.). Obviously some of that was caused by foul trouble - particularly the fact that we had to give so many minutes to Jack who just got abused on the defensive end. You could really tell Glynn Watson wanted this win - certainly hope we can get it for him next year for his senior season. Copeland and Palmer both had very nice games. Roby as well in very limited minutes - he needs to find a way to avoid getting those cheap fouls. Gill continues to give us more than I expected. I wish Evan Taylor would avoid those times were he tries to do too much offensively - he needs to focus on defense and just take advantage of the offensive opportunities that come to him - not try to create things on his own. We have other guys who are much better at that part of the game. I do think we need of find a way to get Thomas Allen more shots. I realize he is a freshman but he is our best pure shooter and we need to get him confident as a scoring threat and more aggressive on the offensive end. For those who see this as an opportunity to bag on Miles - you must not have been around prior to when he got here. We have not had the success I might have hoped for under Miles to this point - but we are "MILES" ahead of where we were under the prior regime - and the trajectory is at least trending slightly upward rather than pointed sharply down before he arrived. I think back to the end of the Nee era when I was on board with those thinking we needed a change - but wow the 10 years that followed that change were difficult to get through. Makes me appreciate the fact that we have at least taken a step upward from that point - and also makes me want to give the person who has us at least moving us in the right direction a chance to see it through.
  2. Well - have not read any of this thread but had to post this just to vent. Was at the game and just got home. Turned on the DVR to watch three key calls from the first half that I thought were bad calls that really were keys to the momentum we had - the reversal of the call on Jordy, Watson getting leveled on the breakaway and not giving Copeland the bucket on the dunk. All three calls were even worse seeing them on TV than I realized watching it live - particularly the one on Copeland. Usually they give you the benefit of the doubt on that - (certainly did once with a CU player in the lane in the 2nd half) - but Copeland clearly was starting to go up before the guy made any contact. If they get even just 2 of those 3 calls right we are up by over 10 at half. Done venting now - but kind of afraid to even go forward and watch Glynn's 5th foul :).
  3. Wow. I thought that was a bad call but did not realize how bad until after watching this video. Miles missed it also because he pulled Roby and yelled at him after that play. There was also a play in the second half when they called a foul on Roby when the replay showed that he made absolutely no contact with the Minnesota player. Hope they send this on in to the Big 12 office. Someone who knows how should also post this on the Minnesota board where they are complaining about the refs.
  4. Burn Creighton Burn

    That is really sick. Between that and Tommie going on a rant criticizing the Scott Frost I think he has burnt plenty of bridges between him and NU. Tommie was a great QB and leader on the football field but since graduating he has pretty much become a disaster.
  5. Bobby Jackson

    OK - made me curious so I looked it up. Yes Garner and Jackson came out the same year - after the 1994-95 season. (As I should have expected Norm is 100% correct) WNCC went 36-4 that year. Dave "Soupy" Campbell was the coach. He later was an assistant at NU under Collier.
  6. Bobby Jackson

    Now that you mention it I think you are right Norm that they played there together. Might have not come out the same year but I think they did play together.
  7. Bobby Jackson

    We tried I believe but don't think we ever had much of a chance. He was not too long after we got Bernard Garner from there I believe.
  8. 7 out of 40 (17.5%) shooting from inside the 3 point arc will do it. But credit MSU defense and dominant big men for a lot of that.
  9. Hope Jordy realizes from this game that he needs to get ALOT stronger in the upper body to compete at this level. He is never going to be as smooth as the MSU big men - but he needs to be able to match them physically which he clearly could not do today. May need to get the new FB weight training staff to work with him.
  10. We have beaten them at Breslin also. Twice under Miles I think. Didn't they say Miles had the second most coaching victories in the building in the last 5 years?
  11. A very good win and one where we played very well in stretches but also struggled at times but played through it which I think is what makes this a better overall team than we have had recently. We have lots of scoring options which should help us avoid those long droughts (although I know we have already had a couple this year) and I think we do compete well, particularly on the offensive end. (As others mentioned - defense still needs work). Another good game from both Taylor and Gill on the offensive end. Taylor is our best on ball defender and is on the floor for that reason - but when we get offense from his as well that is a bonus. I don't like the times he tries to create - but he is effective when he lets the game come to him on the offensive end. Anton seems to have found his shot - hopefully that continues. He also played harder on the defensive end (at times) tonight than he has in the past. I think he is getting more comfortable with his role on the team. Jordy did some good things - but gee I wish he could hold on to the ball. Horribly clumsy hands. There have to be some hand coordination exercises we can have him do - or maybe just find a way to make his hands stronger ? Duby contributed well also but has some of the same problem and give his size and athleticism he really struggles as a rebounder. Partly that is due to his focus on blocking shots - which tends to sometimes come at the expense of being in good rebounding position. Both Glynn and James really stepped up at times tonight and made big plays when we really needed them. Isaac as well. On the ugly side - saw some of the worst block/charge calls tonight that I have ever seen. The block on Taylor was incomprehensible and the charge on Palmer was about as bad. I really thought the latter one was going to cost us the game. That was a real momentum changed and we went into our longest offensive drought of the night right after that happened. Fortunately we found a way to battle back and get the momentum again without them ever taking a lead.
  12. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    We certainly seem to be feast or famine in terms of shooting % this year.
  13. Marist (0-4) vs. Nebraska (3-2) Game Thread

    Any idea of start time?
  14. Kent

    Handy - yes 82-83 was Stan Cloudy's first year - of 2, he was a JUCO transfer. Starters that year were David Ponce, Greg Downing, Cloudy, Claude Renfro and Hoppen. The other center on the 81-82 team was Lenard Johnson. Lenard actually started most of the games in front of Terry Smith. They were both 6-6. Terry Smith was bulky and very athletic. Lenard was not athletic at all - even though he was 6-6 he could barely dunk at all. Remember sitting in the bleachers during warmups and Jaime Williams from the football team was giving Lenard a bad time challenging him to try to dunk.
  15. Kent

    I remember listening to that game as well - and my clear recollection was Kent was definitely worried about the reaction from the Missouri crowd if he got too animated or excited. Missouri crowds at the time (Antlers particularly) were notorious for their treatment of opposing teams. FWIW the win at #1 Missouri was in 1981-82. That was not a very good Husker team. The NIT Final Four team was the next season - 82-83, Dave Hoppen's freshman year. That team was very good - would have easily made the NCAA tourney that year if it was a 64 team field (that didn't happen until a couple years later).