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  1. Minnesota (8-1) vs. Nebraska (6-3) Game thread

    That was the best this team has played since 2015 at MSU. Can we do it again next time out.. pwetty pweese.
  2. Rick Pitino?

    Why not just make a run at the guy in Omaha who we can't seem to beat.
  3. Warren Nolan realtime rpi which ignores non d1 opponents and lists both 2013 and 2017.
  4. Heres the problem though. 7 of those 8 losses were to top 60 rpi teams and were close games. We also had an OOC win against FGU who was considered a quality early win that made it not look awful. UCF is weaker than every loss we had that 8 game stretch except for UAB and St. Johns is signficantly worse than UAB. St. Johns is barely a top 150 team and is lower ranked than UNO.
  5. 59 points against that team is embarrasing. The other 3 teams UCF have played are Gardner Webb, Mercer and William and Mary. All three put up more points than Nebraska. We need someone on the bench who knows how to run a good offense. Not having one is likely going to cost Miles his job.
  6. Nebraska (2-0) Vs. St. Johns (2-0) Game Thread

    We are being out blocked and out rebounded by a yeam that has no buisness being close in either.

    Was Eichorst the one against it or someone else?
  8. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    Watson and Palmer will keep us out of the basement. How far out depends on the rest of the team.
  9. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    Has the entire roster seen the floor except Nana and Thor?
  10. Exhibition Game: Nebraska at Mississippi St

    how long is halftime supposed to be here?
  11. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    All the upvotes for this. This isn't the football program where by year 5 you should be contending for conference titles. Considering where we started from and who we are as a program 5 years was the minimum amount of time for this to get really good and that was if everything went almost perfectly. Which for many reasons it has not. Some controllable, some not. Even with the ups and downs this team finally LOOKS like a solid Big Ten team and PLAYS like a solid Big Ten team capable of winning even on nights when a key guy or two aren't having a great game. This team has not just talent but young talent that never quits trying hard. Plus virtually every player is improving and/or evolving their game and role as the year goes on. With what appears to be more on the bench and as recruits on the way for next year. Not to mention they all seem like good kids as well. No clue what else you ask for in year 5 at Nebraska from a basketball coach trying to build a Big Ten program.
  12. So how many of the losses do we blame on you for not wearing Husker gear?
  13. Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    And I continue to be baffled by such crazy talk.
  14. Game Day Essentials: Game #26 vs Ohio St

    From what I can tell Buckeye fans have completely thrown in the towel on this season.
  15. Those refs had no clue where they even were

    Honestly I was more pissed about the 3 absolutely clean blocks that for some reason put Wisconsin at the line for 5 extra points.