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  1. GAH! Came SO close to finishing the season without a missed game...
  2. Cornhuskers 59 Nittany Lions 61 0
  3. Golden Gophers: 73 Cornhuskers: 68
  4. 2017 NCAA Womens Tournament

    It's not over yet! We have at least 1 more game, and as long as we survive-and-advance five days in a row, will get the B1G Automatic Bid... ...and then probably get a 16-seed against the behemoth in Storrs.
  5. What! A! Game! I'm glad I listened to the second half (I wasn't available during the first).
  6. Huskers 72 Fighting Illini 64
  7. You can say that again! How hard it has been for me to be a fan of BOTH schools.
  8. Cornhuskers 70 Nittany Lions 63 5
  9. HHCC Standings - End of Week 13

    I like the Up/Down indicators, even if I did tumble 7 spots!
  10. We didn't suffer a BOOM after Tom left the game.