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  1. Milk

    Jacobson Gone?

    Iowa State https://mobile.twitter.com/JonRothstein/status/866776778475528192
  2. Milk

    Overseas Trip

    Just hope the guys are ready this year. For all the bellyaching we do about them, they have owned us as of late. Last year was supposed to have been the year we put the end to all that. Gonna be very tough to beat them on the road this year.
  3. Milk

    Overseas Trip

    There have been quite a few local media reports on their practices. Been hearing a lot of local chatter and glowing reports on Khyri Thomas and not necessarily from Crayton media type.
  4. It appears Matt McCall was UF's lead recruiter for many of their guys. I did see Burno was a lead recruiter for Devin Robinson a year ago. Also he coaches the backcourt.
  5. Milk

    2015-16 Husker opponents

    There are some reports that Yogi Ferrell is coming back next year too. The Big 10 will be so loaded next year, wow. Maryland, MSU. Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Purdue will probably all be top 25 teams. Illinois, Ohio St, and NW will be tourney teams as well probably. Just about every team in the conference has improved themselves since the season ended
  6. Milk

    2015-16 Husker opponents

    And Creighton just got Marcus Foster. Wow.
  7. Milk


    To New Mexico? What the heck is going on with this program?
  8. Milk

    2015-16 Husker opponents

    That is a huge get for Illinois. They needed a big man, they will be pretty solid team next year. In the last couple weeks Indiana, Michigan State, and Illinois all got a lot better and added great centers to their rosters.
  9. Milk

    Rick Barnes Fired at Texas

    Gregg Marshall and Shaka Smart are at the top of their list and both are interested. Both would excel there.
  10. Milk

    2014-15 Husker opponents

    Robert Carter will be eligible next year too for Terps. Preseason conference champs
  11. Milk

    Yesterday's Underperformances

    Yep.. Anything Creighton mentioned on here is derogatory... They beat a top 25 team.. We lost to Rhode Island.. I just wish some on this board would focus more on ourselves more so than them sometimes.. Just sayin..
  12. Milk

    Craig Smith to South Dakota

    James was a very good ballplayer at BW
  13. Why doesn't Gallegos play that much, particularly in the 2nd half as of late? Has anyone else noticed or am I wrong?
  14. Milk

    Gotta love it...

    Honestly I have thought that Shields looks quite a bit like Bruno