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  1. Boehm needs to be fired way before Miles. If he is allowed to be a part of ridding Miles and then making ANOTHER hire, I am done with this program. Keep Miles, fire Boehm. He's a joke.
  2. Absolutely NO WAY Miles should be fired after this season, nor will he. However, I believe it will be "tournament or bust" next year, as it should be with that talented roster and what will be a (fairly) experienced team, with the shine of the new facilities wearing off one more year and the fan interest (seemingly) losing luster if we don't perform. I believe Miles will be back next year - no reason in hell to fire him, even despite my overall disappointment with how this season has gone.
  3. I'm only being 50% serious. I just feel like I've been gut punched about as much as I can take without healing.
  4. Anyone else just wish the university would put us out of our misery and eliminate the program? We have been choking since B.C, days (and that's not Barry Collier) Really really disappointing and really really getting sick of this. Same thing every year. What's the definition of insanity?
  5. These podcasts are excellent.
  6. Miles deserves two more years, barring a dreadful 2017-2018. Lets pump the brakes a bit - the last two guys got six years and took us to zero tournaments. He's had five and taken us to one, and this group certainly won't stay together if he's fired after this year. He needs 1-2 more years after this, period. With that said, we got pistol whipped by CU and its getting freaking old.
  7. KIDNEY!!!???!!!
  8. I am BEYOND CLOUD NINE to this point of the basketball season with this team, the direction of the program and the results in general of these first hand full of games. Let me go on record as saying I was the exact opposite at the end of last season. I felt generally pessimistic about our freshman (incoming sophomores), the turnover of assistants and key players, and while I never gave up or lost hope with Miles, became skeptical for the first time in a long time. I couldn't be more on the other end of the bipolar spectrum at the moment. Gotta give guys like NORM credit who were always gung ho about this team. Although, Norm is the kind of fan (the best kind) that likely was also gung ho about Dan Heimos and Justin Boeker led clubs, but I digress. The growth of Glynn Watson developing his outside shot and the extra confidence is staggering. Tai Webster has stuck it out and grown more in 4 years than any player I can remember in recent history. He has become the player we all thought he'd be when Fran Frischilla proclaimed him a Top 30 type player going into his freshman year. Ed Morrow - MY GOSH. I'm wondering how much the injury slowed him down last year because this guy is a MONSTER. Did anyone else notice that MAN CHILD one handed rebound he slapped home last night in the second half? The guy looks like a STUD in the making. I don't remember this kind of athleticism from a big since...................... was Venson Hamilton that athletic? Jack McVeigh is going to be a VERY good player for us - I've seen he's gotten a lot of negativity due to his defense not being the best the last couple of nights and shots not always falling, but this kid has major upside. I'm not discouraged at all. I wish Jacobson would quit shooting three's - that's going to make me lose hair - but other than that, he looks great and has obviously put in the work in the weight room. He looks fantastic when he shoots the ball where he should - mid-range and in! Off the bench, I think Roby reminds me of another Roby.... Richard.... from Colorado... I think this kid has NBA upside. Jeriah Horne needs to get a few more minutes because he looks like a man child. Like a young Larry Florence. Jordy just as advertised. NBA upside, raw as hell. Probably a lot like a kid named Mikki Moore, who Danny once told me his biggest regret was not red shirting. He'll be special by the end. Anton Gil - I read someone here say he shouldn't be in the rotation? Really? What are you smoking? The kid has big time potential to fill it up from downtown - let's not forget he's been injured and been way behind all fall. He will be in our starting lineup at some point, I'm quite sure of it, perhaps in place of McVeigh. Evan Taylor - only guy on this team that's a project/an offensive liability. I feel like they want him to be this defensive stopper and that's why he plays so much, but I'm not certain he IS that stopper. See a very nice 11th/12th man next year and a great team first guy. Reminds me of Joe Holmes. He's only guy on this entire roster (outside of Fuller) who I see as a reach. And guess what - EVERY Big 10 team - even MSU or Indiana or Michigan or Wisconsin - all have a couple "reaches" on their rosters. That we have come this far with talent and athleticism blows my mind. I kid you not, this is going to be a SPECIAL team. Maybe not this year as far as W/L's go - but FOR SURE next year and beyond. And in the meantime, don't be surprised one bit if this team sneaks into the NCAA's this year. I'm convinced NIT is absolute floor for this team and Sweet 16 is the upside. Laugh if you want. Those are my thoughts. This team looks like a big time team and we now have size and athleticism to match up with just about anyone. GO BIG RED!!! -Your Old Friend Dave
  9. Welcome, Evan! For those of us who remember the late 90s... Could this guy be a bigger version of Joe Holmes and play similar minutes? (although not start each half for 4 minute and never play again like Holmes did) Could he be a poor man's Lance Jeter for the newer fans? Glad we got him!
  10. The fact that Andrew White thinks he has even a chance of sniffing the NBA is an even bigger joke than he has made himself. Truly a completely chicken ish move on every front. This kid is nowhere close to NBA potential and the sideshow here is clearly him, NOT Miles. Enjoy your six years in Europe, Andy, and having absolutely no legacy at any school you played at. Joke.
  11. Not that this was truly ever in question. But I can 100% confirm that Tai Webster will be returning for his senior season. So that's good news and read into that as you may. Dave
  12. GREAT get. IMO, the most exciting one yet.
  13. Thought you guys might be interested in my thoughts on this and also, learn about my new website! Its 100% all Royals former and current player interviews and post game analysis. I'm very frank on tonight's game http://clubhouseconversation.com/podcast/april-23-3-2-w-over-white-sox-in-13-very-controversial-edition-with-very-blunt-thoughts/
  14. Fair enough on all accords, Norm. And Lanigan, I hope you're right about Tai. He certainly improved his effort and understanding of defense this year and thus, became a (at times) very GOOD defensive player. Improved mightily. IF he can do 1/2 of that offensively, then maybe he can become more than a role player. But at the moment, a turnover prone "2" who can't shoot doesn't inspire me. Again, not bashing the kid, I like him and am glad he stayed. He has made big strides defensively. But we need him to do the same offensively. Fair or unfair, with the current situation and hand dealt, he NEEDS to take that next step next year. And let's hope he can.
  15. Of course. But I see a lot of "If's" there.