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  1. My point is why hang onto miles when it's more than likely he wins less than 14 games than wins 15.....he's fired either way......meanwhile Dooley is available. Only reason I can think of that Eichorst hasn't canned him is that NANA is an NBA lottery pick and they didn't want to lose him....of course those odds are less than 1%. Greater odds are that Eichorst doesnt care about basketball winning
  2. Hope you all realize that Copeland may not be eligible until second semester. That means he misses all of non con and to make matters worse the big 10 moved the season up a week to start in mid December meaning he may miss 4 B10 games. That's brutal.
  3. What lies ahead next year.....I'm a season ticket holder......this team probably will only win 12 games again. What are fans like yourself holding onto? It's likely Copeland misses all of the non con and since the B10 schedule will start in mid December, Copeland could miss 18 games. Think about that for a second. Joe Dooley was an assistant at kansas for 10 years! Has taken Florida Gulf coast to the NCAA tourney the last 2 years and has been successful there for 4 seasons AFTER replacing Andy Enfield who left for USC. Dooley plays the same up tempo style that Nee did. If Dooley was hired tomorrow, Jacobsen and morrow wouldn't be leaving. They are leaving because they feel miles will be fired after next season and they don't want to play for a new coach that's rebuilding as seniors.
  4. Keeping Miles is essentially going to ruin this program. If your not giving him a contract extension than why are you keeping him? Tons of in state talent and Nebraska is such a mess they can't capitalize on it. Just pathetic what Shawn Eichorst is doing here. Mind boggling how he has handled this. Just ditch Miles and hire Dooley from Florida Gulf Coast. That's my pissed at this administrations incompetence regarding basketball
  5. Eichorst was supposed to speak to the media last Thursday. He did not..........😎
  6. Remember when Nick Saban didn't interview with Alabama and he was never going to leave the Dolphins? I sure's also odd that all of a sudden Lee barfneckt writes an article about the "rumors", Miles publicly denies rumors, and a D1 coach says Miles interviewed twice. Ya, I'm sure nothing happened😂
  7. We can kill this thread now.
  8. None of you know if Tim miles is still the coach as I post this. Just saying
  9. joke all you guys want but Miles to New Mexico is pretty real.
  10. Miles is at the final four coaches convention. Probably interviewing with other teams. Probably won't have a job when he comes back if this AD has any foresight whatsoever
  11. Put it this way....Nebraska needs to move fast cause your not gonna like this roster in a few weeks anyway. Bringing in a guy like Crean will cement this situation quickly. They could make the tournament with cream. Won't win more than 15 with Miles next season
  12. I expect Nebraska AD to charge come to the same conclusion and fire Miles this week.
  13. Just waiting for Shawn to pull the plug on a guy that just went 12-19 in his fifth season, loses an assistant coach every season despite paying good $, keeps losing starters off his roster and has no upward trend for season 6. I was sort of on board for one more year until this morrow thing. I'm like a girlfriend finally realizing her boy friend is always going to be a living in his parents basement, smoking pot, and working at Mr. Goodcents.