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  1. I see what you did there
  2. I would rather not open up that can of worms here. If you would like we could discuss in a PM.
  3. It is a sign of deep insecurity. Something you see in little kids who are always looking for validation.
  4. These stories are written AFTER a coach is fired to humanize him, especially if the coach was generally liked. Nebraska media likes to take a scorched earth or indifference approach towards the coach as they walk out the door. Nebraskans want to feel good about firing a coach, and thus they tend to trash them and make stuff up that isn't true about the coaches character or personal life so that the firing seems justified. Nebraska Nice.
  5. Cager this isn't directed specifically at you but at the general comparison between Indiana and Nebraska basketball. The difference is in tradition. The more appropriate example is between Indiana Basketball and NU football. Nebraska is arguably the worst power 5 college basketball team. We've been watching the world go by us for the better part of our history save for a short period in the '90's. The question is will pushing the reset button for the 4th time since the turn of the century make things any better? Will we be hurt long term by staying the course? Seems to be a Sophie's choice.
  6. Needs to be at the top of their list.
  7. Yeah...I'm not going to do that not matter how bad things get. Nothing will compare to the end of the Collier years.
  8. Surprising since the PSU AD has been publicly supporting his coach the entire year.
  9. I am accurate when looking at the season total and per game average. I'm not going to micro analysis his minutes per 40 min or per 100 possessions. You were looking for something to prove your point. You found it and then you cheery picked the data. You want to know why he plays, you can see it in the numbers. He plays because he hustles. Where he is lacking is in making that 10-15 footer. Something for him to work on in the off season.
  10. Not an apologist just tired of the coaching carousel. It is killing our program. We will never get out of this cycle if we continue to fire coaches. If Miles is fired we will once again be looking for the next up and coming mid-major coach. There will be mass defections which will set us back at least 4yrs if not longer. At some point Conveniently left out rebounding, scoring, assists, blocks and steals. I wonder why? Let me help you out. They were all improved with fewer games played. 4 of the 5 of those are hustle and intelligence plays. So he's doing more than crushing it in practice and meeting rooms.
  11. Does that change the point he was trying to make. Go ahead Sam and get busy writing your coaches on the hot seat articles. Fan those flames of the "greatest fans in 'merica". I know that you are sad he didn't get fired this year as fired coaches and the subsequent coaching search sells newspapers and generates clicks.
  12. The biggest knock on Collier and Sadler was their inability to recruit. When it comes to Nebraska Basketball I'm willing to suffer a few losing seasons while we upgrade talent and real depth. - The coaches where either fired, in the case of Nee, and Sadler or got out of the coaching business all together. Nebraska has become a coaching grave yard. We tend to give a coach about 6yrs. Can't blame other people such as assistants or players for leaving. Who wants to stick around a losing program. - On my list of concerns for TM, recruiting isn't one of them. TM has proven success with transfers. Frankly we are not in a position where we can be that picky. - We could use combo guard or pg with one of the 2 open scholarships. I agree that our shooting has been horrible. The STATS bear that out. - This season our defense was horrible. I believe he will get that fixed. - Losing a lot gives off the appearance of lack of buy in, locker room troubles, etc. There is also a psychological component when it comes to fans who want a coach fired. It makes it easier to fire a coach when you perceive a personality fall. It is easier to feel good about firing a coach when a person perceives a personality flaw in that coach. The personality flaw against Doc was that he was a yeller. - Motion offense is run by a lot of teams. We are just poor at executing it. Shots are there we just aren't hitting them. I hear it all the time that a coach is to rigid, won't change his ways. Of course when coach uses different techniques and he isn't successful it is said he lacks consistency. You have your opinion and I have mine. I believe that we are doomed for failure if we continue to fire coaches every 6yrs. At some point we have to establish some stability. The problem is that once fans make up their mind about a coach or player they will stick to that believe. Every loss is looked at with a microscope. It seems that a portion of the fan base isn't happy unless they are talking about firing coaches. They make snap judgements early on and then look for, or even make up, reasons to validate their opinion. I'm sick of the coaching carousel. Miles is recruiting well and I am willing to ride this out for a few more years if necessary although I know that TM doesn't have a few more years.
  13. I enjoy the cheap shots at Miles in your first paragraph. Way to start things off. Horne, for whatever reason, and as of now none of us know what why, he wanted to tranfer and had his mind made up prior to meeting with the coaching staff? Not sure what TM could have done differently. In your second paragraph more shots at Miles. You back off from bagging on his roster management when you realize how difficult it is and then take another shot his roster management. No team in the country has perfect roster or even a close to perfect roster. Wing players seem to be generally more abundant. You have lots of concerns....and they would be? I would not have felt better if McVeigh had left. I like the double talk about disciplining players as if there is a right way to do it. Miles takes the psychological approach. You don't like that, so should he yell at them coddle them, or...what? My favorite part is about letting guys some room to grow and make mistakes in games. Are you willing to sacrifice wins? What you said wasn't so much an opinion as it was series of backhanded shots at Miles.