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  1. What few times we do go to the inside we miss easy shots. It boggles the mind how Jordy can miss so many bunnies. We lack toughness. This is painful to watch.
  2. Can't disagree with much, especially McVeigh. He needs to learn to maximise his minutes. I'll be really disappointed if Tanner continues to get minutes in meaningful games. I slightly disagree with you about Jordy. He has the one thing you can't coach and that is size. He is still a bit raw and it shows. He needs to have a few of those easy buckets to fall for him along with being more aggressive on the boards. He has a lot upside. Who are you going to give those minutes to? Can't give them Roby as he has settled in at the 4 spot. Okeke isn't ready for that kind of a load. Below is how I see the rotation shaking out: Jordy/Okeke/Roby Copeland/Roby Palmer/Gill/Copeland/McVeigh Taylor/Gill/*Allen Watson/Taylor *I think you have to find minutes for Allen. He's to much of a talent to leave on the bench.
  3. 2017 Advocare Tournament Schedule

    Expect a large contingent of Nebraska media to follow the team to Orlando, allegedly to cover the basketball team. Did I mention that UCF is playing USF in football on the 24th at home ;-)
  4. Watson should have never attempted that pass. Copeland makes a poor attempt to screen #13 and #8 beats Watson to the point were he wants to pass the ball forcing Watson to reach to attempt the pass. Taylor and Palmer are acting as spectators. Watson should have recognized this. I liked how Jordy was using his body to shield off #1. St. Johns was determined to not let us beat them on the inside. While Watson is a very good PG he is not that good at distributing the ball about a 1.1 assist/TO. 3rd game of the season so I'm not giving up but I don't like the trend. We've seen this the last several years. It seems that every season we are building a brand new team. Losing Morrow and Jacobson hus really hurt us. If we could keep a core group of guys together for more than 1 year in a row we have a chance. This is no way to run a program especially one that is bad as we have been.
  5. Volleyball and womens bowling.
  6. Exttremely disappointed in our effort. We are still a very bad shooting team We are a very bad rebounding team. Same song different season, different coach.
  7. RIP Don Halladay

    Sometimes, for whatever reason, when we want something really bad for the right reason, one that reaches beyond our own selfish desires is when it will happen. Who knows what will happen this season but if we by chance make it to the NCAA and win a game I certainly won't be happy for myself. I'll be happy for Don's wife and daughter and what it would mean to them. GBR!!
  8. RIP Don Halladay

    For his wife and daughter it is my hope that we get that elusive first tourney win. Nothing would make them happier.
  9. RIP Don Halladay

    Don Halladay was a long time member of this board (his user name escapes me) who passed away suddenly from a heart attack this past Sunday. I got to know Don sitting next to him, his wife and daughter at Husker BB games at the PBA. He was a good man, father, and husband and he will be missed. Don was a huge Husker Basketball fan who rarely missed a game. His wife and daughter plan to continue to attend games this season in honor of him. Please keep Don's family in your prayers.
  10. Offseason Potpourri

    Anything we get out of Anton this season will be a bonus.
  11. Next Years Starting 5

    Don't forget about Jordy's new found 3 point range :-)
  12. No doubt he would have been fired after that season baring a miracle season. Barry was given a lifeline by Butler and he jumped, and in the process screwed Nebraska due to the timing. What's worse than replacing a coach every 6 years? Having a coach quit in August. SP should have just promoted Spinelli and given him the interim tag. I make no apologies for the fact that I really liked Barry and was sad to see him go. It was great seeing him at a game a couple of seasons ago. However, like many other mid-major coaches who make the jump to a major conference, where both the expectations and competition are greater, he was unable to adjust. Barry could never settle on an offensive style and his overall recruiting was lack luster. Spinelli was our top recruiter and brought in all of our best players such as Aleks Maric and Ryan Anderson. If TM is fired at the end of next season Scott would be at the top of my coaching hire list. He is familiar with Nebraska and our unique challenges. His experience working with Turgeon and in major conferences would also be a plus. We have gone the mid-major route for our last 3 hires, so maybe it is time to go after a top assistant who has major conference experience.
  13. Either you are very niave Sam or being deliberately obtuse?
  14. The AD is not a fan of "us against the world" mentality. Doesn't align with the teachings of Jon Gordon.
  15. Unsubstantiated Rumor: Boehm retiring?

    Missed that. I have no direct knowledge of anything but I do know a few people, who from time to time will provide me with a nugget of information.