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  1. Offseason Potpourri

    Anything we get out of Anton this season will be a bonus.
  2. Next Years Starting 5

    Don't forget about Jordy's new found 3 point range :-)
  3. No doubt he would have been fired after that season baring a miracle season. Barry was given a lifeline by Butler and he jumped, and in the process screwed Nebraska due to the timing. What's worse than replacing a coach every 6 years? Having a coach quit in August. SP should have just promoted Spinelli and given him the interim tag. I make no apologies for the fact that I really liked Barry and was sad to see him go. It was great seeing him at a game a couple of seasons ago. However, like many other mid-major coaches who make the jump to a major conference, where both the expectations and competition are greater, he was unable to adjust. Barry could never settle on an offensive style and his overall recruiting was lack luster. Spinelli was our top recruiter and brought in all of our best players such as Aleks Maric and Ryan Anderson. If TM is fired at the end of next season Scott would be at the top of my coaching hire list. He is familiar with Nebraska and our unique challenges. His experience working with Turgeon and in major conferences would also be a plus. We have gone the mid-major route for our last 3 hires, so maybe it is time to go after a top assistant who has major conference experience.
  4. Either you are very niave Sam or being deliberately obtuse?
  5. The AD is not a fan of "us against the world" mentality. Doesn't align with the teachings of Jon Gordon.
  6. Unsubstantiated Rumor: Boehm retiring?

    Missed that. I have no direct knowledge of anything but I do know a few people, who from time to time will provide me with a nugget of information.
  7. Jacobson Gone?

    I'm not happy with SE in how he has handled all of this, starting from last year. His poor leadership has added to what we are now experiencing.
  8. Jacobson Gone?

    Don't recall saying I wanted TM fired. Can you show me where I said that?
  9. From a reliable source there is a chance that Marc Boehm will be retiring, as early as today. Not sure if this would be a forced or voluntary retirement. Before people begin bashing Marc I would like to point out his accomplishments: 1. Instrumental in our transition to the PBA. 2. Worked on the administration side for our move to the BIG. 3. Worked to get the NCAA tournament 1st round to Lincoln. 4. Oversees a lot of fundraising efforts. This is where his loss would have the greatest impact.
  10. Jacobson Gone?

    And this surprises you why?
  11. Jacobson Gone?

  12. Jacobson Gone?

    This falls right on the million dollar AD. I can't wait until his tenure is over here.
  13. Morrow leaving

    The Nebraska fans are an entirely entitled lot. Sore losers. The greatest fans moniker has been proven to be a lie as big as the sellout streak. The Nebraska fans wanted more, with no idea how difficult of a job it is maintain the minimum standard of excellence that the majority of schools in D1 would love to have. The marketing department formerly known as the Nebraska football program will soon choke on it's on vomit. This is Bill Callahan all over again except with a bigger budget and a better marketing department.
  14. Morrow leaving

    Respect is earned, and TO deserves every bit of that respect. Why is TO given a pass by fans like me, because he's earned it. Eichorst has not earned any respect and thus he gets none from me. TO rescued Nebraska football, brought the budget back into line, and got us into the BIG. Without TO we would still be in the BIG 12 and broke and no Harvey Perlman had no hand in any of that happening. The football coach TO hired was a consistent winner, and the basketball coach he hired got us to our first NCAA tournament in more than 15+ years, and baseball was a disaster which has been brought back to respectability. We have very different ideas of what lackluster means. What irks sensitive posters like me is when overly entitled fans like yourself take every opportunity to bash a living a legend in the world of college athletics. What really bothers me even more is that there are far more like you in our fan base. You should take Norm's advice.
  15. Morrow leaving

    No answer.