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  1. Was anybody else just watching that Providence Belmont game???? What a finish.

  2. @JTagKek @Frostavious @wiebelieve11 You're unreal man

  3. Not many better feelings than waking up on a Tuesday and feeling like is a Friday.

  4. @JTagKek @Frostavious @wiebelieve11 Let me know! I'm definitely cool with pitching $40

  5. First big #Nebrasketball game of the year #BeatStJohns!

  6. @wiebelieve11 @JTagKek heresy

  7. This #Nebrasketball game tonight can’t get here quick enough!

  8. Good night for a Council Bluffs trip with the boys! @wiebelieve11 @SpilkmanMilkman @dsackett7

  9. @wiebelieve11 This is partially true for me

  10. Good luck today to @LSWVB in the first round of state! #BeatMillardNorth

  11. @GBRosenthal Instead of Watson?

  12. #Nebrasketball season!

  13. Wedding day with the Malcolm clan! Congrats Garrett and Ashley @… https://t.co/4aMSKbDl7N

  14. @wiebelieve11 https://t.co/wAsehqJTpd