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  1. Coaching takes up a lot of time but man wouldn't trade seeing kids succeed for many things!

  2. Just have to post this picture when it's @KandonLester birthday!… https://t.co/ZRlhzpwiBh

  3. I mean at least #Nebrasketball got good news this week!

  4. @KandonLester @btel27 Lmfao yeah he's easily our best I honestly think the score would be the same or better with A… https://t.co/V1T2W4CQ58

  5. Losing sucks. No way to feel good about tonight. Good teams find a way to right the ship. Time to find that way #LSWFootball

  6. @KandonLester Love the support!

  7. Time to get back on that winning track! Gameday #4 #BeatPapioSouth

  8. @Frostavious @KandonLester @937JakeSorensen @HuskerExtraSip I 100% agree with that!

  9. Some positive #Nebrasketball news just made my day much better. #CopelandEligible

  10. @wiebelieve11 I agree!

  11. @KandonLester Get back on your game!

  12. Gameday #3 #BeatMillardWest #LSWFootball

  13. @wiebelieve11 😭😭😭

  14. I swear my days are better when I get a morning workout in

  15. A 54-0 JV win over North Star is a good way to start Millard West week!