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  1. Signing Day 11/8/17

    UCONN with zero recruits should still be a top 10 class.
  2. Gabe Kapler is an interesting choice as the nexct manager. I like Gabe a lot. Odd though as he as very little managing experience.
  3. Watched it all. A couple of those home runs were very cheap. (Puig and Correa). But it was sure fun to watch. Props to J Musgrove for throwing a shutout inning to get the win.
  4. Row6Seat10 (read in)

    That guy was the only reason I checked this board. Never met him, but really enjoyed his insights. He was a voice of reason on the internet. Very sorry for this and will certainly keep him and his family in my prayers.
  5. Hello? It's too quiet in here

    we need another transfer to liven things up
  6. Duby Okeke is N

    Great quote by Miles today in OWH regarding Okeke: "He knows what role to play and how to be a star in his role"
  7. If that is the case, he should let him go...
  8. The guy won 12 games in his 5th year. Him getting fired would have been more then justified. A lot of people wanted that. I don't have a number. Filling the arena has as much to do with the venue as it does with people liking Tim Miles. I would say this site definitely supported Tims return. Red Sea Scrolls seemed much more in favor of letting him go. Lee B wanted him retained but that was before the end of the year disaster. I don't know if that changed his mind.
  9. Morrow leaving

    rumor on RSS is Michael Jacobson. I would hate this almost as much as Ed Morrow. I think Miles really failed in recruiting a 2nd center.
  10. If see what you are saying. But if you are Eichorst would you be so understanding? Eichorst made a decision that was not too popular to retain you. You turn around and start interviewing for other jobs? Not sure how Eichorst will respond.
  11. I think your point stands because it appears that New Mexico reached out to Miles. That is certainly no fault of Miles and a compliment that he is still hightly rgearded by others who do the hiring.
  12. Just cause was probably a poor choice of words. I guess what I am trying to say, is if Miles shows genuine interest in the job and does not get it, do you want him coaching NU next year? I would not.
  13. If miles shows interest, but does not get the job, does that give SE just cause to fire him?
  14. Morrow leaving

    I agree with you. Ed has no perimeter game. I was just pointing out that I think when TM recruited Morrow he told Ed that and that was a mistake.
  15. Morrow leaving

    I kind of remember a quote from Tim Miles telling Morrow he would develop him as a wing.