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  1. Ms. Minter will have to improve her outside shot if she wants to truly be elite. She has a very flat shot from the free throw line, and I haven't really seen her shoot very much from the outside. She is very good in the open court, and finishes around the basket very well. She is around 5'8", and unless she grows some, no matter how well she finishes, a lot of those shots will be blocked in college. I do like her attitude, seems to be a very team oriented player. Someone to have on the Huskers radar, that's for sure.
  2. rlgyank

    The OSU Inbounds Play

    I agree with everything you say here completely. There is no reason for Jacobsen to not be guarding the basket in that situation.
  3. Been a season ticket holder of some sort since the 77-78 season. So you can say I have seen it all. (Except an NCAA tourney win) The last few years have missed some games here and there since my kids started playing high school sports. It's an easy drive for us from our home in northeast Lincoln. I plan on to keep going.
  4. rlgyank

    Post Play

    Post entry passing is becoming more and more of a lost skill. Most players just don't know how to do it. Even if your post player is not a real offensive threat, the defense still reacts to it initially. The post can then pass to either a cutter to the basket or to a shooter at the 3 point line.
  5. rlgyank

    Barclays Center Tourney Schedule

    Alt 2 on DirecTv is 681-1
  6. rlgyank

    Barclays Center Tourney Schedule

    I believe the championship game is on KXVO, channel 15 in Omaha on Saturday at 1:30, but the consolation game is not on, that I can find anyway. The champioship game might also be on DirecTV channel 681-1, the Altitude alternate channel.
  7. rlgyank

    Barclays Center Tourney Schedule

    When I looked at my DirecTv guide, which also shows over the air channels, it also shows the game against Cincinnati will be on digital station 42.2, which is a KPTM digital station.
  8. rlgyank

    Jumping Center

    My thoughts on a jump ball have always been, it's not who can jump the highest, it's who jumps the quickest. The official will rarely toss the ball as high as anyone can jump, so it doesn't matter how high you can jump. It's who can jump the quickest to get to the ball.
  9. rlgyank

    01/22/2013 - Illinois Report Card

    I'm not sure how lack of effort by the players can ever be attributed to a coach. If you are a competitor, you shouldn't need to be motivated by a coach or anyone else. JMO. I totally agree with you Hugh, lack of effort should never be attributed to the coach. I never played athletics in college, but in high school and in my softball days during college and after college, the games were the things I looked forward to the most. If you have trouble getting excited for a game as a high school or collegiate athlete, that is all on you. I can understand the pros a little bit as those are very long seasons with lots of games, but not at the high school or college level.
  10. rlgyank

    Tulane Practice Today

    I figured that since you hadn't left yet and were still replying to this thread. Keep up the great posting. I really enjoy the conversation that goes on with this board, even though I don't join in much. (This is the first time I have posted on the new site)
  11. rlgyank

    Tulane Practice Today

    School ends today at 2:00 for them, so it might be easier to get in after that. The only problem is they have no idea how long Tulane is going to practice, so they don't know when their practice is going to start. So they pretty much have to watch them practice so they are ready to go after Tulane is done. Although my son would watch them anyway.
  12. rlgyank

    Tulane Practice Today

    You could try, although to get into a school anymore you need about 5 forms of ID unless they know who you are. It is Northeast high school by the way.
  13. rlgyank

    Tulane Practice Today

    You got that right. And when I coached my sons team through YMCA ball, the first play I taught them was the double guards through.
  14. rlgyank

    Tulane Practice Today

    If you are Ron, which I think you are, you were a teacher at the school they went to. And they continued on to their area high school. The same one you went to.
  15. Nothing too exciting to post here, it is just kind of neat for my son. As of last night, Tulane needed a place to practice today, so they are practicing at 1:30 at my sons high school. They get to watch them practice if they want to, and then my sons team has their regular practice after Tulane is done. He is looking forward to being able to watch them practice.